The Zelda series is one of my favorites, and now that it’s been updated to the Wii U, it’s just as good as it was before. Bottles are now handed out as you complete the game, and now that I’ve finished it, I can give you the locations of every single one.

While exploring the Chateau Romani, our hero Link discovered five bottles, all stamped with the same number, indicating that he needed to collect all of them to progress further in the game. Of course, this task was made much easier when the game included an in-game map, which showed where all the bottles were located. Unfortunately, that map has since been removed, leaving the player (and you) with three possible instructions.

The Wii U is a console with a host of great games, but one of its biggest was Skyward Sword. After all, it is the first Zelda game to go backwards in time, with the story wrapping up the events of Ocarina of Time. But if you are looking for a bottle in Skyward Sword, you’re out of luck. They’re gone.

Empty bottles are one of many important goods and equipment in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, and they may be crucial to Link’s quest. These may be used to store life-saving remedies and have become a staple in the series. Players can anticipate to come across five empty bottles as they go around Skyloft and beyond, and they’re very simple to locate. In light of this, we’ve put up a guide to all five bottle locations.

Where in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Can You Find All Bottles?

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Where to Find Bottle Locations

There are five empty bottle locations in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, as previously stated. Instructions on how to locate each one may be found below:

1 emptied bottle

After obtaining the Goddess Sword, the first bottle is readily acquired. Make your way to Skyloft’s Bazaar, where you’ll find a potion store run by Luv and Bertie. If you talk to Luv long enough, she’ll offer you an empty bottle on the house.

2nd Empty Bottle

After you’ve made your initial landing on the surface world, look for the next bottle. When you get to the Sealed Grounds, go to the Old Woman’s side. You’ll find a chest to her right that contains a Revitalizing Potion. This is basically an empty bottle, since Link will still be able to use it after consuming the potion.

Bottle 3 is empty.

After completing the Skyview Temple segment, you must fulfill Wryna’s Lost Child side mission. By doing so, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining the third bottle. The Missing Sister side quest is triggered by speaking with Parrow in the Plaza of Skyloft. Parrow sends Link on a search for his sister, which leads him to a tiny yet lively island. Continue to look after the sister, who we later learn is Orielle.

Orielle can only be saved if she helps her injured Loftwing. You’ll return to Parrow to tell him about the issue, and he’ll give you medication for Orielle’s Loftwing. Return to the missing sister’s Loftwing to provide the medication. They won’t need the empty bottle, so you’ll get a third one in exchange for your efforts.

Bottle 4 is empty.

The fourth bottle may be found deep inside the Fire Sanctuary’s dungeon. You’ll need some Mogma Mitts to continue, which Silva may provide you once you fight the two Magmanos. You must rescue Silva from the chain that binds him above ground level since he is a prisoner. When you do, he’ll give you the Mogma Mitts as a gift.

Let’s go backwards now. Return to the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary, where you originally met the Magmanos. To open a new route for Link, use the Mogma Mitts to tunnel underneath. This will allow some water bulb plants to emerge, which may be utilized to fight the Magmanos. When you kill the magma hand, the lava levels will drop. This occurrence leads the player to a chest holding the fourth empty bottle, which unlocks a new route.

Bottle 5 is empty.

You must be within range of the Fire Dragon in the Eldin Volcano for the fifth and last of these bottle placements. A Goddess Cube may be found in the deep cavern of the Volcano. When you activate it, the Goddess Chest appears on a tiny island west of the Thunderhead. Avoid the scary centipede as you burrow into the underworld and crawl to the bottom-left corner. Climb up the vines you’ll see before you once you’re out of the hole. The dormant Goddess Chest may be found from there. Break it open, and you’ll have the fifth empty bottle in your hands.

Finding these bottles isn’t required, but they may be useful as crucial potion transporters, giving Link an advantage in battle. Finding these bottle spots throughout your Skyloft trip is highly recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get bottles in Skyward Sword HD?

You can find them in the game by breaking pots.

Where do I get empty bottles Skyward Sword?

You can get empty bottles from the recycling bin in your house.

Where do you get empty bottles in Skyloft?

You can find empty bottles in the Skyloft area of the game.

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