XCOM 2 is a great game that has players controlling one of the lead characters in the XCOM universe. The game has a lot of gameplay options that are easily accessible in the console. However, there are also a lot of console commands and cheats that enable players to perform tasks that are not easily available. This will be a short article about some of the console commands and cheats that are not available in the game, but can be easily accessed by using the console commands.

I was looking forward to playing XCOM 2 on the PlayStation 4. After a few hours of play I realized that the game was more of the same. I wanted something new. So I thought, maybe I can find some cheats for this game. I didn’t want to have to buy some sort of cheat pack to get the cheats I wanted. I found a great site that listed a ton of console commands and cheats. I was able to make the game more enjoyable and I am now able to complete every single objective in the game.

word-image-5163 Like its predecessor, XCOM 2 is relentless and spares no effort to kill the soldiers you’ve spent hours training. If you’ve had enough or you’re playing the game again with a calmer mind, you might be interested in the console controls andcheats that are available. Here is a list of various commands that are useful for XCOM 2 console and cheats if you want to go beyond what the game allows.

XCOM 2 Console controls and tips

word-image-5164 XCOM 2’s console controls and cheats allow you to customize the game in many ways. They range from those that give infinite properties or invulnerability to those that give less energetic boosts in the form of resources. Before you can use the console controls and cheats, you need to right-click on XCOM 2 in your Steam library, then select Properties and set the launch options on the General tab. In the window you just opened, paste -allowconsole -log -autodebug. You should now be able to open the console in-game by pressing the tilde key (~). If you are using the Gog.com version of XCOM 2, right-click on the game shortcut and add -allowconsole -log -autodebug next to the existing text in the Target dialog. Open the console in the game with the tilde (~). Here are the console controls and cheats that caught our attention:

  • PowerUp – Enables god mode so you don’t have to reboot.
  • TakeNoDamage – All units no longer take damage.
  • ToggleUnlimitedActions – offers unlimited APs
  • ForceCritHits – Guaranteed critical hits
  • GiveAction Points [number] – Give a unit the specified number of action points.
  • TTC – teleports the selected block to the cursor
  • SkipAI – skip an AI move
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll – Unlocks all objects for construction.
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesInstantBuild – Enables immediate building of facilities.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [soldier name] Grenadier – turns a soldier into a grenadier.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [SoldierName] PsiOperative – Turns a soldier into a PsiOperative.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Rookie – Turns a soldier into a recruit.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [soldier name] Ranger – turns a soldier into a ranger.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Sharpshooter – turns a soldier into a sharpshooter.
  • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Specialist – turns a soldier into a specialist.
  • GiveResource Supplies [Quantity] – Returns the specified quantity of consumables.
  • GiveResource Intel [amount] – Give the specified amount of Intel.
  • GiveResource EleriumDust [Quantity] – Give the specified amount of elerium crystals.
  • GiveResource EleriumCore [number] – Give the specified number of elerium cores.
  • GiveResource AlienAlloy [quantity] – Give a specific quantity of alien alloys.

You can also use XCOM 2 console controls and cheats to unlock individual technologies:

  • GiveTech Modular Weapons
  • GiveTex Magnetized Weapons
  • GiveTech GaussWeapons
  • GiveTech plasma rifle
  • GiveTech Hybrid Materials
  • GiveTech PlatedArmor
  • GiveTech HeavyPlasma
  • GiveTech Plasma Sniper
  • GiveTech Alloy Pistol
  • GiveTech Tech_Elerium
  • GiveTech PoweredArmor
  • GiveTech Wraith suit
  • GiveTech WARSuit
  • GiveTech Psionics
  • GiveTech EXOSuit
  • GiveTech spider suit
  • GiveTech AlienBiotech
  • GiveTech AutopsySectoid
  • GiveTech AutopsyViper
  • The autopsy of the G.T. Andromedon…
  • GiveTech Autopsy Faceless
  • GiveTech AutopsyMutone
  • GiveTech AutopsyBerserker
  • GiveTech AutopsyArchon
  • GiveTech Autopsy Gatekeeper
  • GiveTechStunLancer autopsy procedure
  • Give an AutopsyTechExperienceShield holder
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTurret
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC
  • GuiseAutopsy techniquesChrysalide
  • G.E.T.H.’s autopsy.
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTrooper
  • GiveTech experimental armor
  • GiveTech Bluescreen
  • GiveTech Skull Mines
  • GiveTech Heavy Weapons
  • GiveTech AdvancedHeavyWeapons
  • Control technologyField medicine
  • GiveTech Plasma Grenade
  • GiveTech Advanced Grenades
  • GiveTech Skull Cracker
  • GiveTech ExperimentalMunition
  • GiveTech experimental grenade

XCOM 2 is already available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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