The third installment in the Torchlight series was released back in 2012, but fans have been waiting for a long time for an official release. There are some big plans behind the game like multiplayer and modding support which has stoked interest from both gamers and developers alike. However, it looks like one of these teams will not be releasing their own title any time soon.

Torchlight III was originally released in 2012, but it has been removed from the Game Pass service. The game is still available on Steam, though.

Whatever happened to Torchlight III? Well, Game Pass is dropping it


In many respects, the Cursed Captain update in spring 2021 was Torchlight III’s final major hurrah — yet it wasn’t even that much of a celebration. The developer, Echtra Games, walked away from the project at this time, leaving it in the hands of Perfect World. So, what happened to this online ARPG during the last year?

The solution is essentially nothing. Since the May 2021 upgrade, Perfect World has kept the lights on — but not much else. However, the game was mentioned in October as part of the Torchlight franchise’s 12th anniversary celebrations, and Perfect World was bought by Embracer Group by the end of 2021.

Echtra Games hasn’t said anything since abandoning Torchlight III, the company’s first — and so far, only — game. Last year, Zynga purchased the studio.

The bad news is that at any one moment, Torchlight III only has roughly 200 active players on Steam. What’s the good news? That’s been the case for a while, so at least the game has a tiny but committed community. What’s the bad news? Torchlight II continues to dwarf it.

It’s worth noting that Torchlight III is being removed from Microsoft’s Game Pass service this week. But, hey, if you want to walk where angels fear to tread, it’s on sale this week! MMt8


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Torchlight 3 on PC Gamepass?

A: Torchlight 3 is unfortunately not on Gamepass. The developers of the game were contacted by Gamepass and asked to remove the game due to copyright restrictions that they feared would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

Is Torchlight 3 worth it on switch?

A: Torchlight 3 is a great game and worth the money.

Is Torchlight 3 an MMO?

A: Torchlight 3 is classified as a single-player game, meaning that it can only be played by one player at any given time.

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