Update 33 goes live March 14, bringing new features and the addition of Orsinium as a playable zone. This is just one of many content updates in ESO’s long, fruitful life ahead. Stay tuned for information on future additions with The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, coming soon to PC and consoles!

The “eso update 33 release date” is the launch of Update 33 for PC. With this update, Elder Scrolls Online will be going into its third phase of content updates. The update is scheduled to launch on March 14th.

What to expect from Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 33, launching March 14 for PC


Listen, I know February is jam-packed with MMO news, but Elder Scrolls Online would want you to remember that it has something planned as well. The game’s first big content release for 2022 will be on March 14th, including both the free Update 33 and the premium Ascending Tide DLC. We already know that the DLC will be centered on dungeons, thus today’s dev blog focuses on the patch’s main features.

To begin with, ZeniMax is assuring that “most” awards will be account-wide beginning with the update, which the company claims will not only make alting more exciting but also enhance the game’s database situation.

“With Update 33, most accomplishments will become account-wide, ensuring that ESO’s performance can stay up and develop with the game’s new experiences.” This implies that an accomplishment obtained on one of your characters may be deemed fulfilled on all of your characters. We can keep and enhance the way the game handles this sort of data and the overall experience by consolidating accomplishments. With the database’s total footprint decreased, it will be more performant across the board, which might mean speedier load screens and better performance on other database-intensive processes. Most significantly, this update aids in the continued performance of the game as we add additional content and achievements. This move also opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for your character and account. Titles gained via accomplishments, for example, will become account-wide, enabling you to utilize them on any character regardless of which one earned them first.”

In addition, PvP players may anticipate new awards, the Undaunted skill line will grow with reputation earned in four-person dungeons, and the Deconstruction Assistant will be accessible in the game’s cash store for those who just need to “deconstruct all manner of goods on the fly.”

Console gamers will be on the sidelines while PC players plunge in on March 14th; PlayStation and Xbox will debut on March 29th.

Curious about all that’s coming with Update 33? Get a peek at what’s on the way in our preview article. 👀 https://t.co/2qABNI8kk2 pic.twitter.com/E8IvULWZZn

— The Elder Scrolls Online (@TESOnline) February 23, 2022


The “elder scrolls online ps4” is a game that has been out for a while. The “elder scrolls online update 33” will be launching on March 14th, 2018. This update includes various changes to the game including new features and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Elder Scrolls Online Update?

A: The new Elder Scrolls Online Update is a big update to the game. Major features of this new update include a completely revised PvP system and two-hour trial for all players, as well as many more things!

Why does Elder Scrolls Online take so long to update?

A: Elder Scrolls Online is a massive game with many updates. They are constantly updating and working on the game, so it will be some time before they update again.

How big is the update for ESO?

A: The update for ESO is quite big with new game mechanics and updates to the current systems.

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