By the time I had finished playing Watch Dogs Legion, I was very tired of it. When I had finished playing Watch Dogs Legion, I was very tired of it. When I think back to how I felt after playing Watch Dogs Legion, I realise that I was tired of playing it because it was a very bad game.

It’s not often we get to review DLCs for free, but we were (gratefully) given a copy of the DLC by Ubisoft for free, as a result of writing an honest review. We had no idea about the existence of the DLC when we published our review last month, and I have to say, now that I know about it, I’m not entirely disappointed to have avoided it.

Like most video game DLC’s, Bloodlines is not a terrible piece of content.

After the release of the originalWatch Dogs , I felt like I was the only person in the world who found Aiden Pearce fascinating, but someone at Ubisoft is apparently still a fan, because he’s back for Watch Dogs:. LegionDLC,Bloodlines.

The return of Aiden is a bit of an odd choice, as the choice to focus the plot on one particular character throws away the game’s main selling point, which is the ability to cast anyone and play in a dense London dystopia.

But Ubisoft didn’t ruin its comeback by taking a risk with its intimate single player chapter, even if its place in Watch Dogs’ new world seems perpetually disjointed thanks to a mix of tones.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines DLC Review : A key to your plans


The world of Chicago in the first gameWatch Dogs was dead serious, and some fans took issue with that, leading to a much more comedic toneWatch Dogs 2. In many ways, the series moved closer toSaints Row and further away fromMax Payne , as a direct response to those early harsh reviews, andLegioncontinued that slight direction.

Aiden feels like a fish out of water in Neo-London. He returns with the same serious voice, without humor and as the anti-hero we saw last time. Today he goes to his last job across the ocean to talk to his cousin, 15 years after the events of the first game.

I will shamelessly admit that Aiden’s story has always interested me, and for that reason I consider Bloodlines a modest success. The story goes further than few expected, including a scene clearly borrowed from one of its more unexpected predecessors. But if Aiden’s plot doesn’t involve despondency and sadness, it’s all in the hands of Winch, the masked thug fromWatch Dogs 2.

The key is everything Aiden isn’t, including the problems. The writers’ decision to give Wrench about the same amount of time as his original character is unfortunate. I understand that Aiden has his detractors, but I don’t know anyone who thinks Wrench deserves to be portrayed in more detail.

These conflicting tastes spoil the DLC more than anything else, but otherwise the missions offer more of a-Legion-experience that fans will no doubt enjoy. I can’t say that any particular mission stands out. It’s a largely mediocre quest log, some of which even takes players back to familiar locations they visited in the main game, but the hacking, stealth, and player independence bordering on immersive simulation as you approach the area is still as great as it was last fall.


  • Bring back the heroes of the past and put them to good use.
  • Various new technological gadgets continue to enable creative play


  • Tonal dissonance between old school and new school worldsWatch Dogs
  • Wrench.

Bloodlines abandons the gripping storyline ofLegionand instead breathes new life into the series’ original polar anti-hero. This seems like the most bizarre creative choice of the year, and it probably will be, but Bold always works by writing what feels authentic – when the monkey wrench isn’t there.

I may have enjoyed Aiden more than anyone else in 2015, but his transatlantic journey is still time well spent for the series’ biggest fans.

[Note: Ubisoft provided a copy of Watch Dogs Bloodline that was used for this review].

Frequently Asked Questions

Can u play as wrench in Watch Dogs Legion?

No, you cannot play as Wrench in Watch Dogs Legion.

How do you get a wrench in Legion?

You can get a wrench in Legion by using the following vendor recipe: 1x Legion-crafted Wrench 1x Legion-crafted Screwdriver 1x Legion-crafted Hammer 1x Legion-crafted Saw 1x Legion-crafted Rivet 1x Legion-crafted Bolt 1x Legion-crafted Nut

Will watch dogs Legion have DLC?

No, Legion does not have DLC.

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