Wagadu Chronicles fleshes out tribes, adds first version of questing system

One of the most exciting features in the upcoming title Wagadu Chronicles is the new “tribe system” which will allow players to create a tribe of their own (based on the fantasy tribes of their choice) and the ability to search for and land on a new tribe which they can make their home.

In September of 2016, I launched the Kickstarter for the Wagadu Chronicles MMO, an original fantasy RPG that follows the stories of warriors and explorers in the fictional continent of Uloro.  In October, I released the game’s first major content update called “The Journey” which added many new features like the Tribal Quests.  I am excited to announce the next major content update, the Talmora Quests, which will release in February of 2017.

One thing that Wagadu Chronicles does well these days is provide a monthly report to the community on how the RPG is progressing. To that end, the June review of the MMO was released, highlighting the new character customization options and discussing the game’s art style and architecture.

You’ll recall that this afro-fantasy MMO draws on real African cultures for its fictional tribes. TeamWagadu said last month that the focus was on the cultures of the Iron Masters and the Ikaka, including the usefulness of their clothing, the monsters associated with their tribes and how long needles can be used to kill or send secret messages.

Work has been done on the quest cycle and the reputation system: Players have a reputation in the various spirit realms (groups of allied spirit families) for being good at certain skills, which affects the player’s relationship with individual spirits.

Twin Drums Studios also announced the hiring of 3D art intern Malika Mutombo Mudimi to give the game its already signature look, as well as a collaboration with biologist Maria Gatta to give the biomes a realistic look.

ViewThe first pieces of the Wagadu Chronicles’ first questing phase have begun to fall into place, and I’m happy to report that progress is being made on all fronts. The first quests are taking shape, the first tribes have been set in place, and the first quest is now fully fleshed out in its first iteration.. Read more about wagadu chronicles kickstarter and let us know what you think.

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