Thanks to Fall’s event, the world of Bloodborne is in chaos. Players are starting to leave their mark on this dark and twisted land with a variety of different weapons. Some players want an easier challenge for veterans who have already conquered many foes or those seeking something new and fresh. The difficulty can be increased by playing as certain characters like Yharnam herself – but it will require more effort than just running through each area quickly t

The “vampire survivors secret character missingno” is a guide that will help you unlock all characters in the game. The guide will teach you how to unlock the secret character, MissingNo.

Vampire Survivors | How to Unlock All Characters – Guide Fall

Vampire Survivors includes a large number of distinct characters with which to begin your runs. They all have weapons to help you get started, as well as passive statistics to help you run faster. And, as of Patch 5.2, there are 24 of them in the game. Unlocking all of these tykes might be a little intimidating, but don’t worry! This guide will assist you in locating each and every one of them so that you may complete all of your runs! Let’s get all the characters in Vampire Survivors unlocked!

How to Unlock All Vampire Survivors Characters

vampsurvchars-640x360All Characters Vampire Survivors First Half

This guide will cover all 20 Vampire Survivors characters. In addition, we’ll show you how to get the game’s four hidden characters. This tutorial will not cover the “missingNo” character since there is presently no non-cheating method to get it.

Vampire Survivors’ Ordinary Characters

Belpaese, Antonio

Your first character is equipped with a whip. Over time, he increases his might by up to 50%. Has increased health and armor.

Belpaese, Imelda

You must pay 10 coins to buy her from the Character screen. This is simple to get after the first run. She starts with the Magic Wand and accumulates up to 30% experience throughout time.

Belpaese, Pasqualina

It costs 100 coins to acquire. She starts with the Runetracer and gradually increases her projectile speed by up to 30%. She also gets a 10% boost to projectile speed, which increases to 40% at level 15.

Belpaese, Gennaro

It costs 500 coins to acquire. Gennaro has a minor health boost and a +1 projectile count, which complements his knife well.

Ladonna Arca

You must first level up the Fire Wand to level 4 before purchasing him from the store. He begins with the Fire Wand, which reduces his cooldown by up to 15%.

Ladonna’s Porta

You must level up the Lightning Ring to the fourth level. She begins by using the Lighting Ring. She gets a 30% Area increase and a large cooldown bonus that reduces to 0% after three levels.

Ladonna Lama

You must last 20 minutes while under the influence of a 10% Curse. Curse is available through the Upgrades store and the Skull O’Maniac item. Lama starts with the Axe and has +10 Health, Move Speed, Might, and Curse. Every 10 levels, he receives more Might, Move Speed, and Curse. She has a maximum of +10 Health, 30% Movement, 30% Might, and 30% Curse.

Ratcho, Poe

Garlic must be raised to level 7. Poe starts with the Garlic, which has a -30 Health penalty and a pickup radius of +25 percent.

Clerici Suor

You must regain 1000 health points. She starts with +50 health, +0.5 health recovery, and a 400% Area boost that gradually decreases. She begins with the weapon Santa Water.


A run must yield more than 5,000 gold. This elderly guy begins with the Bible, has a duration of +40% and projectile speed of +40%, but a movement speed of -40%. If you’re having difficulties collecting money, consider utilizing the Gorgeous Moon item to acquire levels late in the game and focusing on a money-grinding run.

Freetto Krochi

In all, you must destroy 100,000 adversaries. He starts with the cross and his capacity to resurrect (twice at level 33). Krochi also benefits from a 30% increase in movement speed.

Davain, Christine

Pentagram must reach level 7. Christine starts with the Pentagram and one more level, which offers you an extra item right away. Christine suffers from a -50 Health penalty, a +30% move speed boost, a -35 percent Might penalty, and a -25 percent Cooldown penalty.

vampsurvchars1-640x360All Characters Vampire Survivors Second Half

Provola Pugnala

The Mad Forest holds Pugnala’s coffin. We suggest collecting the Milky Way Map at the Dairy Plant’s southern section before looking for a Coffin. After then, you may stand atop the coffin and eliminate foes until a cutscene appears.

Pugnala starts with Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow, two handguns. She also benefits from a 20% increase in movement speed. She acquires +1 percent might at each level.

Grana, Giovanna

The Inlaid Library houses Giovanna’s casket. She starts with the Gatti Amari weapon and earns +1 percent projectile speed and a +20 percent movement speed boost with each level.

Pecorino Poppea

The Dairy Plant houses Poppea’s casket. She starts with the Song of Mana and receives +1 percent Duration every level, as well as a +20 percent movement speed boost.


The Gallo Tower houses Concetta’s casket. She starts with the Shadow Pinion, increases 1% Area every level, and has +20% Move speed and +10% Curse.


You must battle 3000 Skeletons, the majority of which may be found in the Forest and Dairy levels. Alternatively, you may unlock him and some money by typing “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, escape, enter.” Every 20 levels, he gets one additional projectile. He starts with the Bone, a weak weapon that grows in power over time.


3000 Lion Heads, which are normally located in the Inlaid Library, must be defeated. Every 20 levels, it receives an additional projectile. It all starts with the Cherry Bomb, an odd weapon that has a chance to detonate and do a lot of damage.

Ramba, Bianca

3000 Milk Elementals, normally located in the Dairy Plant, must be defeated. Every 20 levels, she acquires an additional projectile. She starts with the Carréllo, a horizontal weapon that grows in size and speed with time.

Meeo O’Sole

3000 Dragon Shrimps, which are generally located in the Gallo Tower, must be defeated. Every 20 levels, it receives an additional projectile. It all starts with the Celestial Dusting, a weapon that shoots depending on your movement.

Characters with a Secret

vampsurvsecretchars-640x360Characters with a Secret Vampire Survivors

The characters that follow are absolutely optional. They don’t have any accomplishments in common and aren’t essential for advancement.


Type “x-x1viiq” on your keyboard to unlock Exdash. When you obtain a Clover, you’ll also have a slight chance of unlocking them. This character is unlocked automatically. Except for +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck, this character starts with disadvantages to all attributes.


After unlocking Exdash, battle the Green or Blue ghost to obtain this character. Press the “down” key and Enter after the adversary is vanquished. This may be done with either the Gorgeous Moon or Cross pickup.

Toastie starts off with -99 health and penalties to all stats except Movement Speed, Cooldown, and Luck. Every level, Toastie receives more luck. Toastie receives 10,000 health at level 100. Toastie obtains virtually limitless armor at level 200.


Unlocks by beating him at Gallo Tower’s absolute bottom. It will take several tiles to reach there, and a character with strong movement speed will be required. Starts with the Holy Wand improved weapon, which has +5 armor, +100% might, but a -20% movement speed.

Red Death

When you kill Death, it unlocks. Starts with the Death Spiral enhanced weapon, which grants 100 percent movement speed, 255 Max Health, and a 20% increase in Might.

The “vampire survivors secret characters” is a guide for how to unlock all characters in the game. The guide includes information on how to unlock each character and also includes a list of achievements that can be unlocked.

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