Valheim, a new game created by developer Michael Maasseler that is set in the dark world of Norse mythology has become one of the most popular mobile games to be released in recent years. With its over-the-top violence and surrealism, Valheim taps into what makes gaming so appealing for many people.

Valheim is a game that has been released by the studio “Valheim” in 2015. The game has sold more than 10 million copies.

Valheim Has Sold More Than 10 Million Copies

Valheim Has Sold More Than 10 Million Copies

Valheim, the blockbuster survival game released in early access last February, has sold more than 10 million downloads, according to publisher Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Iron Gate.

The Viking-themed survival game has an all-time high of 502,000 concurrent players and has received Overwhelmingly Positive ratings on Steam, making it one of last year’s most popular games.

Valheim Has Sold More Than 10 Million Copies

Valheim Has Sold More Than 10 Million Copies

The crew behind the game is hard at work on Mistlands, the game’s next big update, much like the surge of new players who are eager to explore its universe.

We know it will feature a new biome, new animals to engage with and be killed by, and new craftable objects, despite the fact that we’ve only seen glimpses of it thus far.

“We never believed Valheim would grow to be so enormous, even in our wildest fantasies, and the last year went by far quicker than we expected.” Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson said.

He also said that the game’s development staff has “doubled since launch” and that the company’s “ambitions for the game have never been higher.”

Valheim has already established itself as a significant player in the survival genre, which is no minor accomplishment. More information regarding the Mistlands upgrade is expected to be released in the following months.

You can keep up with everything new by visiting the game’s Steam website or reading the roadmap item mentioned above.

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