The Quarry is a new game from the developers of Darkest Dungeon and The Banner Saga, with an interesting blend of gameplay that captures your attention. It’s a PC exclusive developed exclusively for consoles. Let’s see if it has what it takes to be a hit contender in 2019!

The “the quarry game pc” is a first person shooter video game. The game was released in October of 2016 and has received mixed reviews.

Summer Blooding, Had Me a Blast

Supermassive Games’ The Quarry transports us all to Camp and promises a cinematic Summer to remember. Is this comeback to big-budget horror going to be a box office hit or a flop?

This is a big-budget horror film starring David Arquette, Lin Shaye, Lance Henriksen, and Ted Raimi, as well as a slew of budding Hollywood stars including Ariel Winter and Justice Smith. As a result, The Quarry has been marketed as a large retro slasher that can also be played. Supermassive’s earlier dalliances with interactive horror, Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures anthology, have accumulated here in its most high-profile endeavor yet.

After a long prologue teases what’s to come, the narrative proper starts at Hackett Quarry Camp near the conclusion of the season, with camp counselor Jacob purposely extending the stay of the counselors simply so he may cling to the Summer romance he has with a coworker Emma.

Mr. Hackett, the camp’s leader (played by Scream alum David Arquette), is especially angered by the news, and demands that everyone swear to remain inside the lodge and lock the doors. Naturally, a campfire booze-up is planned shortly after his departure. After a particularly tense game of Truth or Dare, the group finds itself in the middle of a conflict between man and beast. Will the brave teenagers be able to make it until morning? Well, that’s mainly up to you as you flit between people and steer the plot in your own direction. Unexpected effects are always lurking around the corner of even the tiniest player decision.

The Quarry serves as a good middle ground between those who desired Until Dawn 2 and those who liked The Dark Pictures for its new twists on the concept. In many respects, this is Until Dawn 2 in everything but name. The lonely cabin full of teenagers attempting to walk the line between passion and death, the woods full of vicious beasts, the two-tiered menace, the forebodings, the ‘host’ who chatters in riddles between chapters, and, of course, the destiny of the cast in your hands at every turn (well, after the first couple of hours at least). On the surface, The Quarry seems to be aimed towards fans of Supermassive Games’ 2015 game who wished for a return to its origins.

Summer Blooding, Had Me a BlastIf you can locate the ‘host’s tarot cards, she may reveal information.

It incorporates several significant improvements as a result of the trials carried out in the Dark Pictures games Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes. Multiplayer possibilities are there in The Quarry as well, and I stand by my earlier assessment of this inclusion when Man of Medan was released. The value of multiplayer in Supermassive’s games is vastly undervalued. The use of a Twitch voting mechanism is also ideal for this kind of game. It’s a great move to create a party game that doubles as a watch-along horror movie with extra interaction.

Other than that, navigating the many attractive avatars is a lot easier than it used to be. Everything has been simplified to make it simpler for a more casual, interested audience to become involved. QTEs no longer need perplexing button combinations, and holding your breath in The Quarry no longer necessitates the calm hands of a psychopath, but rather a simple hold of the action button until the terrible thing goes away.

What irritates me about this streamlining is that it often goes too far. Supermassive Games seems to want you to enjoy its production first and play second at times. It’s reasonable that The Quarry would want to dwell on it, given how amazing it looks (particularly in the darker areas, when the character models and motion may be alarmingly similar to reality), but the effect is significantly less player control. Yes, there is some exploring to look for clues, and yes, the tarot cards may help hint at potential outcomes, and yes, the split choices that appear are many and different, but there is a huge lot of time spent simply watching things unfold with little influence in your hands. My initial playing had no fatalities until around 5 hours in, and even then, they were unconnected to my actions. The game continuously pushes the concept that “doing something might be as horrible as doing nothing, and vice versa,” yet it seldom backs it up.

The narrative, which is good on paper but foreshadows far too many of its revelations early on, is maybe the biggest flaw in this respect. I grew up watching slashers and monster features where the storyline is secondary and you know what you’re going to get, but The Quarry makes an effort to avoid cliches, only to end up in the pits of predictability. Play this game and tell me you didn’t spot all of the key plot twists early on.

On the other hand, since The Quarry has the ability to adjust its finer aspects to the particular whims of destiny, it may not need to be shocking on a broad tale level. It’s just stage decoration for the game’s most participatory feature, which is influencing the counselors’ relationships and deciding how much you want them to suffer. After all, there was the wonderful delight of Until Dawn. Aside from the twists, the game’s effectiveness as a horror game hinged on the player’s ability to connect with the characters, both good and bad, and The Quarry tries a lot to make you like or dislike its cast of bright young things.

Summer Blooding, Had Me a BlastTense sections need you to hold your breath.

The cast of The Quarry is unquestionably superior than that of its spiritual ancestor. The old veterans do a good job, with Lin Shaye and Ted Raimi providing the most amusement, while Lance Henriksen seems to be an afterthought. However, the young guns carry the show, and I came to like Justice Smith’s aloof Ryan, Miles Robbins’ beautifully deadpan stoner Dylan, Zach Tinker’s sensitive himbo Jacob, and Brenda Song’s sardonic, naughty portrayal as Kaitlyn. Even though I wasn’t as invested in the characters as the others, I cared for Ariel Winter’s Abi and her relationship problems with Evan Evagora’s Nick. The writing may be a little shaky at times, but these characters hit pretty darn well with me, and I found myself instinctively striving to do my best for them on the first playing.

The Quarry, as streamlined and uneven as it is, is a mainly enjoyable game that justifies a retry to see other endings. The middle stretch slows the pace and becomes tiresome after a second lap, but the wraparound ensures a nice time at camp.


Summer Blooding, Had Me a Blast

The Quarry is a visually stunning game with great production values that scaled down effectively even at the lowest performance settings. However, it is not without graphics flaws, and some scene transitions have some frightening pop in.


Summer Blooding, Had Me a Blast

Supermassive Games has included a variety of alternatives to make an already simple experience more accessible to everyone. There are preset settings and aids for in-game interactions, as well as all the standard controls and audio options. The Quarry may also be enjoyed as a stand-alone film.


Supermassive returns to the woods with The Quarry, with mainly pleasant results. The plot isn’t really interesting, and the lack of physical control over the characters’ actions creates some gaps. Still, the cast is usually likeable, the production is spectacular, and managing the lives of these unfortunate young souls is a lot of fun. There are plenty of thrills, scares, and deaths in The Quarry, but there is also a lot of fluff.


Getting really invested in a character’s survival and attempting to make them the last girl/boy in your own personal horror film.

Good vs. Evil

  • Outstanding production values
  • A cast that is mainly pleasant
  • It’s a lot of fun to play horror director.
  • It’s a good party game.
  • Some difficulties with performance
  • The plot is rather predictable.
  • Some questionable writing
  • At times, he’s a little too detached.

“The Quarry” is a multiplayer game that has been in development for a while. The game focuses on the story of an old man and his dog, as they try to escape from the quarry. “the quarry multiplayer

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