DioField, the first io game based on blockchain technology is releasing soon. In between working on our own game, we found out that there was a PC release date for DioField. Did you know? We’ll show you everything!

The “aria chronicle review” is a PC release date. The game has been in development for quite some time and the release date seems to be just around the corner.

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

The DioField Chronicle is Square Enix’s newest strategic RPG, and it puts players in command of a band of mercenaries who must carve their way across a world embroiled in conflict. Players will be able to meet the game’s diverse cast of characters as well as check out its “very complex” Real Time Tactical Battle system when the game’s PC release date approaches.

The DioField Chronicle was revealed at the State of Play event in March 2022, with a teaser that included cutscenes and gameplay footage. Check out the rest of this page for all we know about the game, including its PC release date, gameplay, and more.

When will The DioField Chronicle be released?

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

The DioField Chronicle is set to debut in 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Chronicles of DioField

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

The DioField Chronicle follows a group of elite mercenaries known as Blue Fox as they join the battle against the Trovelt-Schoevian Empire, which has set its eyes on the Kingdom of Alletain after fighting a brutal war against the Rowetale Alliance.

There aren’t much further specifics about the game’s plot available at this time, but its official website hints that players may be able to choose whether the moniker Blue Fox represents optimism or sorrow.

Characters from the DioField Chronicles

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

So far, the publisher has revealed eight of the individuals we’ll meet and perhaps control in The DioField Chronicle.

Rhondarson, Andrias

“A calm, cool, and clever leader,” according to one of the Blue Foxes’ four heads. He discovered his calling in the art of stealth after studying strategy, tactics, and Diofield’s Ancient Sorcery.

Lester, Fredret

Fredret, one of the four chiefs of the Blue Foxes, has a great relationship with his boyhood buddy Andrias. Direct and honest, he attacks from the saddle with his “superb physical qualities” and riding abilities.

Colchester, Iscarion

He became a knight-errant and journeyed around the country on his own before joining the mercenaries as a “prodigiously brilliant archer.” He was the son of a small lord and yet another head of the Blue Foxes.

Redditch Waltaquin

Waltaquin, a noblewoman of House Redditch and the leader of the Blue Foxes’, enjoyed a peaceful existence, but her early interest in Ancient Sorcery and unquestionable brilliance saw her grow into a powerful magic user.

Wigan, Izelair

Izelair, the sole daughter of mercenary Zoruaq Wigan, has created a name for herself via her “swift and dextrous swordsmanship.”

Lorraine Luckshaw is a British actress.

Lorraine Luckshaw is a British actress. is an administrator of the mercenary company who also acts as its intermediary with the government. Hailing from the mid-rank noble house Luckshaw, she worked as a high-ranking official within the government before joining the Blue Foxes.

Shaytham, Hezeliah

The princess of Alletain, Shaytham, Hezeliah was captured by second prince Victor and his close ally Lord Kimble while attempting to escape the war alongside her family. They are now imprisoned inside Beasel Tower.

Hende, William

His appointment as a councilor on the Lords Council encouraged him to form his own order of knights and build up his military. He was the head of House Hende and one of the richest men in the realm.

Gameplay of the DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

The DioField Chronicle’s gameplay is based on strategically deploying your forces and using their unique strengths and abilities to defeat your opponents.

Its Real Time Tactical Battle system will most likely make things more difficult and necessitate faster reflexes from players, while a strategic map will allow you to chose your fights. Extra awards are given if specific circumstances are met, such as having no allies die during a combat.

The use of diorama-style images helps emphasizes your commanding position.

System Requirements for DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle PC Release Date - Everything We Know

There’s no news yet, save that The DioField Chronicle will need a 64-bit CPU and operating system.

What is the cost of The DioField Chronicle and where can you get it?

While no price information is available at this time, you may find The DioField Chronicle on Steam for PC and its console versions on their respective marketplaces.

Trailer for the DioField Chronicles



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The “the diofield chronicle release date” is a game that has been in the works for over 10 years. The game will be released on PC on June 27th, 2018.

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