The ‘death by a thousand papercuts version of sexism’ engulfed State of Decay studio Undead Labs, according to new expose. The studio had been in the news several times over recent years for its alleged lack of diversity and refusal to talk about it publicly. The report details how women were made into sex objects, their work was not taken seriously, and they were often confronted with sexist jokes in meetings.

The “state of decay 3” is a game that has been plagued by sexism. The studio behind the game, Undead Labs, has had to deal with this issue for years and it’s finally come to a head.

The ‘death by a thousand papercuts version of sexism’ engulfed State of Decay studio Undead Labs, according to new expose


Undead Labs, best known for the State of Decay series and now housed under none other than Microsoft, was exposed by Kotaku earlier today, with its original creator leaving to create another firm, Possibility Space. Jeff Strain, one of the original creators of ArenaNet and the Guild Wars series, is well-known among MMORPG players, despite he departed NCsoft and ArenaNet 13 years ago.

Undead Labs’ administration was a chaotic disaster, according to Kotaku’s sources, “compounded by patterns of discrimination against female, non-binary, and other marginalized personnel.” Women in director-level jobs have been subjected to sexist statements and conduct, according to sources, including anecdotes of female developers being requested to take notes during meetings. Former ArenaNet chief of development Philip Holt, who took over as Strain’s interim successor, is still in charge of the company and has been accused of nepotism, forcing out female leaders, mismanagement, and directing employees not to disclose tales like this one. Anne Schlosser, the company’s former director of people and culture, is accused of failing to handle sexism to the point that “almost the entire tech art team departed” and Microsoft was forced to intervene. Some of the sources pertain to events that occurred many years ago, while others are much more recent.

Schlosser rejected the charges, while Holt refused to comment but did make a statement recognizing previous issues. Strain reportedly refused to react to Kotaku after being given what he describes as a short turnaround time, but he did write a letter on Medium to “enable [his] entire replies to be read outside the narrative viewpoint of the piece.” Notably, he refutes assertions that he “checked out” of Undead Labs before departing, and he rejects ever promising that Undead Labs would always be autonomous. He also claims that no one expressed any worries about Schlosser prior to his departure.

He added, “Both ArenaNet and Undead Labs were difficult, exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating experiences where I learnt in real time, made errors, matured, made more mistakes, maybe a few wise choices, and matured some more.” “Leaving ArenaNet was difficult, but the firm eventually emerged from the shadows of its founders with new leadership and voices. Undead Labs, like ArenaNet, will establish balance in the next stage of maturity.”


The “mount and blade leaving game pass” is a new report that was released by Kotaku. The article details the many problems that have been plaguing Undead Labs, including sexism, which has been an issue for them since they first started.

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