What is a data drive? It’s an external hard disk that you can plug into your computer and it will give you access to your files. It also has other features like a built-in power supply, which means that there are no wires going through the back of your PC. You get all this for around $100!

The “the cycle frontier wiki” is an online resource for the game “the cycle.” The wiki provides information on mechanics, characters, and other aspects of the game.

The Cycle: Frontier Data Drive Guide - Where are the Uplink Towers

There are many resources and things in The Cycle: Frontier that may be gathered and improved. The Data Drive is one of them. Drives may be acquired at the ICA Market or discovered on the planet’s surface, although they are essentially useless till they have been modified.

These common Data Drives can be upgraded tier by tier by inserting them into an Uplink Tower on Fortuna III. This guide goes into detail on where the Uplink Towers are located and the upgrade process.

The Cycle: Frontier Data Drive Guide - Where are the Uplink Towers

On the main map, there are two Uplink Towers, but you may also go to the Comms Tower in the West.

Each tier takes 30 seconds longer than the last, and this means getting an uncommon from a common takes only 30 seconds, while upgrading an epic to a legendary takes 2 minutes.

Overall, it takes 5 minutes to upgrade from a common to a legendary, but if you’re only doing it for the job, you only require the 3 minutes to reach epic.

Even so, it’s risky to wait for the upload to finish and your brand-new disk to emerge. The antennae connected to the station will signal to any nearby players throughout the process, often drawing them to your spot.

Once upgraded, you can sell them for far more Krypto Marks than they cost to buy, and the rare variety can also be turned in for the level 12 ICA faction job, rewarding you with 260 FP, 31 ICA Scrip, and a nice 19,000 Krypto Marks.

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