This blog will list the best races for Priests in World of Warcraft. There is a lot to consider when selecting which race you want to play as, so be sure to read all about them before choosing one. Topics like optimal gear stats and favorite classes are discussed further on in this article with links provided towards their respective pages.

The “wow best race for priest shadowlands” is a topic that has been discussed many times. In this blog, I will discuss the best races to choose in World of Warcraft: The Shadowlands expansion.

The Best Races for Priests in World of Warcraft (Shadowlands)

With speed, words of consolation, and the brilliant touch of the Light, priests minister to the injured in faith vestments. However, assuming that these healers avoid confrontation is a dangerous error. To recover, you may need to first cleanse the illness.

Penance may be a difficult task for some people. They will, nevertheless, be better off in the end. If you’re persistent in your therapy, both their spirits and bodies will recover. Some illnesses, on the other hand, need a significantly more forceful treatment.

Those who sincerely want to comprehend the Light must likewise comprehend its opposite. Those daring enough to go into the darkness must be prepared to defend their thoughts against the whispering, lest they become insane. But who among Azeroth’s inhabitants can strike a balance between light and shadow?

With that in mind, we’ll look through the top races for priests in World of Warcraft today. For Horde and Alliance players, we have iconic priest alternatives as well as various forms of gameplay.

Let’s get this party started!

Priest’s Best Races for PvE

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Shadow Priest’s best race is Void Elf/Goblin.

If you’re all about the DPS lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure you can get your spells out as quickly as as so you can keep your DoT cycle running and evade opposing strikes.

Unfortunately, shadow priests have little mobility, and as a DPS, you’ll often be forced to stand in less-than-ideal areas and dodge techniques. Fortunately, our candidates for both sides have solutions to these issues.

Void Elf is a member of the Alliance.

Void-Elf-Action-1024x860 Void Elf Action These elves should be avoided at all costs. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

The Void Elves are the finest alliance race for shadow priests since they are thematically appropriate. As previously stated, owing to the tiny window of opportunity to preserve all of your talents, you do not want your rotation to be disrupted.

Thankfully, their Preternatural Calm ability stops them from incurring damage from spell pushback. Given how often it is for random passive damage to occur, this is a huge help for shadow priests.

Furthermore, Entropic Embrace is essentially a free 5% damage increase that occurs every minute. Because so many of your abilities are DoT-based, you’ll still benefit from it even if it procs during a fight’s evading phase.

Finally, if you have the misfortune of needing to leave the group due to a combat mechanic, you may utilize Spatial Rift to assist you reposition yourself. Given that the only other mobility bonus you have as a shadow priest is your Power Word: Shield (and it’s just a small 40 percent), this is a huge plus.

Goblin Horde

Goblin-Priest-1024x565 Goblin Priest I believe…IN MONEY’S POWER. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

We’ll have to go with Goblins as the finest horde race for shadow priests on the Horde side. To be sure, the most greedy race is the one most likely to tap into enigmatic void energy for personal advantage.

This is partly owing to their racial Rocket Jump’s immense repositioning possibilities. Shadow priests, as previously indicated, have very limited mobility. This ability is a lifesaver since it allows you to rush forward 25 yards on a 1.5 minute cooldown, which solves the issue.

Just keep in mind that it won’t break roots or snares, so if at all possible, dispel yourself before using it to escape out of dodge. You also gain considerably from the goblin’s permanent 1% haste increase from Time is Money, considering how much haste helps shadow priests smooth out their rotations.

Void Elf/Blood Elf is the best race for a Holy/Discipline Priest.

It’s all about making sure you don’t die and that you have enough mana to keep up with your companions’ wounds if you want to keep them alive and not bleeding out on the ground.

Alliance: Elves of the Void

Void-Elf-Priest-1024x862 Void Elf Priest The Alliance may now be fantastic as well. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG’s Jeffrey Hsu

To be honest, any priest specialty will find it difficult to avoid Void Elves. They’re ideal for holy/disc priests for the same reasons we suggested them for shadow priests.

It also helps that Entropic Embrace gives a 5% additional healing when it procs, however it may be a little more difficult to take use of it depending on how healthy the group is at the moment.

This is especially effective if you’re disciplined, since you’re required to inflict damage in order to heal, so you’re essentially doing double duty.

Blood Elf Horde

Blood-Elf-Priest-1024x512 Blood Elf Priest When your healer gets aggro, you know things aren’t going well. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

We consider the Blood Elves as the finest race for holy/discipline priests in the Horde. This is because to Arcane Torrent’s ability to restore mana (3 percent of your total) when it strikes an opponent.

This may be a lifesaver in protracted bouts when you’re scrounging for any point of mana. You may anticipate to use it several times during a battle since it only has a 2-minute cooldown.

Furthermore, the purging effect on it is really beneficial. Yes, as a priest, you have access to Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel, but those abilities may be costly in terms of mana. Instead, employ such spells sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

Arcane Acuity’s 1% increased crit probability is always welcome.

Human/Pandaren are the best races for PvP Priests.

Human/Night Elf Alliance

Human-Priest-1024x744 Human Priest Are you looking for messianic people by chance? This is how you obtain them. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG’s Jeffrey Hsu

Humans, like almost every other class, dominate in PvP, owing to their availability to Will to Survive, which provides a free stun cleanse and frees up another PvP trinket slot from the customary Gladiator’s Medallion.

Given how important it is to stack flexibility in PvP to prevent being one shot out of existence, The Human Spirit’s increase to secondary stats is highly welcome.

You may also use Night Elf to get access to Shadowmeld. You can efficiently evade an enemy’s attack/crowd control if you use this skill at the correct time. On top of that, Touch of Elune gives you an additional 1% crit or haste depending on the time of day or night, which is fantastic.

Pandaren/Undead Horde

Pandaren-Priest-1024x841 Pandaren Priest We like to assume he’s flying because he had the finest lunch of his life. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment / HGG

We realize it’s an odd pick, but bear with us. Because adaptability is so crucial in PvP, the Pandaren’s ability to double the benefit from a meal boost thanks to Epicurean may be quite valuable. You may acquire your racial bonus by chewing on some “Pre-Mixed Pot of Noodles” while in the arena.

Furthermore, your Quaking Palm racial skill does not conflict with any of your class’s crowd control abilities, therefore there is no diminishing return. It may make all the difference in a battle if you can incapacitate an adversary for an extra 4 seconds after chain fearing them.

Alternatively, you may play as the Undead and use their Will of the Forsaken to cleanse yourself of charm, terror, and sleep effects. Just keep in mind that it overlaps with Gladiator’s Medallion’s cooldown, so plan ahead and change out trinkets dependent on your opponents if you choose this path.

Night Elf/Undead is the best race for Lore Priest.

Night Elf Alliance

Tyrande-whisperwind-priest-862x1024 Tyrande whisperwind priest Tyrande Whisperwind was Elune’s High Priestess before she became enraged with Night Warrior anger juice. Blizzard Entertainment’s official artwork.

While other races turn to the Light for their priestly abilities, the Night Elves seek instruction from the moon goddess Elune. We know very little about Elune, but we did get a peek of her relationship with the Winter Queen in the Shadowlands.

We discovered that she is seen as an outspoken deity who seemed to have defied the original cosmic order of things. Despite not directly allying with any cosmic force (at least to our understanding), she is able to bestow upon her followers all of the abilities that summoning the Light would bestow, as well as special moon powers, as shown by High Priestess Tyrande and her Night Warrior phase.

As we learn more about the Night Elves’ goddess, Elune, it’s evident that she’ll play a bigger part in the future. Those who are willing to play as a Night Elf priest may discover that their character is closely related to what is to come as a herald of Elune in the future.

Undead Horde

Major-priest-undead-1024x543 Major priest undead Former Archbishop Alonsus Faol is now the undead head of the Conclave. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

When you’re undead, it takes a lot of willpower to use the Light. The Light burns the unliving with the smallest touch, not because it refuses to respond to their plea.

When they were still alive, many of the Undead were devout believers in the Light. While many people have turned their backs on the Light because they feel abandoned by it, others continue to pray to it. Choosing to wield the Light, to use its healing power to sew their bodies back together, is an excruciating torture for them.

Undead priests can only continue if they have the greatest willpower and unwavering conviction. The majority of people who attempt are driven insane by the anguish and are compelled to give up their duty. Let’s see whether you have the courage and faith to go through this nightmare.

Night Elf/Troll is the best-looking race for a Priest.

Night Elf Alliance

Night-Elf-Priest-1024x924 Night Elf Priest Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG | Hail to the Moon Mother

We’ve previously discussed why we believe Night Elves are the finest race for priests in terms of story; now let’s discuss why we believe they are also the best-looking race for priests.

The Night Elves are the only race that suits the moon concept as well as the Night Elves, as seen by the many fabric armor sets available. This is your opportunity to embrace the notion of lunar vengeance if you’ve ever desired to do so.

It also helps that the Night Elf priests’ casting animation has a powerful spiritual invocation of Elune to pour down light on friends and adversaries alike. Bask in Elune’s presence amid the temples of Darnassus (at least with timewalking). Finally, complete the outfit by riding a nightsaber horse to complete the priest of the night look.

Troll Horde

Troll-Priest-1024x746 Troll Priest Don’t worry about the plague eating away at your skin. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Another strange pick, yet there are two words for it: voodoo priest. The trolls aren’t renowned for their devotion to the Light. Instead, they worship their Loa spirits, who bestow Light-like abilities on them.

This gives you the chance to deck up your Troll in the best priestly robes (plenty of skulls and other voodoo garbs) and smack pals with that wonderful healing mojo. In addition, you may do sick kick flips in between casts.

You could easily picture a Troll priest murdering a more traditional priest and then thinking that his attire needed to be upgraded. After all, isn’t it true that being a priest is all about appearing holy?

In World of Warcraft: Classic and the Burning Crusade, the best race for a Priest is:

This is an odd instance, since in Classic, priests had different class skills based on the race you chose. In the Burning Crusade, this function was somewhat reduced to guarantee that all priests received crucial basic abilities and to replace certain racial abilities with new ones.

As a result, we’ll mention which race is optimal for each expansion so you can make the wisest decision.

Dwarf/Draenei Alliance

Dwarf-Priest-TCG-1024x854 Dwarf Priest - TCG Stout in stature and faith. | Image from of Blizzard Entertainment’s official TCG art.

In Classic, Dwarves were clearly the greatest race for priests since they were the only ones who could utilize Fear Ward. This ability has a 30 second cooldown and protects one target for 10 minutes against the next fear effect.

Given how many key boss encounters used fear mechanics, this ability was critical for ensuring your tanks didn’t escape with their backs exposed or pull the monster into a bad position.

Terror was also more greater in Classic due to the rarity of breaking from harm and the sheer length of most fear effects. It was not unusual for players to lose all of their health in the duration of a single fear.

Dwarves also have Desperate Prayer, which is a powerful emergency self-healing spell, and Stoneform, which provides 8 seconds of protection to bleeding, poisons, and illnesses. Given how difficult it was to cleanse bleed effects before, this skill might be quite useful. Furthermore, the most vital aspect of being a healer is to remain alive!

Fear Ward became a standard priest ability for all races in the Burning Crusade, eliminating the need for Dwarf priests. Instead, thanks to their Symbol of Hope ability, which grants each member of the party 1000 mana during a 15-second channel, the Draenei were perhaps the greatest race for priests in the Burning Crusade.

While the ability does not stack, there is nothing stopping a pair of Draenei priests from chaining it together. This is very useful during extended raid encounters when your group is short on mana.

In addition, Draenei priests have Gift of the Naaru, which grants all adjacent party members an additional 1% chance to hit with spells every 3 minutes, and Inspiring Presence, which grants all nearby party members an extra 1% chance to hit with spells. Given how crucial hit chance is in today’s world, this is quite helpful.

Undead Horde/Blood Elf

Undead-Classic-priest-1024x916 Undead Classic priest In fantasy games, what constitutes priestess clothing. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

The Horde, on the other hand, had no method of getting to Fear Ward. Instead, the Undead, who had access to Devouring Plague, were the greatest race for priests in Classic. Unfortunately, this is mostly useful for shadow priests, since the mana cost was too high for healing priests and only provided limited self-sustainability.

They had access to Will of the Forsaken since they were Undead, thus they could at least make themselves resistant to fear, charm, and sleep effects. While it isn’t as good as the racial priest ability of the Dwarves, it assures that you can keep healing your crew while they run about like chickens.

Blood Elves, on the other hand, quickly became the finest Horde race for priests in the Burning Crusade. This is owing to their racial skills being the most efficient in terms of mana use in the game.

Consume Magic, their unique priest racial ability, enabling them to remove one of their own personal priest buffs in order to restore mana. Because the buff chosen is random, you can’t manipulate it to get rid of your least helpful buff. Proc effects, on the other hand, are not picked, so don’t worry about them.

Additionally, before triggering Arcane Torrent, create up to three stacks of Mana Tap to recover a significant amount of mana and silence foes. We suggest storing it largely for the quiet effect if the conflict contains hazardous casters.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our discussion on the top races for priests in World of Warcraft. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have a different perspective or other remarks you’d want to share!

Have fun gaming!

The “best alliance race for priest shadowlands” is a question that I have been asked before. The best race for a Priest in World of Warcraft is the Shadowlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best race for priest in Shadowlands?

A: The best race for a Shadowlands Priest is High Elf, as they have the ability to use spells from their whole hand.

Which race is best for priest in WoW?

A: The night elves are the best race for a priest in World of Warcraft. They have high mana and spell restoration, making them ideal for healers.

Which Horde race is best for priest?

A: I am sorry, but it is impossible for me to answer this question without knowing more about you.

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