The Elder Scrolls Online is finally out and it’s time to jump into the popular MMO. After months of beta testing I’ve had a lot of time to play, and I’ve been taking the time to learn all of the skills and tricks to tackle each new dungeon. If you’re a Warden, you’ll have even more to learn, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go it alone. In this guide we’ll go over the best race and class combinations to help you get started!

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an Elder Scrolls games with an MMO aspect. This means that players can play as their own character or as one of the four different classes: Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, or Warden. The Warden class is a good choice for players who want to build up their magic skills and have a hardy team, since the Warden is the only class that can heal with a staff (a stick).

The Warden was released with a focus on tanks and support, but quickly became one of the most versatile classes in the game – not just for its tanking capabilities, but its ability to heal and support the group. Its nice to see ESO being a little more open-minded with the abilities it releases (as opposed to “adding a new class to the game”) and some of them are more interesting than the originals. It’s hard to choose between the Bloodspawn and Skyshard that were added in the Warden’s 2.6 update, but I have to give this one to the Skyshard.

The Guardian class in ESO is all about nature magic, despite race. You can have animals fight for you, use freeze spells to deal massive damage, and heal yourself and others with plant magic. These abilities are reflected in their skill trees: Animal Companions, Winter’s Embrace and Green Balance, respectively. In the history of Elder Scrolls , some races are better suited to the Guardian class than others, which you’ll see at the higher levels of the game. But with so many possible paths, it’s hard to choose the best race for a Guardian inESO.In this guide, we will focus on the race that best suits each type of Warden gameplay. The main group roles are magicka DPS, stamina DPS, healers and tanks. Below, we look at each of them and tell you what you need to know to create the best proctor character inESO. If you want to make a keeper with historical features or the strongest possible keeper, we can help you. First we select the METAs, then we move on to the most relevant topics! Here we go!

Best breed for Overlord class (META)

Which races have the best chance of becoming the strongest guard?

High Elf – Best race for DPS Magicka Warden

Image credits: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13200 word-image-13201 If you’re building a meta-magic DPS department, you need to take advantage of the top eleven in raw magicka form. By giving you 2000 extra magicka, 258 extra spell (and weapon) damage, and 625 magicka/stamina (whichever is less) every six seconds after activating the skill, you’ll take a lot more hits with magicka-based abilities. Higher elves top the DPS rankings when it comes to characters with magicka if they don’t have to worry about support, in which case Breton wins. Guardian of course gets excellent magicka support from Blue Betty’s skill, which restores magicka for 25 seconds while giving basic sorcery and cruelty, which increases your weapon damage. If resilience is still an issue, try the Frightful Eye Bowl, a food that gives 4592 Magicka and 459 Magicka to recovery.

Dark Elf and Khajiit are the best races forEndurance DPS Guardians.

Image credits: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13202 word-image-13203 For a pure meta DPS lord, you have two options: the first is a Dunmer (Dark Elf), with 1950 stamina (and Magicka), 258 weapon (and spell) damage, and 4600 flame resistance. The other is a Khajiit with 915 additional health, stamina, and magic power, as well as a recovery bonus of 100 for each resource, and a 12% increase in critical damage and healing. Both are great for the guardian, with the Dark Elf having better sustained damage and the Khajiit having better burst damage. Bull Netch’s stamina support allows you to choose a race that doesn’t have stamina support built into the racial passives. But if stamina is a problem, use the food Lava Foot Soup and Salted Rice, which gives 4936 stamina and 493 recovery of stamina.

Bretons and High Elves are the best breeds for aHealing Guardian

Image credit: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13204 word-image-13205 The best choice for a Warden meta healer would be a Breton or High Elf, due to their inherently high magicka and recovery. Being able to use more healing spells without having to worry about support is very important, and Breton will win here because you have to spend less time regenerating resources. The fact that your skills heal more so that your party members can survive any fight will be a strength of High Elves, as they have more raw magicka and spell damage that can be used for healing spells. Argonians are a bit behind because they have less raw magicka, but they make up for it with passive healing. If you don’t have support, in addition to using support products, try to get the awesome rejuvenation recovery stick from the Dragon Star Arena in Craglorn. This item gives you and your group members a magic and stamina bonus of 117 on the initial heal of a major heal every second for four seconds, greatly increasing its effectiveness in longer battles.

Imperial – Best race for Tank Warden

Photo credits: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13206 word-image-13207 To become a better tank in the Warden meta, it is best to use the Imperial, as they have recently received a major upgrade in their passives. Imperials gain 2000 extra health and 2000 extra stamina, and all their skills cost 6% less. Extra hit points make tanking easier in general, and stamina makes it easier to block during a long fight. By lowering the cost of each skill, the Emperor can use his skills more freely, and this cost reduction doesn’t just apply to skills. Blocking, dodging throws, everything that costs you resources is reduced so you can last even longer in tough battles without losing. You must use three-state food (e.g. palm pie) and three-state health potions, because you will constantly use up all your resources.   word-image-4817 word-image-4818

Best knowledge depending on race of ruler

Which races are powerful protectors and fit well into the Elder Scrolls world story?

Breton: Wyress Gwen

Image credit: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13208 word-image-13209 Starting with the Warden (Magicka DPS Warden), the most appropriate race from a story perspective would be the Breton. Bretons are of course an excellent choice in terms of Magicka: 2000 extra Magicka, 130 Magicka recovery, and a 7% reduction in Magicka skill cost. Breton is not only a good choice to create a character with minimal/maximal magic, but it also fits the story. Not all Bretons have a strong connection to nature, but the Beldama Wyrd coven has a particularly strong connection to nature. The Wise Men are misunderstood: The Bretons who live near the mage tree in Glenumbra are actually afraid of the mage coven of Beldama, though they are peaceful protectors. Their mission is to protect the forest around the Wird tree and worship the nature god Jefre the Storyteller (better known as Y’ffre in ESO).

Wood Elf: Evely Sharpe-Arrow

Image credit: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13210 word-image-13211 When it comes to DPS guards with stamina, the Bosmer (Wood Elf) is the most user-friendly choice. Forest elves gain 2,000 additional stamina points, 258 stamina regeneration points, and a 5% increase in movement speed, as well as 950 physical and penetration spell points. The Forest Elves have a natural connection to the forest, their main god being Y’ffre, the storyteller and spirit of the present. Like a god of nature, Y’ffre became a storyteller. He helped the Bosmer people settle into the world and taught them how to understand the world and survive. In exchange for Y’ffra’s help, the forest elves made a green pact never to damage or eat plants, but only the animals that live in the forest. The Bosmer priests, known as spinners, record all past and future events and are primarily responsible for maintaining the Green Pact. Thanks to this bond with Y’ffra, the Forest Elves have become protectors of the forest and closer to nature in general, becoming natural gardeners.

Argon: Arborist Pavu

Image credit: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13212 word-image-13213 Warden’s friendliest healer is also one of the best meta healers – he’s an Argonian. Because of his natural tendency to heal and his connection with nature, the Argonian is the most suitable choice to study history. With 1000 extra health, stamina and magic, a 6% increase in healing and the recovery of 3125 resources when drinking a potion, Argonians are passive and effective healers. The Argonians are considered the People of the Root, referring to the Hist Tree from which they are born and to which they return after death. The Argonians are closely associated with nature and the trees of Gist, giving them an affinity for magic related to nature and the natural order. The tree seekers who care for and protect the Gist and are highly regarded in Argonian communities for their importance as protectors. The skill tree Green balance uses many different types of medicinal plants, ultimately a growing area of medicinal trees, which fits well with the racial background of Argonians.

North: Old moulins

Image credit: Bethesda/Zenimax via HGG word-image-13214 word-image-13215 Nords were considered the best tankers in the last update, and they are still very good despite being refined recently. In ESO history, the Nords are considered resistant to magic, but there are a few exceptions to this rule, especially when it comes to natural magic. Nords gain 1000 additional health and 1500 additional stamina, receive 5 additional ultimates every 10 seconds for damage suffered, and 2600 resistance to physical effects and spells. The Nords are associated with ubiquitous cold, and Varden’s freezing abilities fit that picture perfectly. The Nords who practice ancient customs and magic are known as wise women who work closely with nature and listen to ancient animal spirits for clues. This fits the Warden class perfectly and helps break the rigid stereotype that the Nords are always against magic.

Top view

This is the end of our best series for Warden classESOlist-thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles on High Ground Gaming to further enhance your gaming experience. If you enjoyed this article and want to stay up to date with the best gaming news, sign up for the HGG newsletter. Enjoy the game!If you are looking to level your Warden class in Elder Scrolls Online, or if you are trying to gear out your character for the next World Boss, you have come to the right place. The Warden class in Elder Scrolls Online is a popular one, and that is because it is a tanky class with tons of crowd control abilities. This guide will explain the best race and class builds for the Warden class in Elder Scrolls Online.. Read more about eso best race for templar and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best race and class in Elder Scrolls Online?

With The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) being a MMORPG, the majority of players will be familiar with the standard class setup of the game. However, this is a game that allows players to play any role they would like, which means picking the right race and class for your character will make or break your experience. There are two main races in Elder Scrolls Online: Humans and Orcs. Humans have the highest level cap, but Orcs have the more powerful abilities. Both races have two classes: Warrior and Mage. There are two new classes: Warden and Templar. They are the same classes in ESO, but in ESO: Morrowind they have new titles and passives for each class. Warden is the tank class and Templar is the damage class.

What race is best in eso?

Race in Elder Scrolls Online is an incredibly important topic, as the race you choose will affect your experience in the game. It is important to pick the right race. You might think that being undead is the only way to be a master at taking down enemies, but there are others who have proven to be just as great. The game of Elder Scrolls Online, the newest installment in the Elder Scrolls series, came out back in 2014, and has been played by millions in the past year and a half. The player base is split between the two main factions: the Aldmeri Dominion (aka the Dominion) and the Ebonheart Pact (aka the Pact). The Aldmeri Dominion is composed of two races: High Elves and Altmer, while the Ebonheart Pact is made up of the Dunmer (aka the Dark Elves) and their mortal allies.

Are Stam wardens good eso?

Are wardens as bad as they are described for their class in Elder Scrolls Online? Well, if you’re playing the class, you’ll have to get used to the (many) limitations of the class. For example, the wardens only get access to one weapon type each, and can only use that weapon type if they’re dual wielding. Wardens have no healing abilities, they cannot wear heavy armour, and their only skill is having a very low DPS. Why is it that a few people in the world can execute a perfect save, but the rest of us can’t get one in eight times? The answer is that it’s all about execution, and planning ahead. Here’s the plan: Save. Make sure you’re on an even footing with your opponent. Close the distance. Attack from behind, and if possible, stun your opponent. Throw your second arrow. Save. If your first arrow doesn’t kill your opponent, then use your second arrow to finish the job. Stun them again if you can. Save. If you can’t get to them, then use your third arrow. Save. Use your final arrow to finish them off. That’s it!

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