There are many options in game for build-up of the Necromancer’s ultimate, Reaper’s Harvest. But the ones that stand out most are as follows:

This ESO Necromancer Build Guide will assist you in playing a good Necromancer while seeing yourself through the most challenging featured dungeons (group PVE) such as Dragonstar Arena, Veteran Dragonstar Arena and Veteran Bannered Mare.

In this blog post, we will be going over the best Necromancer builds for group PvE in Elder Scrolls Online. You can keep reading if you want, but if you want the best builds, then make sure to read the rest of the article.. Read more about best necromancer race eso and let us know what you think.

Necromancers are a great option for all kinds of play in the Elder Scrolls Online, and they fit into any group with ease with the Flames of Ambition patch. Necromancers thrive at huge bursts of AOE damage, significant survivability improvements while tanking with Bone Goliath, and are well-rounded healers with passive and active healing skills. For their excellent skill sets, Necromancers will always be sought for in group play, so if you’re wanting to build a new character, you can’t go wrong with a Necromancer created for any position.

We’ll go through the finest Necromancer builds for group PVE content like dungeons and trials in this post. We’ll start with magicka and stamina dps optimization before moving on to how to effectively prepare your Necromancer tank or healer to assist your team. 

Are you looking for the greatest races for Necromancers? This guide may be found here.

ESO’s Best PvE Necromancer Builds: The Best for Group Content

Let’s get started on the finest Necromancer PvE builds for group content like dungeons and trials in ESO, beginning with the role that would make Mannimarco proud: the Magicka Necromancer.


Build for Magcro DPS

1 Magcro PVE Group DPS Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

High Elf (Dark Elf or Khajiit) | Mundus: Thief | Food: Solitude Salmon Millet Soup (5395 health, 4936 magicka) or similar | Attributes: 64 Magicka

Because it is designed to inflict heavy damage across wider regions, the Magicka Necromancer is a powerhouse in any group content. This means you can clear content quicker with your groups. The Magcro construct we’ve put together is designed for group play, but it may also be used alone by swapping out a few skills. Races that provide magicka passives benefit the Magcro the best, and we’ve selected High Elf for this build. Khajiit and Dark Elf also make excellent Necromancers, with Breton falling short in terms of damage but more than making up for it in terms of sustain. 


1 Magcro PVE Group DPS Skills

Staff of the Flame (Main Bar) Staff of the Flame (Second Bar)
Skull Ricochet (Spammable) Elements’ Unstable Wall
Blastbones is being pursued. Rune Scalding
Unsettling Graveyard Arcanist of the Skeletal
Potency of Necrotic Armor of the Summoner
Siphon of the Mystic Orb of the Mystic
Star Shooting (Ult) Colossus Glacial (Ult)

The Magicka Necromancer skill set is extremely sought after in group content for it’s great access to high damaging AOE skills as well as great debuffs on enemies. The bread and butter abilities are definitely Blastbones is being pursued., a delayed damaging explosive flame AOE, and Ricochet Skull, a single target ability that changes into a bouncing ball of death on its third cast (for up to 3 targets on that third cast). Stalking Blastbones is a great initiation tool, as you can time its 2.5 summon time with your other skills to hit the enemies as the skeleton detonates on a group of unsuspecting enemies.

The ultimate ability of Necromancers, Glacial Colossus, is why organizations prefer to have them. After smacking down three times in three seconds, Glacial Colossus not only delivers a lot of damage and stuns opponents, but it also adds Major Vulnerability to enemy struck in an 8-meter radius, causing them to suffer 10% more damage. Trial parties will often coordinate their necromancers to use this ability one after the other to prolong the duration of each Glacial Colossus’s 12 seconds of Major Vulnerability, allowing the group to glide past difficult boss mechanics by boosting their DPS to new heights.

Armor & Weapons Build (All Light)

Slot Gear Trait
Head Zaan Divines
Shoulder Zaan Divines
Chest Sorrow of a Mother Divines
Legs Sorrow of a Mother Divines
Feet Sorrow of a Mother Divines
Hands Sorrow of a Mother Divines
Belt Sorrow of a Mother Divines
Jewelry Medusa Bloodthirsty
Weapon 1 Medusa Precise
Weapon 2 Crushing Wall (Perfected) Infused (w/ enchantment for weapon damage)

5 Law of Julianos (craftable), 5 Mother’s Sorrow (from Deshaan), 2 Monster Set / Willpower Set are a simple beginning set option.

Critical is still king right now, more so than ever since the Flames of Ambition patch decreased the amount of champion points you could earn. Mother’s Sorrow (from Deshaan) is our first set, which concentrates on providing us just spell critical and some magicka. This will allow us to strike harder and maintain a greater overall damage output than most other setups can now offer. 

Our second set, Medusa (from Arx Corinium), is aimed at achieving the same goal: spell critical. When this set is active, we get Minor Force as well as spell critical, giving us a 10% boost in critical damage at all times. We’ll need to keep this on our jewelry and front bar staff since it’s a hefty set of armor, but if you’re feeling squishy, you can always swap out your Mother’s Sorrow robe for a Medusa cuirass and mix up your jewelry to receive those 5 piece benefits back. 

Zaan will assist us in increasing our single target damage, but you must remain within 8 meters of the target to maintain its destructive beam. Zaan will inflict flame damage that doubles every second for six seconds with a 1/3 chance of triggering off of a light or heavy strike, causing enormous single target damage. 

The Essentials of Champion Points

20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Biting Aura (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Biting Aura (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Fin 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Flawless Ritual, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Flawless Ritual, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Blessed, 30 War Mage, 50 Thaumaturge (slot), 30 War Mage

20 Hero’s Vigor, 20 Hero’s Vigor, 20 Hero’s Vigor, 20 Hero’s 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (s (slot), Thirty minutes of tumbling, twenty minutes of defiance, and thirty minutes of fortification 20 Tireless Defender 50 Spells for Siphoning (slot)

Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)


Build for Stamcro DPS

2 Stamcro PVE Group DPS Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Attributes: 64 Stamina | Race: Khajiit (or Dark Elf) | Mundus: Thief | Food: Garlic Cod with Potato Crust or similar (5395 health, 4936 stamina) | Race: Khajiit (or Dark Elf) | Mundus: Thief

The Stamina Necromancer excels at many of the same things as the Magicka Necromancer, such as landing those very high damaging AOE abilities and assisting your team in increasing their damage. There are a variety of ways to play the Stamcro, but we’ve gone with a dual wield / bow configuration with Vateshran daggers here. The strongest race for Stamcros to optimize their damage is Khajiit, because to their well-rounded numbers and increased critical damage, although Dark Elf isn’t far behind, with more consistent damage in battles. 


2 Stamcro PVE Group DPS Skills

Daggers that can be wielded by both hands (Main Bar) a bow (Second Bar)
Shrouded Daggers are a kind of dagger that is shrouded in (Spammable) Continual Hail
Blighted Blastbones are a kind of blight. Archer of the Skeletal
Skull of Venom Vigorous Resolving
Siphon Detonation Potency of Necrotic
Cloak of Death Trap with Barbed Wire
Dawnbreaker is a flawless character (Ult) Colossus of Pestilence (Ult)

With its combination of abilities and armor settings, the Stamina Necromancer excels at doing both AOE and single target damage. Shrouded Daggers must be utilized regularly to reap the benefits of our arena set damage increase, but keep in mind that any Necromancer ability counts toward the 20 percent damage boost of your Venom Skull ability’s third cast.

Keep track of when you’re using other Necromancer abilities and make sure you cast Venom Skull after you’ve used two other class abilities for that massive damage increase. Your ultimate Pestilent Colossus not only grants the same excellent Major Vulnerability debuff of increasing enemy hit damage received by 10% for 12 seconds, but it also delivers additional damage with each strike of the ultimate, culminating in a third hit. 

Armor & Weapons Build (All Medium)

Slot Gear Trait
Head Kinras’s Divines
Shoulder Kinras’s Divines
Chest Relequen’s Arms Divines
Legs Relequen’s Arms Divines
Feet Relequen’s Arms Divines
Hands Relequen’s Arms Divines
Belt Relequen’s Arms Divines
Jewelry Kinras’s Bloodthirsty
Weapon 1 Executioner’s Blade (Perfected) w/ Poisons That Harm Your Health
Weapon 2 Thunderous Volley (Perfected) Infused (w/ enchantment for weapon damage)

5 Hunding’s Rage (craftable), 5 Leviathan (from Crypt of Hearts), 2 Monster Set / Agility Set are a simple beginning set option.

In our armor sets, we strive for a combination of damage emphasis, such as strong single target damage, group damage boost, and then aoe damage. There is no better stamina set than (Perfected) Arms of Relequen for our high single target damage (from Cloudrest). This set necessitates long battles where you concentrate on light hitting a single opponent, stacking a devastating status effect on that single victim. When you light or heavy strike a target, you get a stack every half second, up to a maximum of 10 stacks on the opponent, which does damage to them every second for each stack you have on them.

Kinras’ Wrath (from Black Drake Villa) is our second set, which likewise uses light and heavy attack stacking. Each light or heavy strike earns you a stack, and if you reach five of these stacks in a 5-second period, you acquire an aura that increases your damage done by 10% with Major Berserk and increases your damage done by 5% with Minor Berserk for allies inside your aura, including yourself. A 15% boost in personal damage is significant, but a 5% increase in total group damage is the frosting on the cake. 

Executioner’s Blade (from Veteshran Hollows) is our last damage set that works to increase our AOE damage, as it plays off of our weapon skill Shrouded Daggers, which hits a single target and bounces up to three times. When you are standing behind a target with less than 100 percent health, Executioner’s Blade does 250 percent more damage, and it also grants you back stamina if the target is below 50 percent. This does mean you’ll have to pay attention to where you stand in fights, which may or may not be feasible depending on monster dynamics, but the increased damage is well worth it.

The Essentials of Champion Points

20 Tireless Discipline, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Backstabber (slot), 20 Preparation, 50 Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Hardy, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Battle Mastery, 30 Mighty, 50 Master-at-Arms (slot), 20 Blessing (slot).

Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian, 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 30 Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian

Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)


Build a Stamcro Tank

3 Tank Stamcro Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Food: Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce or similar (4462 health, 4105 stamina / magicka) | Race: Imperial (or Nord) | Mundus: Lord Bewitched Sugar Skulls is a more costly alternative that provides greater survivability and recovery (4620 health, 4250 magicka/stamina, and 462 health recovery). | Health: 20; Stamina: 44; Attributes: 20; Attributes: 20; Attributes: 20; Attributes

Tanking as a Necromancer is highly rewarding since you may offer excellent assistance to your squad while simultaneously becoming almost unkillable as a huge skeleton. Stamcro Tanks, befitting a necromancer, are very simple to master and may be utilized to tank extremely tough battles. The Imperial is recommended because of its excellent health and stamina boosts, as well as their 6% skill cost reduction. Nords are also excellent since they have naturally stronger resistances and lesser health and stamina benefits, but also get ult generation, which is comparable to the Imperial’s. 


3 Tank Stamcro Skills

Shield and one hand (Main Bar) Staff of Ice (Second Bar)
Armor by Pierce (Taunt) Blockade of Elementals
Slash Heroic Surge of Bones
Defensive Position Totem of Agony
Grasp of Power Guardian of the Spirits
Make Pain Go Away Armor that beckons
Goliath, the ferocious (Ult) Warhorn with an aggressive tone (Ult)

First, we’ll go over the fundamentals of tanking on your Necromancer in ESO. You may skip this paragraph if you are confident in your tanking fundamentals. In ESO, taunting does not imply aggressively taunting every opponent; instead, you should lead the group into an area first, garnering aggro first. You’ll then aggressively taunt high-priority opponents, such as bosses and other large monsters encountered throughout dungeons and trials, who have the potential to one-shot your friends. Taunt will wear off after 15 seconds, so be sure to repeat it every 12-13 seconds so that your party isn’t forced to run around the area while you try to recover aggro.

Always face your opponents away from your group to avoid being wiped out by AOE or splash damage strikes. As a tank, Silver Leash may be used to actively influence where additional opponents are positioned, but Necromancers can instead utilize Beckoning Armor, which also serves as a source of Major Resolve.

Armor & Weapons Build (All Heavy)

Slot Gear Trait
Head Encratis’s Reinforced
Shoulder Encratis’s Reinforced
Chest Yolnahkriin Reinforced
Legs Yolnahkriin Sturdy
Feet Yolnahkriin Sturdy
Hands Yolnahkriin Sturdy
Belt Yolnahkriin Sturdy
Jewelry Drake’s Rush is a song written by Drake. Healthy
Weapon 1 Drake’s Rush is a song written by Drake. Sturdy Shield and Decisive 1h (with flame enchantment (with Encratis’s set))
Weapon 2 Drake’s Rush is a song written by Drake. Infused (with enchantment of the crusher)

5 Ebon Armory (from Crypt of Hearts), 5 Plague Doctor (from Deshaan), 2 Monster Set / Endurance Set is an easy beginning set option.

We’ll focus only on boosting our group’s damage since the Necromancer can get by with its expertise and is less reliant on protective armor sets. Our first set is (Perfected) Claw of Yolnahkriin (from Sunspire), which grants Minor Courage for 15 seconds after taunting an opponent, boosting weapon and spell damage by 215 for you and up to 11 group members. This set also grants you Minor Aegis, which reduces the amount of damage you receive from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena enemies by 5%, which is quite useful for tanking on a primarily offensive set.

Drake’s Rush (from Black Drake Villa) will be our second set, since it provides a lot of ultimate generation for you and your squad. When you smash an opponent, you and up to three other members of your party receive Major Heroism for 12 seconds, which grants 3 ultimate every 1.5 seconds. This will allow you to cast Ravenous Goliath or your healer’s healing ultimate more often, increasing overall damage and survivability by allowing you to cast Ravenous Goliath or your healer’s healing ultimate more frequently.

We’ll change the monster set for the Necromancer Tank based on the composition of our squad. Encratis’ Behemoth is used in this build to increase a magicka group’s flame damage by 5% while simultaneously granting them 5% flame resistance. To activate the effect, you must inflict fire damage, which is why we have a flame glyph on our main hand sword. When you taunt an opponent, Tremorscale lowers their physical resistance by an extra 2395, making it the superior choice for Stamina-intensive parties.

While more defense is required to get through a battle or when striving for no-death accomplishments, Earthgore is the ideal set to employ, since it heals the lowest group member 30,000 over 10 seconds while also healing yourself or a group member who is under 50% health. When required, Guardian of the Spirits will assist in activating this effect.

The Essentials of Champion Points

20 Tireless Discipline, 20 Preparation, 50 Duelist’s Rebuff (slot), 50 Unassailable (slot), 50 Enduring Resolve (slot) (slot), Bulwark No. 50 (slot), 20 Insights from the Eldritch Realm, Hardy (20), Elemental Aegis (20), and Blessed (20)

Fitness: 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 20 Tireless Guardian, 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuven Fortification, Tumbling, Defiance, and Strategic Reserve are all worth 30 points each (slot)

Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)


Build a Magcro Healer

4 Healer Magcro Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Breton (or Khajiit) race | Mundus: Thief | Food: Solitude Salmon Millet Soup (5395 health, 4936 magicka) or similar | Attributes: 64 Magicka

The Necromancer Healer is a powerful character since you can heal your squad while simultaneously assisting them in doing greater damage. With their Reanimate ultimate, which resurrects up to three friends, Necromancers have the ability to turn a battle around from the verge. We selected Breton as our race because of their all-around excellent magicka passives, but Khajiit may also work well because of their enhanced critical healing, which matches nicely with a Necromancer’s passive increased crit probability during execute phase.


4 Healer Magcro Skills

Staff in charge of restoration (Main Bar) Staff of Lightning (Second Bar)
Exceptional Healing Blockade of Elementals
Regeneration by Radiation Unsettling Graveyard
Prayer for War Stalking Blastbones
Flesh That Is Resistant Spirit Guardian
Tether Braided Orb of Energy
Blastbones should be animated (Ult) Warhorn with an aggressive tone (Ult)

With a Necromancer, you can not only keep your friends alive and boost them up, but you can also inflict a lot of damage while debuffing your opponents. Elemental Drain, a standard healer ability that applies Minor Magicka-steal to the opponent, is dropped in favor of Blades in a Symphony and Grand Rejuvenation, which both strive to restore our group’s magicka and stamina. Braided Tether should be kept on your front bar to benefit from the 3% boost in healing power it offers.

Resistant Flesh is a burst heal that heals a single target in front of you for a huge amount and grants them half of the amount healed in physical and spell resistance. Keep in mind that this ability also grants you Minor Defile, which works in your favor since having a bad affect on you boosts the amount of healing you perform by 8% from the Curative Curse passive. Animate Blastones is your “Oh no” button, resurrecting three of your friends while also summoning up to three blastbones. The second morph, Renewing Animation, provides you 5300 magicka and stamina for each friend revived, but the Blastones may help you wipe away the causes of your companions’ deaths. 

Armor & Weapons Build (All Light)

Slot Gear Trait
Head Blades in a Symphony Divines
Shoulder Symphony of Blades Divines
Chest Cure Power Spell Divines
Legs Cure Power Spell Divines
Feet Cure Power Spell Divines
Hands Cure Power Spell Divines
Belt Cure Power Spell Divines
Jewelry Elemental Catalyst is a term used to describe a substance that has the ability is a term used to describe a substance that has the ability Arcane
Weapon 1 Grand Rejuvenation (Perfected) Powered
Weapon 2 Elemental Catalyst Weakening Enchantment Infused

Alternative beginning set: 5 Law of Julianos (craftable), 5 Sanctuary (Banned Cells), and 2 Monster Set / Willpower Set.

Our first set, Spell Power Cure (from White Gold Tower), is a flexible set that, unlike Olorime, does not need your group to be afflicted by a ground AOE to function. Instead, anytime you overheal a victim, they acquire Major Courage for 5 seconds, causing their weapon and spell damage to increase by 430. Uptime should be about 100% since overhealing is very simple to accomplish at least once per 5 seconds of battle.

Elemental Catalyst will be our damaging set, which adds a stack of shock, frost, or flame weakness according on the damage you do, and raises opponents’ afflicted critical damage received by 5% for each stack, up to 15%. To apply our matching vulnerabilities to the opponent from Elemental Catalyst, we want to maintain Elemental Blockade for shock damage, Unnerving Boneyard for frost damage, and Stalking Blastbones for flame damage up. 

The monster set we’ve selected for this build is Symphony of Blades, however Earthgore may be replaced if you need more bursty heals and are aiming for a no-death run. Symphony of Blades can assist with this as well, since when you heal a target that is below 50% of their main resource, they receive 570 stamina or magicka every 1 second for 6 seconds, depending on what their primary resource is. This helps with overall damage and allows your stamina teammates to roll dodge more easily when they need to since their stamina will be high throughout the battle.

The Essentials of Champion Points

20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Blessed, 50 Soothing Tide (slot), 50 Swift Renewal, 20 Eldritch Insight (slot), 20 points for precision, 50 points for energizing overflow (slot), 20 Tireless Discipline, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Blessed, 50 Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Elemental Aegis

Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian, 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 30 Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian

Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)


You are no doubt aware that we are now nearing the end of The Elder Scrolls Online’s 1.5 Update, which is scheduled to go live sometime in July. As we get closer to release, we will be looking at some of the most noteworthy changes, including class mechanics and itemization changes.. Read more about best race for necromancer eso 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best build for necromancer ESO?

The best build for a necromancer is a stamina based build.

Is necromancer a good solo class ESO?

Necromancer is a good solo class ESO.

What is the best PvE class in ESO?

The best PvE class in ESO is the Sorcerer.

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