As the game’s popularity has grown, the lists of the best bot lane pairings have grown with it. And while there are a lot to choose from, none capture the Kha’Zix/Zac duo better than the blinding pair of blades this duo has to offer.

There is no greater feeling than seeing your favorite bot lane carry the game and snowball it into an unstoppable lead. However you want it, when you want it, it’s yours and you get to see your teammates do it too.

There have been a lot of changes to the top lane meta in the last couple of seasons, but currently the lane is dominated by a duo of aggressive supports, and I want to show you how to play with them in lane.

A good combination of bone lines is essential for any team play in the league. Not all ADCs and supports go well together, and some don’t go together at all. But once you find the right combo, nothing can stop you in the lane.

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In this article, we’ll look at the seven best combos in the robot lane and explain why they’re so good.

Best track combinations for robots

Let’s start with a classic power combo to get to the best LoL duo in the robot lane.

7 /7

Trotting and Lightning Sick

Image: Riot Games

For me, as an ADC player, there is nothing scarier than seeing these two on the opposing team. What makes them so good is that they are dangerous and explosive. Lightning Sick’s grip is still intimidating, but combined with Draven’s damage and snowball skill, the game becomes a nightmare.

If you choose this combination, you must realize that things can go wrong if you fail. Usually the Draven/Blitz combo dominates the game and carries his team. But if Draven doesn’t get enough kills to be relevant, there’s nothing they can do.

6 /7

gene andthreshold

Image: Riot Games

Gin and Thresh is a more sober combination than the previous one. While Thresh bears many similarities to Blitzcrank, his playstyle is much more refined. This combo works by using Threshs hooks and ultimates to block enemies in certain areas. After that, Jin can use his distance fighting skills to break them easily. Thresh is also tanky enough to stay in 1v2 for a while if Jhin has to leave, and Jhin is far enough away to help in ranged combat. It’s a great combination.

5 /7

Ezreal and Senna

Image: Riot Games

I love the playing style of these two champions, and they are even better when combined. Ezreal is stronger in the middle game and rather weak in the early game, allowing Senna to shine. She can easily protect Ezreal in the weak phases while dealing damage and allowing her to spread. They also have ultimates, which makes it easier to defend the towers. Their long range allows them to poke enemies without danger, making them a good combo against the most aggressive laners. Overall, this is one of the safest and most solid combinations out there.

4 /7

Jinks and Zilean

Image: Riot Games

This is one of the most interesting combinations in my opinion. Jinx usually benefits from support with good crowd control since she has limited mobility, and Zilean is perfect for that. Zilean is the ultimate support for keeping an ally alive when death is near. Jinks can also use his skills to increase XP better than many ADCs. Jinx and Zilean are an often overlooked combination, but they are perfect for each other. I highly recommend you try them.

3 /7

Tristana and Lulu

Image: Riot Games

Yordles double bone lane – need I say more? This duo has a great synergy, and as a pair, they are nearly unstoppable. Lulu is a great support for almost any ADC that needs to get close to do damage, which makes her ideal for Tristana. If Tristana can just focus on inflicting damage without worrying about dying, she can inflict an insane amount of damage.

2 /7

Miss Fortune and Leona

Photo: Riot Games

Miss Fortune and Leona are one of the best combinations on the robot track (and one of my favorites). Leona’s myriad stun abilities fit perfectly with Miss Fortune’s ultimates and almost all of her other abilities. This combo is mainly focused on one thing: Keep opponents sedated as long as possible. Once Leona has fulfilled her part of this role, Miss Fortune can pierce her with her Ultimate. It’s that simple. It’s one of the most fun duos in the game, and it’s not even that hard to use.

1 /7

Kog’Mo and Janna

Image: Riot Games

Another truly classic combo and our favorite of the best ADC and support combos. If you want to play Kog’Mou, you need to make sure you have the support to keep him alive. And who better to keep people alive than Gianna?

This combo can be tricky at times, especially in the beginning of the game, but once Koga has a few items, everything goes well. Cog is one of the most explosive ADCs in the late game, and with Gianna by his side, he’s almost impossible to kill. Make sure there is good communication between the two players, because without it, this duo could be a disaster.

Honourable mention: Serafina and Lux

Image: Riot Games

I can’t say this is one of the best combos in the bot lan, but if you really want to win in the lan and don’t care about making your opponents cry, try this. Seraphina is one of the most annoying bot-leaders to play (especially since she shouldn’t be), so why not pair her with one of the most annoying Snappers? Seraphina and Lux can stun, root and kill anyone in their path, even if they have their hands full. It’s boring, it’s annoying, and it doesn’t make any sense. …. but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun. Don’t expect the other team to be polite in chat if you try this.



Having a good (and fun) combo in the robot lane is very important to your gaming experience. Bad duos ruin games, and good duos make even disappointing games bearable. Feel free to try any of the recommended combinations here and let us know what your favorites are in the comments.

Enjoy the game!When it comes to League of Legends, the number one question that’s been on everyone’s mind is (and therefore discussed) is the best bot lane combos. And since most people have no idea what a bot lane combo is, this question has typically been answered with something like “Well, I just play mid, and then I leave the lane with the other midlaner and gank bot.” That’s not a bad answer, but it’s not the one we’re looking for.. Read more about worst bot lane combos and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best bot in lol?

The best bot in lol is Alistar, the best support.

Who is the best bot lane champion?

The best bot lane champion is currently Ryze.

What is bot lane?

Bot lane is the lane closest to the bottom of the map.

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