In LoL (League of Legends), it’s highly recommended that players pick the most meta ADC (Attack Damage Carry) in the game. Why? Well, because it’s the most effective ADC in terms of damage and efficiency. Here’s the thing though: in the current meta, there are a LOT of optimal ADCs. This is why what I’m about to show you below is a list of the 5 best off-meta ADCs in the current meta.

When Season 10 of League of Legends hit the live servers in August of 2019, the meta shifted almost overnight, resulting in a plethora of new champions. The most frequently picked ones were the new tier 1 meta champions, which are the most powerful ADCs in the game. While most of them are useful picks, the best amongst them are the off-meta champions, which are not the most popular picks in the meta but are still considered as a good champion.

Welcome to my weekly LoL 5 Best Off-Meta ADC Guide. Each week I’ll be sharing with you guys my list of the 5 best ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champions in the game. There’s a great deal of data involved in this, so I’ll be attempting to cover as much ground as I can. Each week, I’ll be evaluating the 5 most recent meta ADC champions. I’ll be looking at their win-rates in the competitive scene on a range of different maps, and how well they do vs the other top ADC picks in their respective roles. If they are performing well, I’ll be sharing my list of the 5 as to what I think will be the best picks to play for the upcoming week. ~~. Read more about best adc player 2021 and let us know what you think.

Every season, a new meta emerges. Items evolve, Champions are nerfed/buffed, and there’s always a new novelty to discover. Certain Champions, of course, rose to the top. These are your go-to selections for the majority of games, the ones you know will do well in the majority of matchups. 

But what about the people who aren’t meta? The ones who, if chosen, will make everyone else in the game stop and think, “…Really?”

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Today, we’ll look at the greatest off-meta ADC in League of Legends, as well as several runner-ups. We’ll go through what’s regarded best for them during a bad season and why you may want to give them a go. Let’s get this party started.

Top 5 Off-Meta ADCs in League of Legends

Let’s start with the greatest off-meta ADCs in all of League of Legends, then go on to some worthy runners-up.



Kog’Maw - Best Off-Meta ADC in LoL: Top 5 Champions Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • Bot is the character’s role.
  • Wit’s End, Runaan’s Hurricane are the main items.
  • Runes: Domination + Lethal Tempo (Life Steal)

The famous acid-spewing tiny worm thing is first on our list, arriving in at #1 for our best off-meta choice for ADC. Those of you who have been playing League of Legends from the beginning will recall a period when Kog’Maw was in every game. In those seasons, the presence of a Champion who could breach the attack speed limit was game-changing. Then Riot took it away from him.

These days, Kog’Maw is fighting the encroachment of mobility power. Kog’Maw is always in jeopardy, with new Champions generally having mobility built into their kit and items/reworks speeding up existing ones. Kog’Maw wants to maintain as much space between himself and the opponent as possible since he has no defensives other than a minor slow on his E.

However, if Kog’Maw can remain alive, he is by far the strongest off-meta ADC in the game, capable of wiping out anyone’s health. Even tanks will collapse within seconds of his assault, with to his Q passively giving huge amounts of extra attack speed and one of the strongest defensive shreds in the game. You may also use his W to increase the range of your auto attacks and the % health damage they do. If anybody survives and tries to flee, use your ultimate as live artillery to rain death from above. It even does execution damage to opponents with lesser health!

When the opponent has a lot of meaty and high-health Champions, we suggest playing Kog’Maw as a counter choice. To avoid dying immediately, concentrate on attack speed items with on-hit effects like Wit’s End, followed by some protective equipment like Immortal Shieldbow. Pair up with supports that can peel for you, like as Leona or Alistar, if feasible.



Kalista Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • Bot is the character’s role.
  • Immortal Shieldbow and Runaan’s Hurricane are essential items.
  • Precision (Attack Speed/Survival) + Hail of Blades (Runes)

Kalista, one of the League’s most mechanically intriguing champions, is the next candidate for greatest off-meta ADC.

Kalista has a unique passive that allows her to sprint in a certain direction after each auto attack (speed rises with attack speed). As a consequence, she is one of the game’s most kiting-heavy Champions. Unfortunately, her stats were drastically lowered to compensate for her kiting abilities when pro players became too proficient with her soon after her release.

Despite never completely rebounding from her nerfs, Kalista is still a viable Champion, but she needs a lot of work to be excellent. Her primary damaging mechanism is to use her auto attacks and Q to build Rend on enemies before using her E to consume all of the stacks and do enormous damage. 

Kalista also possesses the Oathsworn Bond, which is a passive mechanic that is essential to her kit. Kalista may utilize her unique equipment (Black Spear) at the start of the game to bind herself to one ally for the duration of the game. While Kalista and her partner are near enough (and Kalista has at least one point in her W), auto-attacking the same enemy within four seconds of each other will result in significant percent health damage. 

Her final fate is also determined by her companion. Kalista will grasp her companion, making them invincible but silent, and the partner may then opt to hurl themselves towards the opponent, knocking out all foes in the vicinity.

Given how unusual her kit is and how dependent she is on her companion, we strongly advised Kalista to use voice communications with her partner to optimize her efficiency. She works well alongside someone like Thresh, who can commit to a battle and possesses a ranged auto attack. 

Whether it comes to when to play her, we suggest Kalista when the opposing bot lane is skill shot heavy, since she can easily evade assaults. You’ll want to attempt to win games early by establishing a gold lead and snowballing with it, since her passive reduces the amount of AD she has to work with by 10%. Attack speed and crit chance items will be your greatest allies. Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Bloodthirster are very helpful for boosting the damage of your Rend stacks.



Xayah - Best Off-Meta ADC in LoL: Top 5 Champions Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • Bot is the character’s role.
  • Galeforce and the Essence Reaver are the two most important items in the game.
  • Runes: Domination + Lethal Tempo (Life Steal)

ADC, the feather-tossing outlaw, had seen better days. She’s plummeted to the bottom of the ADC rankings as a result of minor nerfs that have accumulated over time. The fact that her playstyle focuses on chipping away at the adversary, while the meta emphasizes burst damage, just adds to the problem.

Xayah, on the other hand, maintains a powerful hit-and-run playstyle and, when properly positioned, can do enormous damage in team battles. The positioning of the key word. Her primary gimmick is that she can hurl her auto attack in a straight path through opponents, leaving a feather behind them. Those feathers on the ground may be summoned by Xayah with her E, inflicting damage depending on the number of feathers that pass through opponents. Enemies struck by three feathers are also anchored in place as a bonus.

While this sounds fantastic, setting up the feathers such that they strike the opponent numerous times is more difficult than it seems. To play Xayah successfully, you must use your Q and W to aggressively clutter the field with feathers before returning them with your E. Xayah seems a little flat while her skills are on cooldown, so she needs to kite back until they recharge.

Thankfully, if you move fast enough, you can lay down a lot of feathers, and in team battles, opponents don’t typically pay attention to their location as much. If the circumstances are perfect, you may have several feathers on the field before using your ult to acquire even more, and then pressing E to shred an opposing team. Being untargetable while using your ult increases your chances of surviving long enough to complete the combination.

Xayah may fit into any matchup, although her feathers are best used against opponents that are less mobile and predictable. Janna or her in-universe companion Rakan would be perfect as a supporter who can delay and distract her opponents. Because all of your feathers may critically hit when you recall them with your E, you’ll want to concentrate on things that increase your crit damage.



Sivir Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • Bot is the character’s role.
  • Manamune’s Duskblade of Draktharr is a core item.
  • Dark Harvest + Sorcery (Mana/Hastiness) Runes

Sivir, one of the game’s original Champions, has long been a reliable ADC. Her popularity rose to new heights in 2015, when she was so influential that she was awarded the Victorious skin for the season. Unfortunately, a continuous series of nerfs followed, and the Battle Mistress is no more the force she used to be.

Thankfully, the nerfs weren’t severe enough to make her unusable, and she moved from god-tier to runner-up best off-meta ADC champion in League of Legends. Sivir specializes in gradually chunking down her opponents with her Q’s boomerang throw and quick burst of auto attacks, focusing on staying ahead of her enemies. In lane, she has tremendous pushing strength and can easily keep the opponent trapped under their tower.

If the opponent believes they’re secure hiding behind their minion wave, the ricochet from her W and the range on her Q make it impossible for them to hide. Surprisingly, the power of her ultimate derives from the passive boost it provides while her W is engaged. It’s a steroid that boosts her attack speed and allows her to fire auto strikes like a machine gun as long as there are targets to bounce to. Sivir grows increasingly lethal as the number of targets increases.

Having a personal spell shield bubble is very useful for survival, and the combination of her passive’s movement speed and her ultimate’s activation ensures that she can get out of most scenarios. When the opponent is caught off guard, she may unleash her ultimate to unite her whole squad and take them out by storm.

Sivir may be selected into any match due to her kit’s all-around effectiveness. Enemies that strike her hard and can bully her before she obtains her ultimate, on the other hand, will create difficulties. If at all feasible, you’ll want a support like Yuumi or Soraka who can offer sustain or shields to help you get through the laning phase. Sivir is best suited for sheer damage and armor penetration because to her natural attack speed steroid and short Q cooldown. Manamune is a blessing to her, with Duskblade just increasing her killing ability.



Twitch - Best Off-Meta ADC in LoL: Top 5 Champions Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • Jungle/ADC is my role.
  • Kraken Slayer and Runaan’s Hurricane are essential items.
  • Attack + Domination (Stealth/Move Speed) Runes: Press the Attack + Domination (Stealth/Move Speed) Runes

This stench-filled rat with a crossbow is a unique ADC. Twitch focuses on surprise strikes and quickly peppering his opponents with poisoned bolts, with roughly similar success rates as a jungler and a normal ADC. 

Twitch is a set-up ADC who must respond fast and be in the correct place to safely build up enough poison stacks on a victim to deliver bursts of damage before fleeing like a rat. Twitch needs as much attack speed as possible to apply his poison stacks since the majority of his damage comes from his E, which scales with each poison stack on a victim. Coming out of stealth gives him increased attack speed for five seconds, and he may use his W’s venom barrel to add another stack of poison. If you repeat this procedure often enough, the opponent will succumb to your poison onslaught.

His ultimate doesn’t exactly work with his poison setup since it significantly increases the range from which he can auto attack, but when combined with his stealth’s attack speed boost, he becomes a rapid-fire ballista. Each blast slams through opponents, doing tremendous damage and striking numerous targets.

Just make sure you don’t get caught out of position. If you can’t slip back into stealth quickly enough, you’ll have no option but to hold your ground and fight. Unless Twitch is far ahead of the game or has reached his late-game carry stage, he’ll most likely finish up as a smudge on the map.

When selected into an opposing team with minimal escape mechanisms and no hard engagements, Twitch is the greatest off-meta ADC in LoL. He should be able to win if he can fire for at least five seconds. To prevent Twitch from being destroyed, we suggest using supports with stuns and other types of heavy CC. Leona and Morgana are excellent candidates for ensuring his survival. We suggest concentrating on things that increase your crit damage and attack speed since you want to strike hard and quickly. Infinity Edge is ideal for this, as it signals the beginning of Twitch’s transformation into a carry.



That concludes our list of the top non-meta ADCs in League of Legends Season 11. Let us know in the comments if there are any other ADCs we should look at or if you’d want to see more off-meta articles for other positions.

Have fun gaming!

The ADC, or auto-attack champion, is arguably the most important position on your team. When an ADC makes an impact, it can often determine the outcome of a game. Therefore, choosing the best ADC in a given season is of vital importance, as your team may depend on it.. Read more about off-meta builds season 11 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best ADC season 11?

The best ADC for season 11 is Jin Air Greenwings Ruler.

Who are the best ADCs right now?

The best ADCs right now are Sivir, Vayne, and Varus.

Which ADCs are hyper carries?

ADC is an acronym for Attack Damage Carry. These are players who can be built to deal a lot of damage and have good survivability.

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