The summer update for TERA is live for some, and not for others. While players who have been playing TERA since launch have been enjoying some of the recent updates, players who arrived since the game’s launch have been unable to get a hold of the new update. This may be due to a few factors, but it is likely the most common one is that the update is region-locked, which means that certain regions have to wait for the update to be made available for them, and this was the case for North American players this month.

Another update has arrived for TERA, and it’s a big one. The latest patch for the MMO was rolled out on both PC and Mac, and it’s packed with several goodies that players have been clamoring for, such as the Stigma system, a new chapter to the Stygian Cave dungeon, and a bracelet item.

The Stigma system is now active in TERA and is one of the major additions in this patch. The stigma system allows players to alter their appearance, while also allowing them to inflict special effects on other players. Also, the Shadow Ward Bracelet now drops from mobs in certain dungeons.

word-image-4440 In general, wearing stigmata is negative, but in the case of TERA Console , wearing stigmata is advantageous because you can use it to inflict extra damage on certain monsters. If this isn’t clear to you, maybe the patch notes from the latest game update will clear you up. Or ask more questions; the system looks pretty tight. At base level, players can equip four types of stigmas that deal extra damage when attacked by enemies who have a weakness for that type of stigma. Stigmas come in four different classes and can be upgraded from the lowest to the highest class. You can even get random extra bonuses in terms of attack, defense, or things like rating bonuses by starting with an unusual class and working your way up. Additionally, Stigmata can be enchanted to +5, increasing both their damage and their ability to detect weaknesses in monsters. Additional bonuses can also be changed, but this is not reversible. The new update also unlocks a pair of new dungeons in the form of Bahaar’s Sanctum – marked as the highest stage in TERA and one of the hardest dungeons in the game – and the five-player Rifts Edge. The update also includes a new wristband that you can earn by completing dungeons or Battle Pass Plus, as well as the unique-looking Battle Pass Indoor Gangster that has been introduced. ViewI’ve talked with members of the development team and we decided to extend the content found in the upcoming update. The Stigma system is an interesting idea that we’ve never really seen before, and it will allow players to distinguish themselves from other players more easily. The new dungeons are another good addition to the game and we’re looking forward to seeing how you all play them!. Read more about tera bounty hunter reward box and let us know what you think.

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