In Surviving Mars, subterranean bases are not only a good way to keep the opposition from figuring out where your base is, but also a good way to protect your precious resources from a terraforming mishap. However, a critical part of a subterranean base is going to be a series of interconnected tunnels between rooms, and those tunnels are going to need a lot of ventilation. It’s a problem I’ve been facing in my own game, and with the help of my friend and fellow designer, Dominic White, I’ve been able to come up with a solution I’m quite happy with.

There’s a group of players eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond expansion, which is expected to become available in just a few weeks. In this article, we take a look at the possible roles subterranean bases will play in the Surviving Mars experience.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond Adds Subterranean Bases and Asteroid Mining Next Month

Surviving Mars was resurrected earlier this year by publisher Paradox Interactive, with Dutch company Abstraction taking over and working on the game’s first expansion in almost two years. Below and Beyond is the name of the expansion, and it will be released in early September.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond requires players to construct underground settlements underneath the surface of the Red Planet as well as mine passing asteroids for precious minerals.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond Adds Subterranean Bases and Asteroid Mining Next Month

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond Adds Subterranean Bases and Asteroid Mining Next Month

Both endeavors are fraught with danger. Failure to return to Mars before the asteroids you’re mining depart orbit will result in the loss of both the structures on the visiting space rock and any people needed to run them.

The following is a list of features from Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond, as provided by the publisher:

  • Back to the Bases – Expand your colony underground by building caverns and lava tunnels. Players may construct a foundation for exploration using existing structures or underground-specific constructions. Expansion should be done with care, since cave-ins may destroy everything.
  • Mine Your Own Business – Players may now mine resources under the surface and beyond the red planet. Construct unique rocket-propelled structures to harvest resources on passing asteroids, such as unusual minerals and Data Samples. If you stay too long, the Asteroid will take your belongings with it!
  • Branching Paths – The research trees for Recon and Expansion unlock new structures, vehicles, upgrades, and locations. Asteroid mining and tunnel colonization will also be possible.

The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack is a standalone DLC that comes with the expansion. It has 16 unique songs by four different musicians, totaling “70 minutes of calm wandering melodies” to gently drown out the cries of colonists crushed by boulders. It will cost you $3.99/€3.99/£2.89 GBP.

In addition, until the DLC arrives, the Surviving Mars OST vinyl is available for pre-order.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 7 for $19.99/ €19.99/£15.49 or your regional equivalent.

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