Starbase is a real-time strategy game that’s been on Early Access for a while now, which means it’s already built a few thousand rooms for players to play in. In the lead up to its full release, the developer’s built a bunch of new stuff. There’s a new map, a new tech tree, a bunch of new units, and a new balancing system to make sure things are fun and fair. And, of course, there’s now a huge new patch that adds a whole load of new content, balancing, and bug fixes.

Starbase is a spaceship simulation game that is available for free on Steam Early Access. It is part of the Early Access program, which allows developers to get feedback from their players about early builds of their game. Often Early Access games contain bugs and can be unstable, but Starbase has proven itself to be stable and bug-free, which is why it is now available for purchase on Steam.

This is the first major patch for Wicked Good Games’ Starbase, a fast-paced 2D space-combat game. The new version is based around version 4.0 of the game engine. There are a number of bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements tied in to the new version, as well as a new user interface in place for the launcher.


It hasn’t even been two weeks since Starbase was finally released into early access, and the game is already getting its first major update – but that shouldn’t come as a surprise given the game’s ridiculously ambitious vision.

Base crafting has been sped up by a factor of three, and there are also buffs to autocannon energy, guild UI modifications, inventory speed improvements, and a slew of other bug fixes in the update. “Fixed the game crashing if the player died near a crafting bench,” claims Studio Frozenbyte. We’re trying to figure out how that may happen, but we’re prepared.

It’s worth noting that the team is still cautioning players about the system’s simple build option. The company advises against utilizing Easy Build Mode with preset ships. “A player’s ship may split in half if they relog while working in Easy Build Mode.” Folks, crafting in this game is extremely risky.

10.8.2021 Starbase Update (Early Access Build 544) Major Patch Type

Changes to crafting, simple build-mode repairs, weapon balance adjustments, and more. Take a peek at the first significant update after the game’s Early Access debut! Full patch notes:

10 August 2021 — Starbase (@StarbaseGame)


Starbase is the first big update since early access for the 2D space shooter Starbase. This update includes a new solar system, new player ships and upgrades, new weapons, multiple new game modes and other tweaks and improvements. It also contains a bunch of new content and bug fixes (which I won’t bore you with here).. Read more about starbase release date reddit and let us know what you think.

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