In spite of the game’s relative age, SWTOR still manages to draw in a lot of players. The release of Flashpoints – which is where players build up their characters through leveling and story progression – has been highly anticipated for many months, with multiple delays earlier this year before finally launching last week.
The new content promises more missions along with flashpoint difficulty increases and weekly rewards that include gear upgrades as well as bonus currency, experience points, and crafting materials that can be used to unlock additional customization options or upgrade existing ones.,

Star Wars: The Old Republic promises flashpoint and weekly mission improvements in the near future

The “swtor graphics update 2021” is a promise that Star Wars: The Old Republic has made. They have promised to release new flashpoints and weekly mission improvements in the near future.


With the release of Legacy of the Sith last month, Star Wars: The Old Republic produced a lot of creative chaos, and BioWare isn’t close to finishing cleaning up the damage.

Design Director Chris Schmidt discussed on the studio’s aim for Update 7.0, which was to give more repeating content in the MMO, and how the reality of the expansion launch revealed some problems in that vision.

“The team worked hard to execute on that vision,” he added, “but when we saw how it performed at scale (in a live environment), and particularly after considering your input, we decided to work on some improvements that we think would solve many of the vision’s friction points.”

Schmidt revealed two major modifications coming with the next patch to address some of the issues with the present systems: “We will not make all veteran flashpoints accessible at level 15 in 7.0.1.” Instead, we’ll keep the present level limitations for each flashpoint and make all flashpoints accessible in group finder every week.”

“We will make all weekly objectives for daily and heroics accessible at all times,” he continued. They will be replayed two times each week instead of three as they are now to compensate for the inclusion of all the additional weeklies.”


The “kotor legacy of the sith” is a Star Wars: The Old Republic game that was released on October 28, 2011. On November 5, 2018, BioWare announced that they would be adding weekly mission improvements in the near future.

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