Cryptocurrency and MMOs are a match made in heaven, so it’s no surprise that new ARK: Survival Evolved update is offering the chance to earn some extra crypto while playing. The latest update features two of Star Trek Online’s featured episodes which will bring three brand-new levels with them.

Star Trek Online’s Stormfall brings two new featured episodes to PC players today


As promised, the newest Mirror Universe release, Star Trek Online’s Stormfall, is now available for PC gamers. The update includes a large cast of well-known Star Trek actors returning their roles in two new featured episodes (Blueshift and The Calling), a “full remake” of the Starfleet lesson, a reimagining of The Assault on Terok Nor as Forged in Fire, and the new Heart of the Storm event.

“In the most recent Star Trek Online update, Shadow’s Advance, players learned they were on a quest to recover the one and only Ilia Decker from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Captains arrive to a guarded facility to rescue Ilia, who tells them that the Terran Empire is about to unleash a great adversary from their collective past. Captains must link up with two of their old foes, Marshal Painway Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager) and Admiral Leeta, to win her release and defeat Terran troops headed by Captain Killy (voiced by Mary Wiseman from Star Trek: Discovery) (voiced by Chase Masterson from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). They’ll also recruit the support of an Andorian rebel dubbed “Rae-Yeet,” played by Noah Averbach-Katz, on their trip.

Console gamers will have to wait until June, but don’t worry; the PC team will have worked out any issues before then!

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