Star Citizen has been an indie gaming darling since its crowdfunding launch in 2012. With their latest release, the game’s developer showed off some of their new AI behaviors, which put them into a unique category among other VR games on the market today.

Star Citizen is a game that uses the Unreal Engine. It shows off new AI behaviors in its latest video. Read more in detail here: star citizen artificial intelligence.

Star Citizen shows off filthy armor and highlights new AI behaviors in latest video


You’d think that if you walk into the snow, rain, dust, or muck on a planet in Star Citizen, your character’s armor would take up some of that schmutz, but the texture for filthy armor is very one-note right now. That leads us to a new episode of Inside Star Citizen, which discusses a new technique being developed to boost immersion for dirty player characters.

The forthcoming update will leverage the game’s Substance Designer tool to produce procedural “biome accumulation” (CIG’s big fancy word for surface dirt), reducing the game’s art team’s effort by not having to develop separate images for every potential kind of crud players might be covered with. Later this year, filth that is dirtier is forecast.

The second part of the movie is a sprint report on AI behavior, including sneak peeks at improved low-altitude flying pathing, adversary responses to seeing a dead corpse, and NPCs obtaining a nice Coke. There’s also a fly-through of a forthcoming space-based point of interest — in this instance, a decommissioned space station – and an in-development look at a derelict outpost. The video’s beginning also mentions that parts of the development team, including creative content head Jared Huckaby, will be relocating to the UK while CIG’s new Manchester office is being created.

Long-time MMORPG fans may recall that Star Citizen was initially Kickstarted in 2012 for nearly $2 million, with a 2014 release date scheduled. It is still in an unfinished but playable alpha as of 2022, after raising over $400 million from players via years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is presently the most crowdfunded video game ever, and it has been met with unwavering support from fans and skepticism from detractors. Squadron 42, a co-developed single-player game, has also been frequently postponed.


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