Star Citizen is a game in development by Chris Roberts over at Cloud Imperium , and it was an amazing experience for a lot of players to play through the first ever ever Alpha release. The game is so far so good, but minor bugs still occur. For example, in the Alpha 2.6 release as we write this, the game still needs work on the Xenothreat event. The goal of this event is to fight in a tight corridor, and the mission should be more dynamic. So, first, how did the event evolve?

One of the big focus points for Star Citizen 2.0 was to overhaul the Xenothreat event, which is a lengthy mission that takes place in the new planet area called “Sanctuary”. The update includes new gameplay, safety measures, and more. The patch notes state: “Xenothreat – The Xenothreat event has undergone major changes in this patch. The event will now take place in a new planet area called “Sanctuary”, where the Xenomorphs will now be a distinct enemy faction, with their own unique behavior and objectives.”

word-image-10725 If you are one of those who think the dynamic events in Star Citizen could be improved, you should know that the IGC staff agrees with you. For example, this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen talks about plans to improve the Xenothreat event; expect clearer object details and more informative dialogue, improved friendly fire detection and penalties, the ability to earn rewards through the game’s reputation system, and changes to the Javelin resupply and defense stages. In terms of events, the video also offers a look at the upcoming event in Star Citizen , known as Ninetails Lockdown. This event lasts about four hours (instead of a few days) and involves players helping the Crusader free a space station that is being overrun by pirates or helping the pirates maintain their territory. The Ninetails event will also feature four phases, but only two of them – the moment when players pick a side and the first confrontation – were detailed in the video. The second half of the video contains another sprint report, on new visual effects for the dust raised by the ship’s thrusters on planetary surfaces; new glimpses of fire and smoke effects; a new set of hospital glimpses; New company logos in the game; updates to the interior of the Aegis Retaliator and the Aegis Redeemer, and updates to the exterior of the Ares Starfighter; HUD design sketches for Drake’s interplanetary ships; and a new look at Orison lighting.

. Longtime MMORPG fans know that the game Star Citizen originally launched on Kickstarter in 2012 with over $2 million, with a planned launch in 2014. As of 2021, the game is still in its unfinished but playable alpha phase, and has raised about $350 million from players over the years through ongoing crowdfunding and the sale of ships and other game assets. It is currently the best funded video game in history and has endured both the tireless dedication of its proponents and the enormous skepticism of its detractors. The jointly developed single player game Squadron 42has also been delayed several times. View

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