“Spine’s” tagline is “the cinematic combat game hybrid that delivers the thrills of nerve-wracking FPS battles with the storytelling of an adventure game.” The game puts players in control of the deadliest team of hunters, scientists, soldiers, and civilians, who must take on the role of their characters in a series of real-world, horrific events. With “Spine”, the team developed a game that puts you in the middle of the action while delivering cinematic-style storytelling.

If you’re a fan of games like Mass Effect and Uncharted and you like modern games with a cinematic touch and a great story, and action and combat and fantastic graphics and the ability to play as a team and feel like a hero, then Spine may be the game you should be playing. It’s an interesting take on the old third person shooter genre and it involves a team of heroes as you race to save your world from destruction.

Spine is a great combination of the blood-pumping action of a first-person shooter and the strategy of a multiplayer-focused RTS. While Spine may not be the most original idea, it does a great job of capturing the essence of what made those games so appealing.


During this year’s Gamescom, a multiplayer team-based game was shown. It’s called Spine, and to be completely honest, we don’t know much about it save that it’s currently in production and that it will be very cyberfuturistic, cinematic, and showy. At least, based on the reveal video and information on the game’s Steam website. Seriously, the game’s description reads like the world’s most enthralling elevator pitch:

“Every battle in Spine is a series of beautiful moments in which you play as a hero slaying evil people. Because of the unusual camera technique, you can feel the intensity of each in-game moment. We have unparalleled cinematographic expertise that you won’t find anywhere else in multiplayer games.”

The game’s gameplay will reportedly include gunfights and melee weapon warfare, with players selecting one of two sides and fighting in venues modeled on classic action movies. The game’s combat offers twin pistols, katanas that block bullets, and wall running, all while the camera “shows the accuracy and elegance of [player] movements in the greatest manner possible.”

Banzai Games, located in Russia, is responsible for the Shadow Fight series of mobile combat games as well as the Cascadeur animation engine, which is now under early access since even dev tools can’t escape the early access maelstrom. We don’t know much more except that — not even a release date or a testing timeframe — but there is a dramatic unveiling trailer below. Prepare your barf bags because there will be a lot of unsteadycam and snorricam.


Spine is a team-based combat game that promises lots of action and even more cinematic style. There’s something of a love/hate relationship with Spine. The game is, alongside DOOM and DOOM Eternal, one of the most technically advanced of the “early access” crowd, and that’s clear from the second you load up the game. On the one hand, it’s a laborious and complex game: on the other, it’s a gorgeous and endlessly enjoyable one.. Read more about ios shooters and let us know what you think.

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