So you’ve just built yourself a brand new machine but you want to make sure you have your graphics card fans spinning at full speed while you game. Well, I’ve got a solution for you. I recently built myself a new machine and it came with a rather under powered graphics card…

Many people have come to expect that their graphics cards won’t stop spinning when they’re not playing games, and they haven’t had to wait for the big update as long as they might have expected. The reason? The next-generation NVIDIA GPU architecture is on the way, and it will have far-reaching implications for the graphics card industry.

Hey guys, I just recently bought a new laptop and I noticed that my fans were not spinning when the computer is on. I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to this problem and even tried every single suggestion I could find, but nothing was working. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU and I’m pretty sure I have the latest driver installed.

If your GPU fans aren’t spinning, you’re not alone. This post will show you how to repair your GPU fans if they aren’t spinning. The Visuals Processing Unit, or GPU, is a chip or electrical circuit that can generate graphics for a computer display. In contemporary video games, the GPU is utilized to provide the fluid visuals that consumers or players demand. The terms “GPU” and “graphics card” are often used interchangeably, although they are not interchangeable.

gpu fans not spinning how to solve it How to fix gpu fans that aren’t spinning

Initially, GPUs were mostly used for video editing and computer games. As previously stated, these were the primary areas where GPUs were utilized; however, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, GPUs are now used in cryptocurrency mining and have shown to be a useful and essential instrument in this process.

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Cryptocurrency mining has become so popular in recent years that it has caused a scarcity of GPUs. When the GPU is utilized, it is always put to a lot of work, and this excessive usage may cause the GPU fan to stop spinning. The reasons for GPU fans not spinning and how to repair them are listed below.

What are the Causes of GPU Fans That Don’t Spin?

There are a few reasons why your GPU fans aren’t spinning, one of which is that when you turn on your computer, the fans don’t immediately start spinning since most GPUs only turn on when they reach a specific temperature threshold. Most modern GPUs have a temperature threshold of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the fans will begin to spin.

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It essentially means that when you turn on your computer’s performance, the fans will start whirling. Check whether the fan connection is correctly connected into the GPU. It’s also possible that the PCIe power connections aren’t connected in correctly.

GPU Fans Not Spinning GPU Fans Aren’t Turning

How can I get my GPU fans to spin again?

Cleaning the dusty fans, checking the power connections and cables, and oiling the GPU fan bearings are all things you may do to repair your GPU fans that aren’t spinning. You may also adjust the fan speed or run a stress test on your computer to see whether the drivers are up to date. Replace the fans if nothing else works after restarting the machine.

How to Fix GPU Fans That Aren’t Rotating
Cleaning Dusty Fans (Method 1)
Method 2: Check Power Connectors & Cable
Method 3: Oiling the Fan Bearings on the GPU
Method 4: Make sure your drivers are up to date.
Change the fan speed | Stress Test (method 5)
Method 6: Restart the computer
Method #7: Change Out the Fans

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Cleaning Dusty Fans (Method 1)

This is a big problem that we’re seeing among most fans these days. With the passage of time, we tend to neglect to repair and clean our systems, including the fans, resulting in the buildup of dust in the fans, which may cause the fans to stop functioning. The dusty fans may be carefully removed and cleaned to get them back in working order.

Fix-GPU-Fans-Not-Spinning-clean-dusty-fans Clean dirty fans if your GPU fans aren’t spinning.

Method 2: Check Power Connectors & Cable

If you just installed a new GPU and the fan isn’t spinning, the issue may be that the power connection connecting it to the power supply isn’t correctly connected or the pins aren’t properly put into the card.

Fix-GPU-Fans-Not-Spinning-power-connectors-and-cables Power connections and cables for GPU fans that aren’t spinning

Method 3: Oiling the Fan Bearings on the GPU

This procedure is used on a graphics card that has reached the end of its useful life and is no longer spinning at the necessary RPM. You may remove the fan from the GPU if you know how to fix PC components. After removing the fan, lubricate it with any home mechanical oil or silicon-based oil.

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Method 4: Make sure your drivers are up to date.

The issue of the fan not spinning may sometimes be caused by outdated drivers on your computer. It’s conceivable that both your GPU and fan will stop working if you don’t have the newest and suitable GPU drivers loaded. Visit the driver download page of the particular driver that you have on a regular basis to maintain them up to current.

Fix-GPU-Fans-Not-Spinning-Drivers-Update Update your GPU drivers if your fans aren’t spinning.

Change the fan speed | Stress Test (method 5)

To make sure your GPU is functioning correctly, you may adjust the fan speed or run a stress test on it. MSI Afterburner is most known for overclocking, but you can use it to run a stress test on your GPU to check whether your fan is functioning correctly.

Fix-GPU-Fans-Not-Spinning-Stress-Test Troubleshoot GPU Fans That Aren’t Spinning Stress Test

Method 6: Restart the computer

It’s conceivable that this issue is just transitory and not life-threatening. Once you’ve determined that the fans aren’t functioning, just restart your machine. Many issues may be solved by restarting the computer.

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Method #7: Change Out the Fans

If none of the methods work to get the fan to start functioning, you may simply replace the fans, since they may have become old, or if you have a new fan, it may be faulty.

What should I do if my GPU fans aren’t spinning and there’s no display? Answer: Clean the GPU first, then try all of the previous methods to fix the problem. If none of them work, replace your fans.

Why do my GPU fans stop spinning when I turn on the computer? Answer: It’s possible that you neglected to connect your PCIe power cords to your power supply.

Question 3: How can I make my GPU fans spin? You may cause them to spin by raising the temperature.

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This concludes the ways for resolving the GPU Fans Not Spinning issue. If the issue persists, take it to a local repair facility or get a new graphic card.

I’ve already done a couple of articles on how to find the sweet spot on your graphics card, but I think it’s time to add some new information.  Today, the most common GPUs that come with a reference cooler are the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080. However, there is a new GPU coming that is on the same level, and I’ll show you how to do it!. Read more about rtx 3060 fans not spinning and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for GPU fans to not spin?

Yes, it is normal for GPU fans to not spin.

What do I do if my GPU fan isnt spinning?

If your GPU fan isnt spinning, you may need to replace the fan.

Should my GPU fans be spinning?

Your GPU fans should be spinning at a minimum of 40% speed.

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