SnOut is the world’s first YouTube gaming channel aimed at providing quality gaming content for all its subscribers. For years, gamers have been waiting for a YouTube channel that provides the same kind of quality content as other YouTube channels, with a focus on providing quality content that everyone can enjoy. Well, that day has finally come! SnOut has been here for about a year, and has been appreciated by its subscribers for its great content.

The coolest new games and apps are a week away from being the hottest new games and apps. GamersHeroes is here to review and rank the hottest new games and apps of the season with our SnOut Rating System.

Everyone has played Snake and Breakout, but what if you played a game that combined both genres? Aarjvark changed the formula and released SnOut, a game that combines bouncing balls and breaking bricks with the graceful movements of a snake. Does this unorthodox combination work, or is there a reason why it hasn’t been done after all these years?

SnOut magazine

Just like in the classic Nokia game, players control a snake that can move in four different dimensions. The world this tall character develops in is small, surrounded by many small blocks that mean certain death as soon as you touch them.

To make matters worse, SnOut introduces a ball that constantly bounces around and shatters the blocks in its world. Each time the ball bounces on the hose, it gets bigger. The aim of the game is to make the ball bounce against the hose as often as possible without it colliding with anything.

It’s a simple principle, and it works – at least in theory. The controls work as you remember: Players can rotate 90 degrees at the touch of a button. Plus, the ball bounces at a steady pace, just like in Breakout and Arkanoid, and works exactly as you expect.

However, SnOut’s world is too small to make a serious impact. It’s too easy to get in the way of the ball, leading to the end of what could have been a great run. Although the world gets bigger and bigger as you play, the long version of the snake makes it a bit difficult to move around. While players can quickly move on to another round after failing, it’s not always satisfying. The whole set looks awkward, and a bigger field would have helped a lot.

This can also be exacerbated by the coins that appear on the battlefield. Although they serve the same purpose as snake apples, they tend to appear in the most inappropriate places. More than once a room appeared in a dead-end street, surrounded by blocks, with no way out. When this happens, it creates a sense of injustice, as if the title was not developed properly.

Each race is scored based on the number of points scored, coins collected, blocks broken and time. Coins unlock additional palettes and block styles, and points collected can be added to a monthly and historical leaderboard. At the time of writing, a number of players are already ranked. So the replay value of the game is high for those who want to be the best.

The combination of the SnOut with the breakout and the hose is good in theory, but the execution leaves much to be desired. There’s just not enough room to move, and the awkward layout means the race will end sooner than expected.


This SnOut test was performed on the PC. The game was downloaded for free.

Everyone has played Snake and Breakout, but what if you played a game that combined both genres? Aarjvark has changed the formula of the SnOut game, which combines bouncing balls and bricks.

The vaporwave subculture may have fallen behind, but anything old is getting less old with the release of Retro Racer by Sweet Games. Neon lights, synth sounds and supercars are coming.

The volleyball game has just gained impact with the release of Slappyball from Goin’ Yumbo Games. Change players to get a big hand. Is this three-on-three sports game an ace?

Scarlet Nexus is fully dubbed and available for all major console platforms and PC (except Nintendo Switch). It looks good, but can it offer more?

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