In preparation for the upcoming Beta, Ship of Heroes has released a new video featuring deep-dive into housing and player bases. The developers cover everything from creating your own house to joining war campaigns with fellow players as they tease what awaits next week!

The “when will ship of heroes be released” is a question that has been asked for a long time. Ship of Heroes, the upcoming free-to-play hero shooter game from Trion Worlds, has teased new content with an in depth look at player housing and bases.

Ship of Heroes teases next round of beta with deep-dive into housing and player bases


Hello, residents of the housing market! This week, Ship of Heroes released a new dev blog that includes player bases and how you’ll develop them, which is focused firmly at your interests. “We believe that every superhero needs a cool, hidden hideaway, a spot to meet up with pals, or just a chill place to hang out and sip a cold one,” adds Heroic Games.

According to the studio, the current setup for bases is to offer multiple layouts (the current build has six), as well as furniture, pets, texture and color selections, windows and viewscreens, and even transparent ceilings, lighting options, multiple stories, staircases, music selections, and walls to design your space.

“The present bases are not large enough to function as a 50-hero guild hall,” the developers explain, “but we want to provide larger beginning places eventually, as well as plaques that can convey unique messages.” “In certain games, player housing is available but not bases, or vice versa. Some people have both, but they’re kept apart. We believe that having all of the possibilities for whatever structure you’re designing is more enjoyable. Do you want to stock up on medical supplies and weaponry for your home? You certainly can. Want to build up a mega-base for your supergroup with beds, couches, and even private quarters for members? That’s good as well.”

In the future teeny-tiny private beta, the bases will be on show, followed by a public beta “in the following several months.” Beta testers will witness more upgrades, including a transition to the Steam launcher and patcher, as well as an engine overhaul, according to Heroic Games.

Finally, it seems that some MMO enthusiasts were desperate to play and discovered a method around the game’s present lack of availability.

“At this point, we’d want to reiterate that there is no opportunity on the Ship of Heroes website for anybody to buy Ship of Heroes… However, one is on the way. Some of our followers are apparently so talented that they discovered the secret page on our website where you may purchase SoH afterwards. They paid us to activate the correct website and attempt to pre-purchase the game early. Wow! It’s very remarkable, and it’s not the kind of hacking we were concerned about. We’ve issued a refund to anybody who contacted us after making a purchase, and we’ve made an effort to disguise the pages better in the future to prevent any charging issues.”


The “city of heroes remake” is a game that is being developed by the newly re-branded NCsoft. The game has been in beta since 2016 and it will be coming out of beta soon. The developers have released an update video which teases the next round of beta with deep-dive into housing and player bases.

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