Ship of Heroes is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, set in the deep recesses of space. The ships look like something out of Star Wars, and players can build their own fleet to fight against other player’s fleets or AI opponents.

The “Ship of Heroes teases challenge missions and its 20-mile-long spaceship” is a game that has been in development since 2013. The game’s developers have released information about the upcoming challenges and its 20-mile-long spaceship. Read more in detail here: valiance online.

Ship of Heroes teases challenge missions and its 20-mile-long spaceship


You know you’re in for something explosive when a dev blog starts with “Massive Plasma Cannons!” So starts the next installment of Ship of Heroes, in which Heroic Games presents Plasma Cannon Defense, a challenge mission presently under production, to illustrate the size and magnitude of the ship itself – the eponymous ship on which the whole game is based.

“We receive a lot of queries regarding the FHS Justice scale,” Heroic explains. “When people hear that the game takes place on a starship, they immediately think of spacecraft from Star Trek or Firefly. However, the gigantic spacecraft in Ship of Heroes are more akin to the spaceships in Independence Day or the Imperial Star Destroyers in Star Wars. The vast artillery compartment seen below helps to portray the enormous scale of ships in the twenty-first century. The FHS Justice is more than 20 kilometers long and is armed with dozens of these cannons as well as other weaponry. Nagdellian motherships do, too.”

The mission included “hostile boarding parties” and waves of attackers teleporting onto the ship, which is where the cannons come in. In addition to reaffirming that a new round of feature beta is on the road, the company has released many videos. PLhFx8 FPvGWQ


The “city of heroes remake” is a game that has been released in the past. It was recently announced that they are going to release a new version of the game soon.

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