Ship of Heroes, a new player-driven MMO/MOBA hybrid from Tip.It is about to enter beta testing soon and the developers are also unveiling their game’s Battle for Alluvia system, which appears similar in function to that found in City of Heroes or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ship of Heroes bumps beta to spring, reveals City of Heroes- and SWTOR-inspired base building system


Given that we’re already at the end of January, you’ve surely noticed that our indie MMO for 2021, Ship of Heroes, did not make it to its December beta as anticipated. But don’t worry; it will still happen, just a bit later than expected.

“If everything goes well, we’re planning to hold the public event in March or April,” Heroic Games says. “We still have a lot of work to do before launch — creating and upgrading missions is a never-ending process – but the route ahead is quite obvious right now.”

This week’s development blog also goes into detail on the superhero MMO’s basebuilding system, which Heroic Games claims will cater to both individual players and supergroups, drawing inspiration from games like City of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“The base-builder presently has six floor layouts of varied sizes. The finest thing, though, is the abundance of fantastic customizing choices. For the flooring, walls, ceilings, and doors, there are a number of textures to choose from, and the color of the textures may be modified; for example, you might have red marble walls. Modern residential, practical metal, nostalgic barn doors, and more styles are offered. Their colors may be changed as well, and the form of the doors can be altered. Furniture may be purchased from a furniture dealer then reshaped and positioned precisely within the base. In addition to normal furnishings, special things such as additional lights, robotic cats, door greeters, and teleportation portals are available. To generate distinct images, each item of furniture may be downsized, expanded, and rotated along three axes. Furthermore, the first floor layouts are simply that: a beginning point. You may completely personalize your base by changing the interior layout and adding additional rooms to the existing area by adding wall segments and flooring platforms. The furniture sellers may also provide such walls and flooring platforms. With the same character, you may rescue many bases.”

If you’re a base-oriented player, expect a small-scale test of the base system ahead of the beta’s main deployment; you can sign up for it on the official site.


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