The mysterious new first-person, action RPG is coming to Steam on the 17th of December. Until then, Shadow’s Kiss has shared some alpha gameplay footage and a glimpse at what players can expect from the final game when it releases in 2019.

The “shadow’s kiss mmo” is a game that has been in development for quite some time. Recently, the developers have finished integration with Steam and plan to release a targeted closed beta soon. They also released an alpha gameplay footage of the game.

Shadow’s Kiss finishes Steam integration, plans targeted closed beta, and shares alpha gameplay footage


Shadow’s Kiss, a vampiric MMORPG, has been on and off our radar for a while. This dark and adult-oriented MMO was first revealed in 2016, and it entered Kickstarter in 2017 where it raised 300 percent of its goal, before becoming mostly quiet, leaving us wondering what happened to the game.

Clockwork Throne Studios’ interactions after then were sporadic: A planned summer soft launch on Steam was held in August, and a November update mentioned challenges linking existing accounts to Steam that lasted until February.

Finally, the game’s May update indicates that current accounts may now be linked to Steam, allowing for certain targeted early beta testing to take place, which players can request access to through email. The commencement date for these exams has yet to be determined.

The update also includes some alpha gameplay video, showing battle, feeding on and mesmerizing people, and some… social activities like watching a stripper dance (complete with a context button to smack stripper butt) and having some whipping time. All of this is to imply that the video below is a little NSFW; there’s no nuance, but the film most likely falls inside YouTube’s content guidelines.

On the issue of that footage, the May Kickstarter update notes that there are some “warts” that need to be repaired, especially in the field of fighting, but fans can get a feel of where things are headed. Find a quiet spot away from prying eyes and watch the video below for additional information.


Shadow’s Kiss is a new vampire-themed MMORPG that has recently finished its Steam integration, plans for a targeted closed beta, and shares gameplay footage. Reference: new vampire mmo.

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