As a new member, you are given a special skill: the “Scarlet Nexus” skill. This skill was made by the founder of Scarlet Nexus, and is recognized as a key skills to SAS. The skills are organized into tiers as follows:

This is a Tier List of the Best SAS Skills for Scarlet Heroes. This is just a suggestion for where to place skills in the game. There will be a lot of debate and discussion about what the best skills are and where to put them. There is no “best” or “worst” skill set available at this time. This is just a list of what I think would be best for the Scarlet Heroes.

This list of the best SAS skills in Scarlet Nexus will help you determine which SAS skills to focus on in battle so you can quickly eliminate your opponents.

While playing Scarlet Nexus, you will need to use your SAS skills as often as possible to take out enemies quickly and efficiently. While all SAS skills are useful in some situations, some are better than others. This list of the best SAS skills in Scarlet Nexus will help you decide which skills should be available immediately and which can be set aside for a second customization page.

As with all tier lists, there is some subjectivity when it comes to the best SAS skills in the Scarlet Nexus. The purpose of this guide is to give you an overview of the most useful skills. I’ve played through the game twice and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of which skills were useful to me and which ones I barely noticed, but opinions can vary.

Without further ado, here is Scarlet Nexus’ list of top SAS skills.

S tier – Scarlet Nexus Best-in-Class SAS


The pyrokinesis you get from Hanabi is by far the most useful of the SAS skills. It’s a powerful increase in damage, and if you improve your relationship with Hanabi and unlock the Brain Map skill that replenishes the SAS every time you use Brain Crush, it will last almost forever.

If you play as Yuito, Pyrokinesis unlocks a powerful flamethrower-like attack to complete a combo when she reaches level 6, which is probably the most effective skill you’ll find in Scarlet Nexus.

It competes directly with electrokinesis, but pyrokinesis significantly increases Yuito’s and Kasane’s damage. Unfortunately, electro-kinesis is not commonly used unless it is necessary or the only skill available.

For all these reasons, pyrokinesis is one of the best skills of the Scarlet Nexus SAS.

Level A – Scarlet NexusSAS Best Skills

Hyper speed

Hyperspeed essentially stops time and allows you to detect an enemy’s weak point and attack them, even if they’re behaving erratically or teleporting. This makes hyper-speed an incredibly useful skill to use during the game.

The only problem with Hyper Velocity is that it only lasts for one or two combos. This weakness is mitigated in the late game by skills that extend the duration of SAS abilities, and by a bonus at level 6 that replenishes the SAS Hyper Velocity meter each time you use Psychokinesis.

One of the reasons Hyper Speed is so formidable is that there are bosses that teleport or don’t get hit by hitstones, and Hyper Speed allows you to hit them undisturbed while the ability is active.

Definitely one of the best SAS options in Scarlet Nexus.


Teleportation, coming from Luke, is one of Scarlet Nexus’ best SAS gifts, for the same reasons as hyper-speed. With active teleportation, you teleport to the enemy of your choice with your attacks, allowing you to stay with them even if they move around a lot or reject you, which is a pretty constant annoyance in Scarlet Nexus.

The main reason teleportation isn’t as good as hyperspeed is that the defense bonus isn’t as great, because you’re still vulnerable to attacks. However, teleportation greatly improves your evasion abilities and makes it much easier to dodge enemy attacks.

Teleportation also lasts much longer than hyperspeed, and like pyrokinesis, you can use it almost constantly as long as you keep hitting enemies with your brain to replenish your SAS.


Outside of pyrokinesis, doubling is the biggest damage increase you can activate for your character. Not only that: Unlike pyrokinesis, it also increases the damage of psychokinesis abilities, first by doubling them, then by tripling them.

If you start the game and only one SAS skill can be active at a time, duplication is not as good as pyrokinesis. But it really starts to shine when you unlock the Brain Map skills, which allow you to activate multiple SAS skills at once.

At this point, activating pyrokinesis and duplication (and later hyper-acceleration and teleportation) will maximize your damage potential and turn your character into an unstoppable killing machine. Definitely one of the best SAS options in Scarlet Nexus.

Level B – Scarlet Nexus SASBest Skills


Electrokinesis is good for the same reasons as pyrokinesis. It increases your damage and causes status effects. If you’re playing as Kasane, her secondary attack is greatly improved: from a single knockback attack to a storm of AoE electric blades that stay in range.

While this is an excellent skill and a significant improvement over normal attacks, it is not as good as pyrokinesis. The damage bonus is not at this level. Although it not only stuns enemies but also deals extra damage, since you can’t use Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis together, you’ll probably choose Pyrokinesis because of the extra damage potential.

However, Electrokinesis is still one of the best SAS abilities in Scarlet Nexus, especially in the middle game as Kasane when Pyrokinesis is not available.

Level C – Scarlet NexusBest SAS Performance


Sclerokinesis is good for one reason: It lifts the numbness of the blow. So, as long as Sclerokinesis is active, you can attack your opponent without fear of counterattacks.

The main problem with sclerokinesia is that, like hypervelocity, it doesn’t last long. Not only that, but you lose SAS caliber every time you get hit.

Still, especially for Yuito who needs to be ahead of every opponent, Sclerokinesis is often a useful SAS skill to activate when preparing for a big combo. Once you have acquired the Brain Map skills that allow you to activate multiple SAS skills at once, you will often use Sclerokinesis, along with Pyrokinesis, Teleportation, Duplication, etc. to get the most out of these skills.


Clairvoyance is a useful skill in certain situations, and outside of those situations it is of little use. Fortunately, these situations are incredibly common, which means you should always have the foresight to use them when needed.

Essentially, clairvoyance identifies invisible enemies and shows you the true enemy when they use the duplication ability to clone themselves. These invisibility and cloning skills are pretty common among enemies in most dungeons, so clairvoyance is used pretty often.

While this skill is not one of the best SAS skills in Scarlet Nexus, it has decent utility and solves problems that no other skill solves.


Invisibility is a good thing when you first get it, as it allows you to start fights with significantly fewer brain dead points from your opponents. It also has the situational advantage of allowing you to engage enemies at long range that activate invulnerable defenses at close range.

Unfortunately, the usefulness of invisibility diminishes somewhat as the game progresses. Teleportation and hyper-speed have the same advantage. Any enemy vulnerable to invisibility can be destroyed by teleportation and hyper-speed, and often more effectively. Invisibility only allows you to stab one enemy in the back, whereas normally you can take out 2 or 3 enemies with one teleportation/hyper-speed activation.

The damage potential of invisibility also loses importance as the game progresses. While it does a significant amount of damage, it takes a while to charge up and slows down the pace of the fight considerably. In the late game, it’s usually much more effective (and fun) to hit enemies repeatedly with active pyrokinesis and doubling.

Level D – Scarlet NexusSAS Best Skills


You have 8 SAS capability slots in Scarlet Nexus and a total of 9 SAS capabilities, which means you have to keep one in your bar. You should probably give up invisibility or psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis, make no mistake, is a powerful gift. Essentially, it expands your natural psychokinesis and affects every object in the environment, dealing extremely high damage. The problem is that it takes a long time to use, you can only use it once per activation and if you get hit while charging it, you have to start over. There are also several bosses that dodge psychokinesis attacks, including the final boss.

Fragmentation and interruption are recurring themes in Scarlet Nexus. Pesky little enemies constantly hit you with weak attacks that interrupt your combos and cause a hitstun, and Psychokinesis doesn’t benefit from existing in a game where such a hitstun is so common.

If you manage to perform a psychokinesis attack (it’s not particularly difficult, but it’s usually annoying), the damage is impressive, but usually not as good as if you spent the same amount of time punching an opponent in the face with regular pyrokinetic attacks.

That’s it for the list of the best SAS skills in the Scarlet Nexus. Don’t forget to check out the homepage for more RPG game guides. Check out the Scarlet Nexus section for more guides on this game. Click here to read my full review of Scarlet Nexus on my YouTube channel.

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