The Sands of Inaros quest is one of the most complicated and challenging series in Warframe. Completing the full series can take upwards of 25 hours (or more), and even then, only half of the items you need to complete it are guaranteed to drop. Assuming you can complete this quest, the rewards are well worth the time and effort: you get a 100-capacity Orokin Reactor that can be used to build a Forma, as well as a Forma Blueprint, 10,000 Endo, and the Blueprint for the Bursa frame.

A complete guide to the new questline in the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Sands of Inaros.

When Inaros was announced, many people wondered how they would be able to fight back against the Grineer forces. With the introduction of the Sands of Inaros Quest, the Tenno were given a quest to build an army of clones to fight the Grineer. It’s a long, arduous quest with many different stages, but at the end of it all, you’ll be rewarded with a new warframe, weapons, and an opportunity to take the fight to the Grineer.

If you’re looking for a guide to Sands of Inaros Warframe, you’ve come to the right place! This optional Warframe quest was introduced in 2016, and the reward for completing it is an Inaros Warframe. You need to buy a worksheet from the Void Merchant, also known as Baro Ki’Tir, located in the lobby of the Tenno Relay. You have to pay for it in ducats, which you can get by selling weapon parts, Warframe parts or Prime blueprints at one of Relay’s ducat kiosks. But Baro Ki’Tir only appears every 2 weeks for 2 days. Look at the countdown clock on the traders’ stalls to find out when it’s coming or, if it’s there, how long it will stay there.

How to get a drawing of the Sands of Inaros

Drawing from the sands of Inaros costs 50,000 credits and 200 ducats. You must also have a skill rank of 5.   word-image-7788 word-image-7789 You will go to the foundry, located in the key room, and need the following resources to make a drawing: It takes six hours to make the map, after which you can unlock the quest in the codex.

Sands of Inaros Ship Challenge Passage

Let’s look at a step-by-step guide to the ship challenge.

Part 1

Baro Ki’Tir wants to get their hands on a precious relic located in a hidden tomb on Phobos, a forgotten rock. This level 20-25 quest takes place in an abandoned tomb on Phobos, Opik. First you enter the temple, where Baro Ki’Tir tells you to ignore the glyphs. By a large statue, a voice will tell you to shake off most of the sand while he tells you the story of the Orokins (Golden Skies) who used to kidnap people before the arrival of Inaros’ (the Heaven Killer). Look out for a large jar at the foot of the sanctuary at the end of the temple, which is a sacred vessel. Baro wants you to bring it in for testing. This is the end of the first mini-mission. As a reward you will receive the drawing of Inaros. You must equip a ship in Gear’s inventory and perform an inscription with different glyphs depending on the 3 types of enemies present: Sand of Inaros – Challenge of the ship – Seeker Sand of Inaros – Challenge of the ship – Seeker Sand of Inaros – Challenge of the ship – Refugee Runner Sand of Inaros – Challenge of the ship – Detron crew member Sand of Inaros – Challenge of the ship – Detron crew member Tenno will kill the opponent and you will see sparks around him. The status bar of the ship shows the number of enemies that still need to be killed. After all 60 men are killed, Baro asks Tenno to return to the ship and inspect it again. At that moment, the ship’s glyph glows. When you return to the temple, approach the large statue. Baro will ask you to go to the gate with the ship. Put the jar by the door and open it. In the middle of the room is another Holy Vessel. Take this. The story of Inaros is told, and then a troop of wild Kawats attack. Kill all the Kawatas. Baro then sent Tenno back to the ship. As a reward for completing this task, you will receive the helmet card.

Part 2

Baro asks you to complete the second task and return to the tomb. You have to take the Sacred Ship, put it in your inventory, and then kill the next 20 enemies according to the glyph:   word-image-7790 word-image-7791 word-image-7792 word-image-7793 word-image-7794 word-image-7795 Baro then asks you to go back and bring the Holy Bearer. The voice asks: Where is it? You must find the door and put the jug inside. Open the door and take the third jar. The voice will tell you the rest of the story of Inaros, and Baro will tell you to get ready. In another room, you’ll see a giant tomb raider in the sanctuary. Kill it, and it comes back in a diminished form. Repeat 3 or 4 times until they are all dead. Baro will ask you to come back and your reward will be a drawing of chassis Inaros.

Part 3

Baro Ki’Tir asks you to face the third challenge, which can be one of three possible opponents, depending on the glyph:   word-image-7796 word-image-7797 word-image-7798 word-image-7799 word-image-7800 word-image-7802 Go back to the temple and put the jar by the door to open it. Take the last pot. Test yourself against the Tomb Raider (a copy of the Inaros Warframe, not shown on the map). The Protector returns to his sarcophagus, and you must fight one of the statues that have come to life in the room. Destroy the statue and the Tomb Raider will rise to fight. Kill the 4 statues to defeat the Tomb Raider. The last fight is timed. You have to beat the Tomb Raider in 15 minutes. If you don’t, you fail the entire mission. Baro then says that the voice of the wife was of his mother, and that he is the voice of the child in the story. Once you complete the quest, you will receive the blueprint of the security system, which is the final component of the Inaros Warframe.

Inaros Warframe parts

Here are the parts needed for the Inaros helmet: These are the parts needed for the Inaros Protectorsystems: Here are the parts needed for the Inaros protector housing:

  • 100 Oxium
  • 1,000 Nano Sports
  • 3 neuroses
  • 300 plastids

The search takes time and can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding.

Tips for the quest Sands of Inaros

  • It’s not enough to have a holy barrel in your inventory to kill enemies. You must select a quest to make it active.
  • If you don’t want to get it from Baro Ki’Tir, you can buy the Sands of Inaros set at the market.
    • This is a 795 Platinum set for the market. If you were to buy each item individually, it would cost 1,005 decks.
  • There is no way to repeat the search. So if you don’t complete the quest or sell the war unit to Inaros, you’ll have to buy it back on the market.

What is included in the Inaros Sands package?

You will receive these items with the purchase of the Sands of Inaros set:

  • Sindana Abrasis
  • Inaros
  • The helmet of Anubis from Inaros
  • 3-day affinity booster
  • 3-day credit enhancement
  • Injury (skill 7)
  • Cernos Mutalistes (Championship 7)
  • Double Toxocyst (Championship 11)

You don’t need a skill rank for these items, and you don’t need a skill rank for the Sands of Inaros quest if you buy the quest instead of doing it.

Best healing weapon to use with Inaros

Inaros is a good warframe to use. He is quite strong, but only has health and no shield. The shield restores itself 3 seconds after the damage is done, but not the health. However, there are ways to improve health, for example. B. with Physique or similar mods. Physical is an aura mod that can increase maximum health by 90 units. It gives you a lot of health, but not as good as regenerating it. The Hirudo and similar weapons make Warframe Inaros virtually invulnerable, even when fighting high-level enemies.

#1 Hema

Hema’s main weapon with skill rank 7 is the bloodsucking rifle, which requires no ammunition to drain health and restores health with every headshot. This is a burst weapon that uses health to reload the magazine. He gets 10 of your warframe’s health as medicine in exchange for a headshot. Hema’s critical change is 11 and the state is 25. You can learn its design in the Dojo clan’s biological lab or buy it on the market for 225 decks.

#2 Hirudo

This infected training weapon is capable of draining an opponent’s health on a critical hit. Each successful hit deals 5 points of damage to the opponent’s health. Each successful critical hit increases your maximum health by 5, up to a maximum of 5 hits or 25 extra health. You can buy a drawing of Hirudo at the market. It costs 15,000 credits, but the Kogaga is needed as a building block. You can get both Hema and Hirudo in a Nidus kit on the market for 660 decks.

#3 Broken Scepter

While this staff is not a direct healing weapon, it is still worth getting to know. The broken scepter has an ability that allows the player to deflate slain enemies and regain their health or energy or orbs. Stand over a dead opponent with a scepter and you can suck his body dry. Organic enemies generate health orbs, while robotic enemies (such as the MOA) generate energy orbs. Broken Scepter has a status of 30 and a critical charge of 10. You get this weapon when you complete The War Within. The other plans you need can be purchased for $100,000 from Cephalon Simaris.Sands of Inaros Quest Guide 2021 is a guide for a free-to-play game that is described as “a free to play Massively Multiplayer online game (or MMOG as it is also known) set in the Science Fiction genre.”. Read more about sands of inaros kavat farm and let us know what you think.

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