RuneScape is preparing for the completion of its third Adventure, Elder God War, in September, and has begun a summer event that will conclude with the release of a new game mechanic in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). First up is the introduction of ZMI (Zamorak Mage Invitational) winner missions, which challenge players to defeat powerful ancient Zarosian mages and earn rewards. The second is the introduction of a new type of world, named the Spirit Realm. The Spirit Realm is a place where players can earn zamorakian runes in addition to normal runes, which can then be used to purchase new quest rewards.

Over the weekend, new content was released for RuneScape. On the game’s official forums, Jagex announced that the Elder God War is coming in July, with the event scheduled to run for the rest of the month. The Elder God War will see players from all of the game’s races and factions working together to build up their forces and their power. Once the final elder god is defeated, players will be able to fight the new god of chaos, Armadyl.

Soon, players of RuneScape will face the ominous approach of both the war that will decide the fate of the kingdom and the summer holiday event. Whatever poison the players choose, it will have consequences. Fun will take place. Now, wait a minute.

We’re talking, of course, about the ongoing War of the Old Gods, which will soon culminate in the upcoming dungeon, which promises to be the most diverse God’s War dungeon in the MMORPG, set on four different fronts over the course of a month. The first trailer will be released this Friday, July 16, to celebrate the premiere. See the post at the link above for more details on the minimum requirements and recommended skill levels for the new dungeon.

As for the summer event, players are warned that the beach will be open on Monday, July 12, and back on Sunday, July 8. August, go run. Those who participated in this summer tradition will find familiar mechanics alongside the removal of the Beach Ball Ride game, the addition of new and old cosmetics, and the return of Dungeon Hole.

With the RuneScape update, which came out earlier this week, the game further celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new mini-quest, a new Yak track, and some general fixes for Mobile, the town of Sentist, and more. There are also updates to Old School RuneScape , most of which are described as minor changes and adjustments to Fosani’s nightmare and equipment balance.

General questions and answers:

Join us for our latest question-and-answer session where models Osborne, P and Hooley give their best answers to the questions you’ve sent us over the past few days.

This time they discuss the fight, the content, and more!

– RuneScape (@RuneScape) July 11, 2021


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