Rune Factory 5 is a farming RPG released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in May 2018. Players can enter into Rune Factory 5’s world as either male or female protagonists who are raised by their adoptive father Oz, an old retired soldier. In this guide we’ll go over how to obtain all of the best items in Rune Factory 5 with cheats

The “Rune Factory 4 Cheats Switch” is a cheat code for the game Rune Factory 5. The cheat allows players to switch between the two characters in the game, and change their appearance.

Rune Factory 5 Cheats

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Rune Factory 5 Cheats

On the Nintendo Switch, are you looking for Rune Factory 5 cheats? Rune Factory 5 cheat codes and unlockables are included here, along with hints for Marvelous’ latest RPG farming sim game.

With a hacks list for the Switch exclusive game, we’ll show you how to unlock all Rune Factory 5 codes (where available).

Check out the cheats listed below…

List of Rune Factory 5 Cheats

Rune Factory 5 Infinite Crafting & Fast Skills Increasing

Tips and tactics for leveling up your various talents quicker in Rune Factory 5, as well as how to accomplish limitless crafting and more, are explained here!

Timeline for Quickly Leveling Up Skills:

  • 00:00 Inauguration
  • 00:50 Double your skill experience with the Heart Pendant
  • 02:35 Weapon Techniques
  • 04:45 Elemental Techniques
  • 06:14 Throwing Technique
  • 07:54 Bathing Expertise
  • 08:36 Sleeping Prowess
  • 10:22 Cooking Expertise
  • 13:33 Formuade’s Infinite Crafting
  • 17:16 Chemistry Expertise
  • 18:30 Forging & Crafting Skills
  • 20:02 How Does Your Status Affect Your Resistance Skills?
  • 24:14 Pineapple Farming
  • Conclusion (26:29) v5IGPQ

How to Increase Your Skills Quickly in Rune Factory 5 – Infinite Crafting & More Tips

Easily Earn Seed Points in Rune Factory 5

In Rune Factory 5, there are 9 different methods to acquire SEED Points quickly.

Guide to Earning Seed Points Timeline:

  • 00:00 Inauguration
  • 00:32 Mark of the Patrol
  • 01:02 Monsters on the Run
  • 01:44 Getting Rid of Monsters
  • 02:05 Bosses to Conquer
  • 02:35 Items in Transit
  • 03:22 Requests are being fulfilled
  • 04:14 Interacting with a Wide Range of People
  • 04:50 Villagers’ Activities
  • Sub-Scenarios (05:24)
  • 06:00 Festivals that Won
  • How to Lose Points at 06:54
  • Conclusion (07:26)

How to Get a Lot of SEED POINTS in Rune Factory 5

Tips and Tricks for Rune Factory 5

The following are 10 vital Rune Factory 5 tips and tactics for beginners!

Before you play Rune Factory 5, here are 10 beginner tips to keep in mind.

Tomato seeds may be acquired early (as demonstrated in this video) by purchasing the New Ranger Care Pack, which comes with the digital deluxe edition of the game. Otherwise, they will be unlocked if the request to transport 20 cabbages, Chinese cabbages, and onions is fulfilled. However, if you want to earn a lot of money, you should plant crops that can be harvested numerous times rather than one-time harvests, since crops in RF5 don’t wilt as the season ends (unlike in Story of Seasons), and you may pick them as long as they’re healthy. To restore HP to a crop, use your hoe to till maize, wilted grass, or 4-leaf clovers. Pumpkins, bell peppers, and strawberries are recommended crops since they unlock more faster with requests! Strawberries have provided the majority of my in-game money.

Curry’s Ultimate Trick It will provide you Ultimate Curry, which you can then sell for 500,000 credits or money. Whatever the name of the money in this game is. For further information, go to the website on the first page since there are too many spoilers to go into depth unless requested.

Upgrades may be made using an unlimited number of logs and stones. You must complete the first dungeon, unlock the second farm, and count to eight. The object would be destroyed with 9 chops/blows, while 8 would grant you supplies. Teleport to another farm, teleport to another farm, teleport to another farm, teleport to another farm, teleport to another farm, teleport

Before your birthday, make friends with the proprietor of the crystal business. 5 points for joy. He’ll give you a heart crystal, which you should sell. After then, you may purchase them. Make a locket out of silver. Then mix the two to create an item that accelerates your skill progression.

Potion x will give you all of the bad status effects, including 4, but you will not be able to level up in 5. To get around this, use three of an item called harmony potion that a specific monster drops to construct weapons that deliver all of the bad affects. The maximum number is three; any greater than that will result in failure.

Buy turnip seeds, attempt cooking your most costly food, fail, then cook with your failed dishes to improve your culinary skills. Do this only after you’ve sent a level 10 item you’ve developed. You must first unlock a certain seed, which appears only after selling a level 10 item. This also applies to the smithing and chemical skills.

So far, all Rune Factory 5 hacks have been found on the Nintendo Switch. So, until more are found, we’ve created the Rune Factory 5 guidelines mentioned above to assist you with gaming tips and techniques!

Credits: Play with Josh & Epilepticgamer

Are there any Rune Factory 5 hacks or unlockables that you know of? If you tell us in the comments, we’ll give you credit for figuring it out. – Thank you for stopping by!

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