Rogue Legacy is a game about the cycle of life and death. As you die, your children inherit all those skills that made their father special in turn allowing them to rise back up as new heroes with unique powers. This guide will help teach players which traits are best for certain characters so they can start on the path to becoming a true heir.

“Rogue Legacy 2 emotional connection” is a guide that lists the best traits for each character in Rogue Legacy 2. The list has been compiled by using data from the game’s wiki and forum posts, as well as personal experience.

Rogue Legacy 2 | Best Traits List – Guide Fall

There are various challenges hidden deep beneath the dungeons of Rogue Legacy 2 that need perfect timing and execution. When a player creates a new heir to continue the game, they are typically given one or two attributes to adopt. In order to trigger the positive boost, most of these qualities now have some negative impacts. However, some are just cosmetic and ineffective, while only a handful may provide exceptional benefits. After sifting through the game’s 55 distinct features, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten.

Rogue Legacy 2’s Top 10 Characteristics

Rogue-Legacy-2-Lady-Sara-Two-Traits-640x360Rogue Legacy 2 10 Best Traits

For the uninitiated, characteristics are produced at random when a new character is created. Your character may have one, two, or no qualities to adapt to, depending on the game’s likelihood of rolling traits. Some of these may help you get more gold on your run, but it typically comes at a price. Each attribute is concealed until you play the character to whom it belongs. The description and attributes of the traits will be revealed after that. To figure out how each feature works, you’ll have to keep playing the game. If you want to know which ones are the greatest, here are ten of the most notable characteristics:


Nerd of the highest kind. Magic Damage is increased by 50%, while MP capacity is increased by 50%. HP is reduced by 25%.

Bookish is an excellent choice for the mage class, since it boosts magic attacks while also increasing MP capacity. Despite the fact that you will lose 25% of your HP, you may locate health-related relics that may be able to restore your maximum HP. The relics Gnawed Bone and Blessing of Life go well with Bookish and provide the player a stronger fighting chance. However, there is no gold increase here.


You’ve been thinking about maps lately. The map has been exposed, however there is no location marking.

Your position on the map will now be hidden for the Cartographer in favor of revealing all chests and rooms in your current run. This seems to be a good fit for treasure hunters looking for the different unlockables scattered across the Kingdom.


You’re not a lighter; you’re a warrior. Weapon Damage is increased by 50%, but your health is reduced by 25%.

Similar to Bookish, health-based relics will considerably aid this characteristic in the long term. Combative is one of the rarest qualities to play with, with a 50% increase in weapon damage; you won’t notice a difference when you can smash in your adversaries without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, combative does not grant a gold bonus.

Addict to Lootboxes or Compulsive Gambling

Sharks, pigeons, and whales abound in this globe. Only gold drops from chests, and chest values fluctuate dramatically!

This specific attachment is ideal for gold farming in the game. Compulsive Gambling is a no-brainer for Rogue Legacy 2 gamers who are in dire need of extra cash to enhance their Manor. Keep in mind that only money will drop from chests, and the quantities offered might increase by up to 350%! Compulsive Gambling also offers a 25% bonus on gold acquisition.


Mind to Matter is a metaphor for the transformation of the mind into matter. You have 25% less health points, yet you can only be struck in the heart.

You’re a savage. Your heir’s hitbox is reduced to only their heart, thereby making you into a partly translucent fighter. Disattuned is suitable for working in environments with risks and projectiles. You can basically stroll through them without being wounded, all at the price of a 25% reduction in health.

Rogue-Legacy-2-Giantism-640x360Rogue Legacy 2 Giantism Trait


You make other individuals feel self-conscious about their stature. You are enormous.

The information in front of you tells it all: you are a larger heir than your predecessor. Your character’s hitboxes are greatly expanded when you use Gigantism, enabling you to do massive damage with a single attack. This feature also gives some spells a minor area increase. With Gigantism, you will get a 25% gold boost.

Heroic Illusion

Your self-sacrifice is basically a kind of self-sabotage. You’ll have 100 percent more health, but you’ll never be able to recover.

The Heroic Illusion trait is probably best used when you’re ready to take on a boss. Since you’re unable to regain health, going through a normal dungeon run isn’t the right call here. But if you’re finding yourself low on health upon approaching a boss battle, this trait can beautifully come in handy. If you’ve unlocked a boss’s respective teleporter via Maria the Pizza Girl and you have Heroic Illusion, consider that enemy to soon be extinguished.


The Summer of Youth comes to an end sooner or later. When struck, your HP regenerates, but you lose portion of your maximum HP.

Hypercoagulation might be difficult to adjust to at first. Essentially, you don’t have to be concerned about health pickups restoring your HP; instead, you must be concerned about avoiding being struck. This characteristic is for you if you’re a platforming acrobat who has a talent for avoiding being hit a lot. It’s ideal for quick players who don’t mind flicking through the Kingdom without scratching. There is no gold bonus here, in case you were wondering.

Super IBS

Tuesday is Taco Blast Tuesday every day. Super Fart has taken your spot as a talent.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Your new successor has the ability to infect the enemies with fatal farts. Your gas has enough strength to burn and harm your opponents, as well as a self-launch that will propel your heir higher. Although there is a 2-second cooldown, this feature is useful for both attacking and laughing.


You have a viscosity of 0 percent. You have a -20% health penalty, but you may sprint in any direction.

This attribute is for you if you’re acquainted with the impossible Fairy Puzzles. When compared to the ability to rush in any direction, a 20% reduction in HP is a tiny setback. You can easily navigate difficult-to-reach areas, only to fail and be disappointed. You may also employ Superfluid to dodge foes and their assaults, giving your heir the ability to navigate across the Kingdom with ease.

That’s all there is to it! Obviously, there are a variety of different attributes to try out and use, as well as the unlockables that your heirs may get. Keep exploring the Kingdom and keeping an eye on your step out there!

The “rogue legacy 2 armor break” is a new feature that was added to the game. The Rogue Legacy 2 Best Traits List guides players on what traits they should choose for their character.

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