“Risk of Rain 2” is the sequel to “Risk of Rain,” a fast-paced sci-fi roguelike where players must fight through aliens trying to take over their planet. The Void Fiend from the original game has returned, but you can unlock an entirely new mode that makes it into your space instead!

The “risk of rain 2 items” is a game that has been out for quite some time. It is available on Steam and other platforms. The game features an interesting story, fast-paced gameplay, and a unique setting.

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person roguelike that refuses to give up. The Survivors of the Void DLC, which includes two new characters, is one of the most recent additions. One is the spiritual heir of Railgunner, the Sniper character from Risk of Rain. The Void Fiend, on the other hand, is a completely new character. While Railgunner is available immediately after purchasing the DLC, Void Fiend must be unlocked first. You’ll have to face the Simulacrum in order to do so.

Risk of Rain 2: How to Unlock Void Fiend

Risk-of-Rain-2-Simulacrum-640x360Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend - Simulacrum

Void Fiend may be unlocked in two separate ways. The first entails completing the game’s alternative final level, which takes you to the Planetarium. The second technique entails completing Wave 50 in Risk of Rain 2’s Simulacrum, an infinite-scaling challenge level.

What is the best way to go to the planetarium?

There are two different methods to go to the Planetarium. Cleansing the Void Fields, which may be accessible by plummeting to the bottom of the pit in the Bazaar Beyond Time, is the easiest method. A doorway to the Planetarium will materialize after the area has been cleared.

The Planetarium may also be accessed by traveling to the moon and fighting Mithrix, the first final enemy. Instead of guarding the escape ship at the start of the level, you may return to where you spawned and pet the glass frog resting on the teleporter after he’s been beaten. If you repeat this process five times, a gateway to the Planetarium will open.

You’ll unlock Void Fiend after completing the Planetarium, a character that plays a bit differently than the other survivors. While he may cure himself, receiving injury causes the screen to display a “corruption meter.” The corruption will be slowed by healing, but allowing it to full will transform the Void Fiend into his corrupted form. This enables him to make more powerful assaults on foes while also improving some of his fighting skills. It’s a delicate balancing effort that gives the Risk of Rain 2 gameplay cycle a new twist.

In the Simulacrum, make it to Wave 50.

You’ll need to reach Wave 50 in the Simulacrum to unlock Void Fiend the second method. With the Survivors of the Void DLC, a new game mode was created. And, if you haven’t noticed, the Simulacrum is one of Risk of Rain 2’s most difficult modes. You’ll want to bring your finest build if this is how you intend on unlocking Void Fiend. Fortunately, we have some suggestions for getting to Wave 50 quickly.

Best Builds to Survive Wave 50 of Simulacrum

When it comes to approaching the Simulacrum, the most important thing is to choose the correct character. In general, you’ll want to go for a tanky character. If you’re seeking to tank damage in the Simulacrum, characters like Mul-T and Loader are strong choices; however, characters with invincibility frames like Huntress or Mercenary also work. It’s entirely up to you to decide.

Survival is the most important factor in the remainder of the situation. You’ll want to gather any goods that will assist you in surviving the first several waves. Medkits, Mocha for Mul-T, Soldier’s Syringes for Huntress, and, of course, Teddy Bears are all good white products.

You’ll get a Green Void Potential after finishing Wave 5. This may sometimes result in a red item. Take the Ceremonial Dagger if it’s there. Every time you kill a monster, three daggers will be sent out to attack other adversaries, resulting in a chain of daggers. It will be immensely beneficial in overcoming the game’s waves.

Harvester Sytches, Ukeleles, and Predatory Instincts are all green items that can aid you not only heal but also enhance your attack speed upon critical hits. Characters like Mercenary, Huntress, and Mul-T might benefit from these. You’ll want to find a Berserker’s Pauldron for Loader mains. Because Loader’s Slam may kill many enemies at once, you’ll be able to obtain that additional boost in attack speed you need to fill up your barrier.

Razor Wire is another green object to pick up. You should be able to plunge into the Void and utilize the damage you’re taking to help you get out of tricky situations since the item’s impact is based on damage. With this in mind, if you have the correct things, you can live in the vacuum for longer. Because adversaries won’t enter the void, and the void field closes in on itself after a short period, you’ll need certain things to boost your odds of survival.

White things like magic elixirs are useful in a hurry, but keep in mind that they’re only good for one use, so have a couple on hand. Grab the Weeping Fungus if you come across a Void Cradle during your run. Because it enables you to run and heal, as well as corrupt any Bustling Fungus goods you may have picked up before.

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