Rockstar Games has been working hard on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, and it looks like we’re finally getting to see the game in action this week. During Sony’s E3 2018 conference, the developer showed off a trailer that showed off gameplay, which focused on one particular element that was previously mentioned: the multiplayer component.

When Rockstar Games announced their new online mode for the upcoming horse-riding title Red Dead Redemption 2, I admit I was a little worried. I’ve been enjoying the game for more than a year now, and I’ve had a blast exploring its open world of the American West. But, with the release of the online Red Dead Online mode, I began to worry that I might be forced to leave the world of Arthur Morgan behind… and finally kill him. Fortunately, I was proven wrong.

Following Rockstar’s announcement yesterday, we finally know exactly what Red Dead Online’s first major content update, Blood Money, entails. Essentially, you work for a crime boss and commit crimes. That’s what we call them, literally, cap and all.

The crimes range from sneaky heists on body shops to layered heists with kidnappings, brutal debt collections and more, Rockstar said. You can commit crimes alone or with a whole gang of thugs on your side. In each mission, keep your eyes open for traces of the Capital to return to Guido Martelli – even in hidden chests or on the remains of those who crossed your path. As you roam the plains in free mode, you may hear of vacant farms and vulnerable camps ready to be picked and waiting to be freed from the shelter of the capital.

Commit enough crimes and accumulate enough capital, and new opportunities will open up for you.

They were sent by Martelly as part of a plan to remove Senator Lemoyne, who is disrupting the Brontes throughout the region. Each occasion can reveal different approaches to solving the assignment – listen to conversations nearby or locate key targets to discover new ways to complete the deal and weaken the politician’s position by delivering each of West Martelli’s three jewels.

The first of these three features will be released, as planned, on the 13th. Will be launched in July; the trailer is embedded below.


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