RAID: Shadow Legends is a free to play MOBA on Facebook that is quite possibly the best multiplayer game you can play on the platform. One of the things that sets this game apart from others is the amount of support you receive from the developers. They make sure that even if you get stuck in the game you can easily ask for help, and they even give you a free account in which you can play with a friend and get help.

So, you’ve completed your set of legendary champions, and you’re ready to earn some glory. However, once you’ve completed the story mode, you’re faced with a rather unfortunate dilemma. You’re not in a place where you can earn more epic champions, and you’re out of legendary shards. So where do you go from here? Well, there are actually several ways to earn more legendary shards. But remember, this guide isn’t going to go over all of them, just the easiest and fastest.

Do you like to get ahead in the game and take advantage of its rewards? Then you want to build a team of legendary champions to power up your team’s stats and unlock special abilities. This guide will show you how to get legendary champions quickly and easily.

Legendary is the highest rarity a champion can possess, and as such legendary champions are often among the best in the game.

Unlike other RPG hero collecting games, RAID gives you legendary champions: Shadow Legends is no easy task, especially in the beginning of the game.

You can get legendary champions on RAID: Shadow Legends can be obtained from Portal Summoners, by aggregating champions, fragments, star rewards in the Faction Wars, mission stages, entrance rewards, and events and tournaments – see below for more details on each method.

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You will get the most legendary champions during your journey in RAID: The Shadow Legends will appear from the summons in the portal.

In the portal, you can trade a shard for a summons.

The type of shard you trade depends on the likelihood that this summon will result in a legendary champion.

You can get legendary champions from the following yards in the game at the following prices:

  • Holy Shine – 6% chance of producing a legendary champion
  • Void Shard – 0.5% chance to give a legendary champion (only gives champions with Void affinity)
  • Ancient Shard – 0.5% chance of giving a legendary champion

From time to time, special events take place that increase the chances of summoning legendary champions.

Players trying to maximize their resources and gameplay save Saints, Void and Ancient Shards for such events.

The holy shards are the most valuable in the game, but they are also the hardest to obtain.

Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends to discover all the ways to get each type of shard in the game.

Master Welder

On the Portal tab, merge into RAID : Shadow Legends, you can see all the different champions you can put together.

Merger is the act of sacrificing one champion to another.

There are usually at least two different legendary champions in Portal that can be merged.

It takes four different champions with epic rarity to get a legendary champion.

You can see which specific champions you need to assemble a legend, as well as the level, rank, and promotion requirements of each sacrificed champion.

The epic champions needed to create legends can also be merged, these are four specific rare champions.

Note that not all fusions are present until you specify them. Some are organized for a limited time.

So look carefully next to the end-of-championship icon of a particular merge to see if there is a time limit.

If you can’t get there in time, there is no point in wasting resources to acquire the necessary champions before the end of the event.

You can find out if there are other ways to buy the champion you want in the merge by clicking on its icon in the merge tab of the portal.

To learn more about the fusion system and how to get champions in general, check out our guide to getting champions.


The third way to obtain legendary champions through the portal is to collect and use champion fragments.

In the Portal Fragments Summoning tab, you can trade 100 fragments of a champion for that champion.

Many different legendary champions can be traded here, as well as epic and rare champions.

It is not always possible to acquire fragments of a particular champion.

You can find out if you can buy clips from a particular champion, and if so, where you can buy them, by clicking on the info icon next to his name after selecting him.

Fragments are usually purchased at the Tower of Doom, in stores, or at events.

Beginners will have a hard time getting champions to take fragments out of the Tower of Destiny.

In addition, depending on the type of event, it may be difficult for newcomers to obtain clips during events.

Star Award

Star rewards are rewards that you can get by collecting a certain number of stars during campaign stages or faction wars.

The Normal, Hard, Brutal and Nightmare game modes, as well as the Faction War, have their own star-based reward system.

This means that the stars that z. B. Milestones earned in brutal campaign mode do not count towards total stars in nightmare campaign mode or faction war.

In the Faction Wars star reward system, collecting all 819 stars earns you Lydia the Mortalizer, a legendary champion.

Collecting 819 stars in Faction Wars is definitely a very difficult task and requires a very long play time.

To learn more about the star system and how to get 3 stars on the steps, click here.

Operational phases

Every time you complete a mission on the RAID: Shadow Legends, you get a point as a reward for reaching the next mission stage.

The missions get harder and harder, which means you have to constantly progress and get stronger to earn points for completing the missions.

At the fourth mission milestone, which opens after completing a total of 296 missions in the game, you can obtain the Arbiter, a legendary champion.

If you complete a total of 479 missions in the game, you can get Ramantha Drakesblood, who is also a legendary champion.

Since you have to complete a lot of missions to get these rewards, don’t expect to get them quickly if you’re just starting to play the game.

Participation fees

Every day, you connect to the RAID: Shadow Legends allows you to claim a reward for playing the game.

If you receive a sign-up reward for one day, you may receive a reward for the next day when you sign up.

However, you do not need to log in daily to continue receiving these rewards.

If you don’t log in for a day or several days in a row, the daily log in reward will remain on the day you reached until you claim it, then it will be moved to the next day.

For every 30. On the day of entry, you will receive a champion of epic or legendary rarity.

The first Legendary Rarity Champion awarded through the daily participation reward system will be awarded on Day 180 – Scyl of the Drakes.

The second and final Legendary Champion of the Daily Entry Reward System will be awarded on Day 270: Vicious Unshakable.

Events and tournaments

RAID is constantly organizing events and tournaments: Shadow Legends, and some of them offer legendary champions as rewards.

If an event or tournament offers legendary champions as rewards, you usually have to be pretty good to get them, because you have to earn a lot of points, etc., which you have to be in a later stage of the game for.

Since events and tournaments end after a while and new ones appear, we cannot guarantee that an event to obtain legendary champions will take place by the time you read this article.

We therefore recommend that you simply look at the game’s Events and Tournaments tabs, both found on the right-hand side of the screen in City.

If none of the current events or tournaments offer a legendary champion as a reward, chances are you can get shards or fragments of them.

Learn how to get legendary champions in RAID here: Legends of the shadows!

Do you know another way to get legendary champions into the game? If so, please let us know in the comments section.RAID: Shadow Legends is a MOBA game for mobile devices, (Published by KOG Games) and it is a fantastic game that you must try out. It has a free to play option that you can play without paying a dime. You can either purchase items in the store with in-game currency or you can earn currency by playing. The game has a ranking system, where in the higher your rank is, the better the rewards you will get from the store. You can either spend in-game currency and buy items, or you can earn currency in-game by playing. The game is highly addicting, and it is a great way to kill time while on the go. I strongly recommend this game!. Read more about raid: shadow legends free champions and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free Legendary Champions in raid shadow legends?

To get legendary champions in raid shadow legends is probably the best way to get them. The problem is that you need to be far in the game, so you cannot do this online. So you can use any of these methods to get free legendary champions in raid shadow legends: The Legendary Champions are one of the most powerful and rare, but valuable, loot drops in the game. In this post, we will tell you the best way to get the Legendary Champions for free, so you don’t need to spend your hard-earned Legendary Shards on them.

How do you get legendary shards in raid shadow legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a video game that is developed by  Raidage Studios, released in July 2015.  Raid: Shadow Legends is a multiplayer online role-playing game that has a free-to-play model. The goal of the game is to defeat the opposing team to win. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular mobile games that you could find on the App Store. If you are an avid gamer, you must have heard about the game. Well, to help you get legendary champions, you need to know the process for getting legendary shards.

Are there codes for raid shadow legends?

A few weeks ago, I was going through the raid event interface in Raid: Shadow Legends and I noticed a lot of items that were up for grabs. I thought to myself, “Hey, I think I have some friend codes for these champs, but I’m not sure if they’re legit or if they’re just a gimmick.” That’s when I saw a notification pop up. The Raid is back, but this time with a twist: legendary champions! Raids are a great way to get some items you need in a game, but they can be quite time-consuming and frustrating to take down. Legendary champions can be a little tricky to find, since they’re not given out during normal raids. There are various ways to get them, though. This guide will explain how to get legendary champions in the Raids of Wrath and Ruin and is applicable to the other Raid games.

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