The best RPG I’ve played in years, Ragnarok is a skill-based, turn-based game that’s very much like a tabletop RPG. However, it’s in VR, and it’s free.

The game is due out on October 15th, and its official announcement trailer has been released as well. Check out the video below!

As Ragnarok Online returns to the West, the newly announced North American server is now open for preregistration.


Ragnarok Online is a classic MMO that doesn’t receive nearly the attention it deserves, but Gravity Co. is releasing Ragnarok Origin, a mobile entry in the series. Pre-registration for North America has already started, and the company is offering an unique giveaway: if a million people join up before the launch, one player will win a Tesla Model S. Yes, the Tesla is likely to be able to play the game as well.

“Fully capturing the spirit of the original Ragnarok Online game, which was launched for PC in 2002, Ragnarok Origin offers a fantastic opportunity for both old and new players to explore the realm of Midgard on mobile, where fresh adventures await. Players will be able to explore Midgard in Ragnarok Origin as danger brews after hundreds of years of peace between Gods, Humans, and Demons. Players will be more immersed than ever before thanks to enhanced visuals, combat, and missions. There will also be a plethora of customization choices available for gamers to build their own unique hero. Players may take on creatures or other players in a variety of gameplay styles, whether acting alone using Ragnarok’s mercenary system or forming a guild with friends.”

To commemorate the event, Gravity created a trailer that is half live-action, partly animated, and entirely bizarre. v=ElPSp8whzY8


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