It’s been nineteen days since my high-risk renovation began, and I’m still alive. But not for much longer, if the plans drawn out on that pad I found in the ruins of the city are any indication. I’d like to think I could have survived longer, but I’m just one person. And I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I can keep this up for another week.

I want to visit my flooded city! I want to see what the future brings to our small world! I want to see how everyone is doing, and I want to meet them! I want to go on adventures, fight monsters, and have fun! I want to leave the house, leave my safe, cozy apartment, and go exploring the streets! I want to go out of my house, and join my friends! I want to experience life outside my window! I want to see what’s happening outside!

Raft’s Renovation Update is pretty much a living hell right now. The city is under water, and the only way to live is to build your own shelter, at least until you can get the power running again and the pipes cleaned. On top of that, the waters are constantly rising, and the entire city is in a state of panic.

If all you’ve got in the flooded wasteland of Raft is, well, a raft, then you’re probably going to want to make it as cozy of a place as possible when you’re otherwise not worrying about food, water, and that stupid shark that keeps gnawing off sections of your floating living platform. Enter the Renovations Update, which brings a gaggle of new building-related items to make life in this early access multiplayer survival sandbox (waterbox? bathtub?) more homely.

As the update’s name suggests, there’s now a wider assortment of building blocks that can be accessed via the Hammer tool (albeit at higher costs than standard blocks), letting players put together more luxurious floating households. There’s also 65 new decorations to spruce up the place, like sofas, bathtubs, beds, candelabras, paintings, cupboards, and trash cans among other items. Decorations can be found in a variety of ways, either by finding crates with a metal detector, in floating barrels, and in crates on islands.

On top of that, the painting feature has been improved with more color and pattern choices for walls, two-side painting on walls, and two color choices for furnishings. The update also brings quality-of-life adjustments for various tools in the game, an engine control panel that lets players control engines without having to dash over to the engine block, and a host of new wildlife like dolphins, whales, and turtles. You can check out the update in the patch notes as well as the video below.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!


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