I have been sailing since I was twelve so I am very familiar with the game industry. Over the past two years I have come up with many strategies, tips and tricks to not only improve your sailing but also to help you sail to victory. This guide is designed to help you sail to victory in the game industry.

The Punishing Gray Raven Guide is a popular web resource created by a player named “gray raven” for players who need to punish their Faction Leader. It consists of lists of planned strategies, tips, and tips for punishing Faction Leaders.

The following is a Punishing: Gray Raven beginner’s guide. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to understand how to begin playing this game. Registration, Gacha, Rookie Missions, and how to advance in the early game are among the subjects addressed in this tutorial. I’ve also added information on the game Punishing: Gray Raven. So, if you’re a newbie just getting started, this guide will give you a leg up on your peers, and you should certainly read it. The following are the contents of this post:

Gray Raven’s Wiki, Tips, and Strategies for Punishment

punishing gray raven guide

The Story of the Game

Kuro Game has created and released Punishing: Gray Raven, an online, free-to-play 3D action role-playing smartphone game (KuroGames inc., Guangzhou). Unity3D is the game engine that was utilized to make this game. The game is the second edition in Kuro Game’s “Twintails in Battlefield” series, and it was launched for Android and iOS in China on December 5, 2019. On July 16, 2021, the worldwide version of the game was published.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic planet overrun by corrupted robotic foes. A virus known as “Punishing” has invaded them. As the leader of the Gray Raven squad, you must lead your team in combat against the diseased, opposing army on Earth in order to reclaim the world.

In its present edition, the game supports four languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), and Japanese, with renowned voice actors and actresses dubbing from different countries. The current version of the game has various clients that may be downloaded depending on the gamer’s preferred platform.


You may now play in three different regions: China (CN), Taiwan (TW), and Japan (JP) (JP). While the CN server has the most detailed narrative and characters, it is also the most difficult to register since it requires a Chinese Identification Number. In TW and JP, newly debuted characters have a Gacha Pity Rate of 100%, which means you’ll receive the characters you desire. Because the servers are newer and do not yet have all of the characters. Based on this information, you may choose your favorite server.

Bilibili, the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, Qooapp, and Taptap are all options for registering for the CN server. Bilibili is a good option if you want to spend money. The Apple Store, Google Play Store, Qooapp, and Taptap are all places where you may sign up for the TW server. However, you can only register for the JP server via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You must set the store app’s region to the corresponding server area and leave it alone for a year.

How Do Banners Work in Gacha?

The “banners” offer the Gacha component of the game. To get anything from each banner, you must pay a certain amount of an unique currency, typically $250. The banners are divided into four categories: “self-select,” “starting weapon,” “rotational,” “event,” and “compositer.”

Every banner has a “pity hit” in it. This essentially implies that if you haven’t had a hit in a certain amount of pulls, your next pull will be a sure hit. This number is typically 30 for item banners, and 60 or a figure between 80 and 100 for character banners. The “compositer” banner is an exception to this rule, since it only has a 10-point requirement.

The following are the banner categories’ currencies:

  • “Self-select” banners are represented by blue cards.
  • “Starter weapon” banners are represented by red cards.
  • The “rotational” banners are represented by yellow cards.
  • The majority of “event” banners utilize yellow cards, although they do sometimes employ their own unique money.
  • Banners created by “compositer” utilize yellow cards.
  • Any of the previous currencies may be exchanged for black cards.

The “self-select” banner will be replaced with a novice banner for new accounts. Unlike other character banners, this one has a 40-pull guarantee for a sympathy hit. However, after you’ve received this sympathy hit, this banner will return to the “self-select” banner.

Newbie/Rookie Missions

Rookie tasks will gradually unlock for each new account from day one to day seven. For new players, each task can only be unlocked once. This is essentially all you have to do:

Day 1

3 Characters must be leveled up to 15, one 5-star piece of equipment must be leveled up to 30, 5 Daily Missions must be completed, one 4-star piece of equipment must be salvaged, and Chapter 1 Mission 5 must be completed.

Day 2

On day 2, you must complete Chapter 3 of the narrative, level up six 5-star items to Level 30, level up three characters to Level 30, and complete all six chapters of Lucia’s story.

Day 3

Clear Battle Stage thrice, achieve Affection Level 2 with any Character, finish any Character Fragment Stage 6 times, clear AB-2 thrice, and accomplish a Bounty Mission are the day 3 tasks.

Day 4

You must complete any Chaotic difficulty Boss task, achieve Commander level 40, complete Character Special Training Stage 2nd difficulty, promote four structures to Elite, and upgrade dorm furnishings once.

Day 5

Level up any item to level 40, achieve commander level 45, and level up three characters to level 45.

Day 6

You must complete narrative chapter 5, Rescue Battle level 6, and 2500 Combat Power with any character to progress.

Day 7

Finally, log in for seven days, progress to commander level 50, and elevate four structures to Taskforce.

Where Do I Begin?

Early in the game


The game gives you a free S-Selector to use at the beginning of the game. You will get it through mail for the CN and JP servers, while you must go to your profile and redeem the code GR777 for the TW server. Before using the S-Selector, I suggest completing the 40 pulls on the beginner banner. The reason for this is because the beginner banner has all of the original S-Rank structurers. However, since the characters you get are chosen at random, you may receive a copy of the character you selected from the free S-Selector. You’ll receive your first S-Rank structurer after the first 40 pulls, and you may now earn another S-Rank structurer using the S-Selector. If you don’t have any preferences, go for S-Karen since she’s the only good Fire DPS structurer right now.


First and foremost, I suggest that you accomplish all of the daily and weekly missions. After that, you may just blast through the narrative missions to achieve commander level 40 in no time. Your structurers’ maximum level is likewise determined by your commander level (up to level 80). More material, such as weekly tasks, events, and dormitories, will become available as a result of this. Even if you don’t have the required fighting strength, you can complete the narrative objectives. You may improve your memory slightly if you struggle just in case. However, if you don’t need to, don’t spend your money upgrading 5-Star or below memory. Because you’ll have plenty of 6-Star memories before long. You may concentrate on leveling up a single powerful DPS character while leveling up. Get their suggested 6-Star recollections whenever possible.

Level 1-40 Commander

Don’t be concerned about the initial battle with Alpha. You’re meant to lose, right? You may use the time you’re waiting to practice with the controls. If you’ve played a game like Honkai Impact 3rd, you’ll notice that the dodges in this game are restricted in contrast. So make good use of them.

With that, I’ll sign out on this tutorial by wishing all of you newbies the best of luck. If you have trouble understanding any part of the tutorial, please let me know in the comments. I will definitely assist you. I hope you have a good time playing this game. I’ll be back soon with more entertaining tutorials for you. Take care, and I’ll see you again soon!

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