Doomfist has always been a fan favorite character, but now that he’s getting his own game, it seems like the developers are setting him up to be more of an aggressive tank rather than a support. Orisa is being buffed in order to make her even stronger while also becoming less passive. Does this mean we’re going back and forth between different classes?

The “overwatch 2 doomfist tank” is a change that has been made to the game’s newest hero, Doomfist. The change makes him a tank instead of an assassin. This change is making Orisa more aggressive and will make her more useful in team fights.

Overwatch 2 is making Doomfist a tank and making Orisa more aggressive

Odor blocker.

When Overwatch 2 is released, hero roles will alter, and the game’s forthcoming PvP beta will highlight some of these changes. Doomfist, for example, is adjusting his equilibrium along the axes of “doom” and “fist” as he slides into the tank position in the sequel. Lower damage from his hand cannon and the elimination of Uppercut decrease the “fist” aspect of things, but his greater health and new Power Block ability, which can augment Rocket Punch, means he’s bringing a lot more “doom.” Isn’t that how it works?

Meanwhile, Orisa is heading in the other way. No, she’s not abandoning the tank role; instead, she’s been given a makeover to make her more aggressive in general, with her main weapon now firing big projectiles that steadily shrink in size and create heat instead of needing ammunition and reloading. She also gets rid of her barrier in favor of a new Javelin Spin ability, as well as a new ultimate ability that drags foes in and charges a large area strike. To discover more about how these heroes are evolving, go to the official site and get the complete breakdown.

#Overwatch2 PVP Beta begins in 5 days!

Can’t wait any longer?

Keep a look out for early footage and first impressions dropping today from Alpha test participants.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) April 21, 2022


The “orisa overwatch 2” is a change that Blizzard has made to their popular game. Orisa, the new hero from Overwatch, will be more aggressive and Doomfist will become a tank.

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