One More Game sets its sights on a new genre with the release of Spellcraft. Players will take up arms against their opponents in this real-time tactics game where they’ll have to strategize, plan and use magic spells wisely to win each match or risk losing it all.

One More Game has unveiled its “real-time tactics” multiplayer title Spellcraft. The game is currently in alpha and is inviting players to register for the preview.

One More Game unveils its ‘real-time tactics’ multiplayer title Spellcraft, starts registration for alpha preview


We’ve been following the progress of One More Game, a firm created in autumn 2019 by former ArenaNet and Riot Games developers, for the previous couple of years. Until now, the studio’s news has primarily been about its design philosophy, some artwork previews, and a dev blog on AI for a hypothetical PvP RTS game. That blog, it turns out, wasn’t entirely fictitious, since the company has publicly revealed early information of its debut game, Spellcraft.

Spellcraft is a fast-action, competitive game that involves both strategic thinking and rapid decision-making to gain success, according to OMG, and a game that allegedly deserves its own category as a “real-time tactics” title due to its unique nature. The game boasts a “virtually infinite” amount of hero combinations to fit any playstyle, as well as a free-to-play business model that excludes lootboxes, gacha gimmicks, and pay-to-win systems. The game and OMG have already piqued the interest of investors, as the company just closed a $22 million Series A fundraising round.

In the near future, Spellcraft will have an alpha preview event, with interested players able to register for a name draw on the game’s official Discord. There is currently no timeframe for when the game will be released, with the official site just saying, “We’ll ship when we’re done.” Meanwhile, you can see an in-engine teaser video below the break, and the game’s official site has all of the information you need right now. DzzoVbs

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One More Game has unveiled its new title, Spellcraft, which is a multiplayer real-time tactics game. They have also started registration for the alpha preview. Reference: one more multiverse wiki.

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