One Gun Guy is a first person shooter game by the developers of Crossfire. This review will cover some features and provide an overall opinion on whether or not this game is worth your time.

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Despite brazenly copying Mega Man’s coursework, one Gun Guy fails the task. The concept of the whole game being played on a single screen has some value, but that’s about it.

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When it comes to traditional platformers, we all know the drill: finish each level and reach the conclusion. What if, on the other hand, the whole game was one massive level?

One Gun Guy, a massively scaled throwback from Ritual Games and GrabTheGames, answers that question. Should players take up the game’s risks, or should platformers be consumed in small doses?

Review of One Gun Guy

It’s really simple to find out what’s going on right away. You’re the titular character, you’ve got a rifle, and you’re a one-man army. There’s no time for exposition, cutscenes, or even a single word of dialogue in this 8-bit platformer, since there are robots to shoot.

This game is heavily influenced by Capcom’s Mega Man series, flaws and all. With a charged blaster, one may double leap, glide, and discover other methods to soar through the air.

However, there is a catch: if you take a hit, you will lose one of these benefits. While one of the various power-ups scattered around the land may be used to restore order, one (or a few, in many circumstances) will leave players with a pea shooter, limited mobility, and a blonde heroine in her skivvies.

This method does encourage players to prepare their actions ahead of time – after all, it worked well for Konami’s Gradius. This, however, lacks bite since there are no major consequences. Despite the presence of conveyor belts, lasers, and exploding cylinders, we found this game to be way too simple. This isn’t meant to be boastful; anybody who has completed any platformer would undoubtedly think this is a stroll in the park. This is made worse by the many power-ups and checkpoints that may be located every few of feet.


And that’s the issue with One Gun Guy: the entire thing seems a little useless. Although varied backgrounds may be found in different places of the game’s single main level, the duration of our one-hour playtime seemed like it melded together. In comparison to the Mavericks who placed Mega Man on the map, the robots — and especially the final monster – seem like generic placeholders. After a time, even the chiptune music becomes tiresome — expect to hear the same song for the most of your game.

This also applies to the game’s other additions. There is a method for collecting coins, but there is no location to redeem them or even a leaderboard. Outside of a hard level, there’s also nothing to do after the game is finished. Simply put, this is a title that is devoid of any sense of uniqueness.

Despite brazenly copying Mega Man’s coursework, one Gun Guy fails the task. The concept of the whole game being played on a single screen has some value, but that’s about it. DUXABF0o

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