Niantic has announced a new ARG, set in the world of Pokemon Go. The company is looking to make its signature game more immersive and interactive than ever before, but it’s unclear how exactly Niantic plans on doing that just yet.

The “peridot is sad” is a new game that looks a lot like Pokemon Go. It was released by Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go.

Niantic’s new MMOARG Peridot looks… kinda just like Pokemon Go

peridot-Peridot-Key-Art_1024-x-512-696x229 Niantic provided this image.

Do you have any idea what Niantic might use? “Caring for, rearing, and reproducing lovely one-of-a-kind animals in your hands” is the theme of this MMOARG. You could, for example, take your phone out into the environment and gather digital creatures to play with! What exactly is it? Niantic already has a game like that in development with Nintendo, Pokemon Go, the world’s largest MMOARG? Oh. Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to Peridot.

“Caring for and nurturing your Peridot as it grows from a baby to an adult is the fundamental game loop. You may accomplish this by petting, playing with, and training your Peridot, and it will receive experience points and develop as a result of your actions. […] Each Peridot is one-of-a-kind. They are all distinct in many ways, much like people, in terms of their physical appearance, personality characteristics, likes and dislikes, and skills. Each Peridot has its own genetic make-up. The breeding mechanism, which is based on how DNA works in real life, combines the finest of hand-crafted components with procedural generation to produce a gorgeous collection of unique species. […] The game encourages players to explore the universe, and one of the key tools for doing so is a want system, in which your creature has needs that it wants you to help it realize. This is a fun and engaging approach to encourage users to explore, exercise, and connect with others in real life. For example, your creature could want a brief stroll, a visit to a nearby area of interest, or a bite of a blue tomato. You’ll assist your Dot develop by fulfilling their wishes.”

On iOS and Android smartphones, “soft launch beta testing” starts this month in “certain markets.” Prepare to hear “peridot” mispronounced for the next decade! 77c

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The “peridots song” is a new track from the upcoming game, “Pokemon Go.” However, it looks just like Peridot from the show, “Steven Universe.”

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