This is a guide for new players on how to level up fast. It’s also a great way to help people who are struggling with playing the game, and show them what they should do in order to get better at it.

The “new world leveling guide 1-60” is a guide that will help players level up their characters in the new World of Warcraft. The guide will take players from level 1 to 60, so it’s perfect for beginners.

New World: Leveling Guide for Beginners

Leveling up in the MMO New World is more difficult than in previous RPGs. This is because there is a lot more to leveling up in New World than simply your character, and Increasing Your Character’s Level doesn’t always do what you anticipate. This is why we’ve put together this leveling guide for the New World.

In actuality, you will be Increasing Your Character’s Level, weapons, accumulating talents, creating and refining skills, and reputation while playing the game. Settlements may also level up, but this is a topic for another article since it is different from your character. And, although it may seem overwhelming at first, after you’ve broken it down, you’ll be a top-tier logger in no time.

Increasing Your Character’s Level

Increasing Your Character’s Level functions largely like it does in other RPGs. You earn exp by completing quests and fighting enemies, and once you get enough, you level.


But what do you get from Increasing Your Character’s Level?

Not much, to be honest. Your maximum HP is boosted, and you are given three points to divide among five qualities.

Character Qualities

Character-Attributes-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Character Qualities - New World Leveling Guide / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Strength, dexterity, intellect, concentration, and constitution are the five qualities of New World.

Points in constitution boost your maximum HP, whereas points in the other five are connected to the scaling of your weapons, which we’ll discuss shortly. Finally, every fifty points you put into an attribute unlocks a specific attribute boost, which might range from higher harvesting speeds to greater damage.

Weapon Leveling

Unsurprisingly, firearms are now at the core of combat—sometimes literally if you’re a decent bow shooter. They’re also the closest thing New World has to a class.

As seen in the table below, the weapon types are divided into four groups.

One-Handed Two-Handed Ranged Magic
Shields and Swords Spears Bows Firefighters
Hatchets Axes of Greatness Muskets Staffs of Life
Rapiers Hammers of War   Gauntlets of Ice
      Gauntlets of Void

Weapon Types in the New World by Category

All you have to do to level up your weapons is kill things with them. You may equip two different weapons at any one moment. During a conflict, you may easily switch between them, and doing so is frequently strategically advantageous. Naturally, the quantity of experience you receive is dictated on the difficulty of the enemy you are battling, but if you battle with two weapons, the experience will be split between them.

Weapon Techniques

Weapon-Skill-Tree-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Weapon Skill Tree Interface New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

You gain one point every time you level up your weapon, which you may use to unlock a weapon skill. The skill tree structure in New World is quite typical.

You can purchase one of the listed talents starting at the top, which unlocks the following row below, and so on. Each weapon has two skill trees dedicated to distinct specialties.

For example, the bow carries two types of arrows: one for covert sniping and the other for skirmishing and shooting on the move. Each weapon has a level cap of twenty, which means you must split those twenty points across both skill trees.

Finally, weaponry abilities are divided into active and passive abilities.

When a player has a weapon equipped, they can have a maximum of three active Weapon Techniques equipped as well, which gives you a good range of options in combat. The passive skills are quite strong as well of course. So choosing how to allocate your points with different weapons is what will determine your combat build and fighting style.

But don’t be concerned if you’re uncertain. Up to character level twenty, players may respec their weapons and attributes for free. You may also test any and all of the weapons, mixing and combining as you see fit, giving you lots of freedom to figure out what playstyle suits you best.

New World Leveling Guide: the Gathering, Refining, & Crafting

Steel-Arrow-Crafting-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Steel Arrow Crafting / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

The next step is to gain skills. Many MMOs need you to collect materials in order to make stuff, but New World goes above and above, making this a major gameplay component. Simply traversing the overworld will reveal a diverse range of natural resources. Almost every landscape feature you come across will be gatherable.

To collect a resource, all you need is the appropriate gathering tool, then you click on the resource to begin gathering. This will offer you experience with that particular gathering talent.

When you level up a collecting ability, you may collect higher level resources of that sort. When you level up a collecting talent, you’ll be able to view resources of that sort on your compass map. This makes finding that delicious sweet iron a lot simpler.

The Five Skills for Gathering

  • Fishing, obviously, involves a pole and is used to catch fish.
  • Harvesting necessitates the use of a sickle and allows you to harvest plants, herbs, and other items.
  • Logging necessitates the use of an axe and allows you to cut down trees for wood.
  • Mining necessitates the use of a pickaxe and allows you to get materials such as stone, iron, and gold.
  • Skinning requires the use of a knife and allows you to get skins, furs, and flesh from the animals you kill throughout your excursions.

The refining and crafting talents are what you use to manufacture anything from your arrows (yes, the game counts your ammo, and yes, it takes up a lot of your inventory weight) to your boots after you’ve collected enough materials. Refining talents are used to transform raw materials into refined resources, such as iron ore into iron ingots or wood into charcoal.

The Five Skills for Refining

Smelting-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Smelting Interface / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

  • Leatherworking
  • Stonecutting
  • Smelting
  • Weaving  

You refine your refining talents by doing, much like anything else in New World. You may refine higher levels of resources by leveling them up.

In New World, the crafting talents are what you use to manufacture the weapons and tools. In New World, there are no shops, and although you may purchase goods directly from other players, they are pricey and not always accessible, so plan on doing a lot of crafting.

The Seven Skills of Crafting

Steel-Ingot-Smelting-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Steel Ingot Smelting / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

  • Except for the spear, all melee weapons are made via weaponsmithing.
  • All of the armor in the game is made using armoring.
  • Lumper, boards, lumber, and sandpaper are all made using Woodworking.
  • The spear, ranged weapons, ammo, and tools are all made using engineering.
  • Jewelcrafting is the process of creating jewels and stones.
  • Potions/tinctures and gauntlets/staffs are made using arcana.
  • Bait, meals, and rations are all made with cooking.
  • If you purchase a house, furnishing is utilized to make all of the furniture.

Crafting abilities may be leveled up to unlock blueprints for new goods or better tier versions of existing objects, such as a wooden sword versus an iron sword. What you can create, however, is determined by the tier of crafting station you are working at, so make sure the town you are in has the appropriate crafting stations.

In the new world, what resources should be prioritized?

Next up in our New World Leveling tutorial is the subject of what to collect and create now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals of gathering and making.

This will be determined by the kind of build you want to make and your overall playstyle (do you prefer to get the best weapon for killing monsters or would you rather have the fanciest house and so on). However, certain materials will be more useful in general than others.


Mining-Iron-New-World-1024x576 Mining Iron New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Iron is one of the most significant resources in the game (if not the most important). It’s used to make iron weapons and equipment like an iron sword and an iron pickaxe. Iron is also a component of steel, which is utilized to improve the performance of all of your iron weapons and equipment. If you use a bow or musket, it will be very useful since you will need it to make the majority of your ammo.

Iron is a scarce material that might be difficult to come by. It commonly appears on cliffs or mountainsides, but that doesn’t imply there are iron veins to mine on every rockface. Iron ore veins will start appearing on your compass map after your mining skill reaches twenty-five, making them much simpler to detect and placing a lot more iron ore in your inventory. As a result, leveling mining early on is quite beneficial.


Another resource that you can’t seem to get enough of is wood.

Archers like wood since it’s used to make bows and arrows, but even gamers who never intend to use a bow will want a lot of it. Any smelting station may transform wood into charcoal, and charcoal is the third material (along with iron ingots and flux) required to make steel ingots.

Green wood is also one of the commodities required to construct campsites, so have some on hand at all times.

Logging-Mature-Tree-New-World-1024x576 Logging Mature Tree- wood / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Wood is far more accessible than iron. In the overworld, you can hardly take a step without stumbling over a tree or shrub. Unlike iron, however, wood is generally divided into two sorts and harvested from two types of trees.

Green wood is produced by young trees and may be refined into lumber. This is for all of your essential requirements.

Aged wood is harvested from mature trees and polished into timber. Lumber is what steel is to iron, so if you intend on doing a lot of Woodworking, you’ll need a lot of it.

Young and mature trees are equally simple to find. Although there are less in each region, you will have no problem finding all of the seasoned wood you want. However, a logging level of fifty is required to take down mature trees. That may seem intimidating, but if you start cutting down young trees like you’re going to create a McDonald’s, you’ll be leveling your logging in no time.


Hemp-Gathering-New-World-1024x576 Hemp Gathering / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Hemp is a resource that practically everyone will need. Before you get too enthusiastic, keep in mind that New World employs hemp in a dull, uninteresting manner. In other words, you’ll refine hemp fibers into fabric, which is required whenever you make clothes or armor (yes, even steel armor needs cloth; this game is striving for realism here).

Hemp may be difficult to come by. In terms of rarity, it falls between between trees and iron ore veins. You can monitor hemp on your compass map, exactly as iron ore and mining, until your harvesting skill reaches twenty-five. So harvest as many plants as you can to acquire the twenty-five plants as soon as possible, and you’ll be OK.

Harvesting hemp provides you harvesting experience, so you can maintain raising the skill even if you don’t concentrate on it.


Flint reigns supreme at the start of the game. It’ll be used to make all of your basic weapons and tools. However, it will eventually be phased out in favor of iron. However, since Flint is the second resource (after green wood) required to build campsites, you will always need some, regardless of your level.

At best, Flint gets an honorable mention on this list. It is required, but it does not need the acquisition of skill rankings. Furthermore, it may be found across the universe. Turn back if you need flint and you’ll probably discover a little brown pebble on the ground to mine. It also litters any body of water’s ground. There is flint available everywhere you go.

These are the most important resources that each player will need at some time. The majority of the others are more build or playstyle specific.

What to Make

When it comes to the crafting skills, most of them depend on your build. If you favor gauntlets/staffs, you’ll want to focus on leveling arcana. Going with ranged weapons or spears? You’ll want to focus on leveling engineering. If you go with a melee build you’ll want to focus on Weapon Levelingmithing. However two crafting skills are more generally applicable than the others.


Woodworking-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Woodworking Interface New World / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

The most significant crafts skill is definitely woodworking. Woodworking is required to transform your wood into timber and lumber. As previously said, regardless matter how you play, you will almost certainly want wood and lumber at some point.


Cooking-Interface-New-World-1024x576 Cooking Interface / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

It is not necessarily essential to cook. Raw food is available for purchase. Cooking, on the other hand, is employed to produce higher-quality meals. Because food is the major source of healing in the New World, anybody may benefit from learning to cook.  

Your reputation follows you everywhere.

Campsite-New-World-1024x576 Campsite - Reputation / Joel Stadler/ Amazon Games through HGG

Finally, in our New World leveling tutorial, we’ll discuss your reputation.

Another interesting feature of New World is that the map is divided into many areas. You will acquire reputation exp for a region while you go about your everyday job of resource management, questing, and murder in that area. You may select a nice perk to earn while in a region each time you level up your reputation in that area. Additional player experience, quicker reputation growth, and cheaper trade taxes inside settlements are examples.

It’s Time to Play in the New World!

You now know the fundamentals of leveling in New World. New World is adaptable, and you’ll dabble in a little bit of everything as you play. You can accomplish anything if you want to. You may concentrate only on being the finest swordsman you possibly can. You may also spend the whole day felling trees and gathering uncommon blooms. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you now have a better knowledge of how to navigate the New World.

Happy collecting and hunting!        

Participate in the High Ground

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The “new world power leveling” is a guide for beginners on how to level up quickly in the game of New World. The guide includes tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you get ahead of your competition.

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