The Black Desert team revealed new details on the game’s upcoming content, including a first-person perspective snowboarding mode and an expansive narrative.

The “is black desert worth playing 2022” is a question that many people have been asking. The Black Desert team recently held an interview, where they touch on the game’s snowboarding, storylines, and future content.

New Black Desert interview touches on snowboarding, storylines, and future content

black-desert-fancy-manor-696x229 offers a new interview with Pearl Abyss Head of Gaming Design Division Jesse Joo on Black Desert’s Eternal Winter update, with just a few takeaways for MMO fans. It’s not for a lack of effort, as the author clearly understood what to ask – but Joo was more than eager to avoid. The following are the highlights:

  • In terms of plot, PA is focusing on “revamping the previous primary questlines” and expanding the Land of the Morning Calm, so there’s no definitive word on whether the Mountain of Eternal Winter storyline will be continued.
  • PA abandoned one version and “went back to the drawing board” on the material because it wasn’t “presentable enough.”
  • There is no ocean content roadmap.
  • PA claims to have “some things in mind for additional guild content,” including “something fresh that guildmates may work together on,” but nothing solid.
  • There will be more PvE group content coming soon. “In Black Desert’s co-op PvE content, Atoraxxion, there are still two zones, fights, and the ultimate boss Illezra to be added.”
  • On the test server, PA is working on a “steady development process” for The Arena of Solare.
  • Of course, class balance continues, but there are no specifics.
  • Calpheon Elvia Realm’s grind zones are in desperate need of attention.
  • PA claims that the “distance” between PC and console has “substantially shrunk,” but it doesn’t seem like closing that gap is a top focus.


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The “black desert free” is a new interview that touches on the upcoming game, snowboarding, and future content. The game will be released in 2018.

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