In the cryptosphere, there are plenty of stories about how new cryptocurrencies and ICOs can disrupt existing industries. One industry that seems to be gaining interest from crypto enthusiasts is gaming. A lot of companies have been launching their own games on blockchain this year in order for them to ride the wave or just for a fun experience. However, neverwinter game producer David Ladyman has recently given an interview where he talks about some other aspects of Neverwinter’s future plans as well as what they did with PUG content:

The “neverwinter bard review” is a blog post by the executive producer of Neverwinter. He answers questions about professions, PUG content, and the roadmap.

Neverwinter’s executive producer answers questions about professions, PUG content, and the roadmap


Neverwinter players had questions and Executive Producer Brett Norton had answers: A Q&A livestream that was live last week has now been uploaded to YouTube in full, granting players about an hour with the EP to discuss various game-related matters as well as be surprised by a dog that managed to break through Norton’s green screen filter.

  • Professions will be worked on in the future, but no date has been released. “We’re not in the middle of any major career changes right now.” […] “Unfortunately, given where things are right now, I don’t believe it’s realistic to anticipate any big profession upgrades in the next module,” he adds.
  • Strongholds has a “two-part plan” for modifications, with a refresh of Stronghold currency store products planned in the near future and a fundamental update to Strongholds being considered later, but it will most likely take a year.
  • The team is aware of public queueing issues, with clear rates for some of the more advanced instances being extremely variable, resulting in more private queues. To assist reduce pain points, new instanced material will be developed with “public-facing” or “private-facing” – i.e. regular mode trials and hard mode trials – while current instances will see modifications or reward changes.


  • The chances of receiving incentives are in need of some tweaking, since the existing reward probabilities aren’t what Norton likes to see. Potential ideas include the opportunity to purchase desired prizes after a specific number of failures, yet owing to time restrictions, no action has been taken on these revisions.
  • “In terms of redesigning combat systems or anything along those lines, we’re going to attempt to prevent any major system whiplash.”
  • The forthcoming module will include a new function akin to Barovia’s hunt system. Norton kept his mouth shut to avoid provoking the marketing team’s wrath.
  • Classic events such as Call to Arms and Day of the Dungeon Master are set to return in the near future.
  • Moving ahead, the release cadence is aiming for two to four major releases each year, with minor updates and future season passes thrown in for good measure. In addition, episodic material releases are unlikely to become more common. Due to the intricacy of the situation, everything is subject to change: “I’d like to see three [releases],” says the author. w7Ku08


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