Online games company Netmarble has been developing its Marblex blockchain ecosystem, which will be used in conjunction with their new game A3: The Eternal. This technology is designed to make the process of digital asset transactions more efficient and transparent.

Netmarble creates its Marblex blockchain ecosystem in preparation for its arrival to A3 Still Alive


If you were expecting that Netmarble would have listened to the audience and realized the importance of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and play-to-earn in the mobile MMO A3: We’re going to smash those dreams on the rocks, if we’re still alive: The Korean gaming behemoth announced the development of its Marblex (MBX) blockchain ecosystem earlier this week, continuing its joyous Fosse-like dance into blockchain gaming.

“MBX, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain ecosystem, is focusing on utilizing blockchain technology to increase the excitement of Netmarble games.” Players are rewarded for their involvement in the ecosystem, which not only promotes but also rewards organic interaction.”

The churning, smoke-billowing hell engine that will power A3’s next dungeon that rewards bitcoin, which is set to launch later this month, will be powered by this new MBX currency and its connected systems. Furthermore, Netmarble has formed a blockchain company that will “explore possibilities to enhance its competitiveness by using the ecosystem for different games and technology, as well as prospects in the NFT and Metaverse sectors.” So, for this specific corporation, it’s certainly maximal burn into a rubbish future.

citation: press release


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